My second Sydney/Claudia fic. This time Sydney develops feelings for Claudia, but will she feel the same way?

I never really thought I needed an assistant before, but ever since I started my work at the university I certainly needed an extra hand. Besides being a professor for ancient studies I went out of my way to search for relics; venturing out, globetrotting and fending off fellow relic hunters was just something that was part of this life I chose.

I was introduced to my assistant who was about what I expected, a young, novice girl who didn't know very much about the world; Claudia was her name, her father was a very good friend of Trinity University which guaranteed her a position and since she was a student she could make up for her missing credits. She was a pretty blonde, looking no different from any of the other girls on campus, though there was something different about her, I just couldn't put my finger on it. She never addressed me as Miss Fox but Syd or Sydney, she could be a little air-headed some times but for whatever reason it was great having her around. Everyday she would have on a new outfit and have some new hair style , any way she did her hair certainly suited her personality; her valley girl speech was also something else, I thought I would grow tired of it quickly but surprising I didn't.

One morning I walked in on her dancing in the office, she had her headphones on and was singing along to the music, she had no idea I was there.

"I like big butts and I cannot lie! You other brothers can't deny! When a girl walks in with an itty-biddy waist and a round thing in your face I get sprung!..My anaconda! Don't want none unless you got buns hon!"

She spun around and faced me, "Sydney! When did you get in?" she asked surprised and telling from her red face, a little embarrassed.

"I just got in, Claudia" I said with a light chuckle. She sat at her desk, pretending nothing happened, "I didn't know you could sing. You're very...talented"

She gave me a dirty look and spoke smugly, "Thank you."

I went into my office and prepared for my morning class, I couldn't help but notice from my window, Claudia was on the phone; I knew it had to be a personal call, I would have walked up to her and told her to get off but I just rolled my eyes and shrugged. Once I was ready, I exited my office and Claudia was quick to say goodbye and asked if I needed anything which I didn't just for her to keep the phone line opened. I made a compliment about what she was wearing before I was out the door, not because I had to but because I wanted to; she was wearing an orange tank top and skinny, tight blue jeans that looked good on her I had to admit, she was skinnier than me.

"Thanks" she said with a little smirk, there was something about that little smirk I liked, "You're looking good too, Syd." I really liked the way she said my name too, I liked Claudia, in fact you could say I really liked her. At the end of the long day I teased her about her dance, enough so that she began to blush; she was hilarious.

"Shut up" she said, trying not to laugh.

"I never took you for one who liked big butts, Claudia" I said laughing.

"Well, a nice round butt is a very good feature" Claudia scoffed.

"You have a point"

Claudia told me about the male student body and her unusual infatuation with their lower backs which was a little more than I needed to hear. She eventually left for the day, I stayed behind to organize some of my things; I couldn't keep Claudia off my mind for the rest of the evening, not even after I left the university and got into my car. I found myself alone in my apartment bedroom thinking about work as I was getting ready for bed, but I kept rewinding back to that morning seeing Claudia dance; it didn't make much sense then but it wouldn't take long for me to realize what I was feeling and what it was about this girl.