Leading to an M rating, Sydney and Claudia have a little slash.

Claudia wore her jewel necklace on several ocassions, she still couldn't get over Sydney's kindness. Sydney had changed, she was for a lack of a better word, hip. One day while Claudia was on the phone having a personal call while fiddiling with her necklace, it was at this time Sydney was on all fours, looking through a cabinet. Claudia saw her butt in the corner of her eye, she turned her head quickly to get a good look at the juciest butt she had ever seen. Sydney had on a pair of black stretch pants since most of her old pants didn't fit her any more. Claudia dropped the phone from her ear, wihout taking her eyes off of Sydney's good side. She picked up the phone and told the person on the other end she would call them back.

Sydney had planned the whole thing, she only pretending to be looking for something and purposelly made sure her ass stuck out as much as possible. Claudia had to contain herself, she had a fetish but she never seen such an ass on any man or woman, she desperatley wanted to walk up to it and give it a squeeze. Later that day when Claudia needed to ask Sydney a question she found her in her office smoking pot.

"Sydney?" she said lifting her eyebrows in surprise.

"Claudia. Want some?"

"Uh...Sure" Claudia smiled, she couldn't pass up a free one. She sat next to Sydney and had a joint lit up for her; she couldn't believe it, her boss was so cool, she took most of the credit since it was her idea to take her to that club. Then it hit her, Sydney might want to be her special friend, she was awfully happy to see her everyday. Claudia thought about what it woud be like with an older woman, she thought she would never do it but now it seemed plausible; she thought it would be starnge trying it out with a girl her own age or younger, it would definatley be hot with a mature, more experienced woman.

She had plans for her net day at work, she arrived extra early to surprise Sydney. Sydney walked in surprised alright, Claudia was not only there at an earlier hour but she was wearing a white bikini and stelito heels.

"Hey, Syd" Claudia said with a smile from her desk.

"C-Claudia! What do you think you're doing?" Sydney stammered, wide eyed.

"Oh, I thought it was a little hot in here today, it's alright isn't it?" she stood up from her desk and walked over to Sydney.

Sydney tried to look away from her but found it difficult to look away from the attractive young body flaunting in front of her. She kind of liked being teased, she had a feeling Claudia was doing this for her but then thought she shouldn't act on it just in case, "Um, yeah. Just make sure no one comes in and sees you...like this" she went into her office to be alone.

She couldn't for her class to start, she could see Claudia from her office window doing all sorts of things that made her want to take a cold shower. She watched her with her mouth opened, the blonde was rubbing ice cubes on her face and stomach, she felt her panies getting wet watching her rubbing her soft pink lips with a melting cube. She licked her lips and before she new it, Claudia was walking to her door. She poked her head inside, Sydney was pretending to be working hard, putting a pen to some paper.

"Hey, boss, thought you might like some company" Claudia said with seductive eyes, that's when Sydney knew this was the real deal. She didn't get any words out, Claudia simply walked over and sat on her desk, "Working on your net class?"

Sydney nodded even though it was hardly true, "You make ancient history so fascinating...I know you've been watching me...I've been watching you too."

"Oh, really?" Sydney said watching everything.

"I think you're hot" Claudia sang.

"Thank you. You're quite beautiful yourself, a very delightful girl to have in my office" Sydeny said as she carelessly rubbed a hand along her naked leg.

"I see you've got a big ghetto booty now. It's tasty."

"Mmmm..." exclaimed Sydney.

"You've got a very pretty mouth" Claudia said, leaning into her. Their lips met and Sydney could not control herself, she had wanted this since the momen she laid eyes on her. Claudia sucked on her boss's plump lips and moaned. She climbed into her lap and slid her fingers through her hair, messing it up. Sydney had her arms around her bringing her close. It would have been excellent if it never ended but Sydney had a class soon.

"Can't you just send them home?" Claudia asked, kissing her tan neck.

"I wish I could, believe me!"

"Then let's see you take your clothes off, it's getting hotter in here!" Claudia looked deep into Sydney's eyes and could see her passion, "This is so crazy."

"Insane" Sydney said kissing her again. Eventually Claudia got up and let Sydney collect her things, she promised to finish what they started when she got back. They parted with a kiss.

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