As the heroes entered the hole in the Yamiking Garland's spines made, they found themselves facing Rubber Chucky.

"Out of our way!" Mark said.

"I'm sorry, but I can't let you reach Eradicus."

"Then how about a Sangaria match? If we win, we get to go forward."

"Very well." A Black Warrior and a Black Assassin teleported behind him.

"How do you know about the Black Arms?" Shadow asked.

"Black Doom is one of Eradicus's right-hand men. Now who are you picking?"

"I'm fighting." Mogul said, stepping forward. "Use me as a sacrifice? You will pay!"

"I'm fighting as well!" Mark said.

"Me too!" Silver said.

"Welcome to the 'Cinematic Hour' Stage!" Chucky said. Spotlights revealed several movie sets.

"We don't have time for this!" Mark pulled out a random flamethrower and fired at his opponents. The black aliens were killed instantly while Chucky started to melt.

"No! Temperatures over 32 Degrees Fahrenheit! My only weakness!" He screamed as he melted into a puddle.

The team moved up the stairs. They found themselves surrounded by several exercise machines.

"My, my." Ella's voice said. "Such strong and handsome men."

Everyone looked up and saw Ella Mental in a leather dominatrix outfit and holding her staff in one hand and a whip in her other.

"That… is just wrong." Casey said.

"You're mine, bitch!" Erazor shouted.

"I'm in too!" Yang said.

"Don't forget me, boss!" Yuck said.

"I can handle you three on my own." Ella leaped down to face them. "Now face my Dark Fist of Sexy!"

"Her what?" All the girls asked.

"Dark Fist of Sexy: LOVE-Heart Dynamite!" Ella sent several kisses at the three which exploded on Yang and Yuck. However one of Erazor's anger balls lit up.

"Oh no!" Miley said. "One of his anger balls has lit up!"

"Come on, Erazor! You can do it!" Silver cheered.

The rest of Erazor's anger balls lit up.

"How?" Nikita asked.

There was a flash of light. But when it cleared, there was a different result. Erazor was still standing there with Amy Rose next to him.

"Mom!" Mark cried. The two hugged each other again.

"How did you two split?" Nakita asked.

"The author decided that the two of us should be separate beings." Amy said. She then faced Erazor, Yang, and Yuck.

"Guys, trade places!" Amy said. The three went back to the sidelines and were replaced by Amy, Nicole, and Nikita.

"That's not fair!" Ella screamed. "You're all women! You're immune to my Dark Fist of Sexy!"

"How come she gets a more awesome ability than the other three minions?" Lee asked.

"Ask the creator of Bo-bobo." Mark replied.

The three ladies began to beat Ella Mental up mercilessly as she was now helpless. She was eventually knocked out.

"Onward, guys!" Mark said. The M.U.R. proceeded to the next level. They found themselves face-to hideous face with Black Doom, leader of the Black Arms, and Shadow's biological "father." (And arch-enemy)

"We meet again, Shadow." He said in a gravelly voice. "Oh, and you have some new friends."

"Hey, Three Eyes!" Mark shouted. "How many times have told people that the princess is in another castle?"

Everyone, including Black Doom and the reader, were confused at this statement.

"Because his voice similar to Toad's?" Mark asked nervously.

"Ah." Everyone said in understanding.

Mark took this chance to pull out a gun and shoot a green blob at Black Doom. It exploded on impact, killing the alien instantly. It also sent out a shock wave which killed all the Black Arms surrounding the heroes.

"Mark? What was that thing you used?" Yin asked.

"The Quantum Deconstructor!" Mark said proudly.

"A what?" Master Yo asked.

"A Quantum Deconstructor. It's almost an equivalent to a mini nuke."

"Let's keep moving." Melody said.

"Right. Besides, if I remember correctly the author said that Eradicus had six minions. We've already beaten five. So just one more and we can challenge Eradicus!"

When they reached the next floor, Casey had a look of horror on his face. Standing before the heroes was a female red echidna. She had some pink hair with a part of it tied-up in a braid. She was wearing a female version of Enerjak's armor, but with a darker tone.

"Who's that?" Mikaela asked.

"That's Lara-Su!" Casey said. "My sister!"