By: Karen B.

Summary: E/O 100 word drabble. Word Storm. Weechester moment.

Disclaimer: Not the owner

Rated: It's all about the car folks! LOL.


The sky was black as ooze. Gale-force winds whipped debris about the parking lot and slammed against a lone car.

Lightning flashed orange across the sky.

From behind the wheel, Dean caught sight of his brother's wide eyes and trembling body.

"Dad will be back soon, Sammy, if you're afraid –"

'I'm not," Sam blurted, looking down, "Just bored."

Dean opened the glove box, retrieving a flashlight and the owner's manual.

"Dean, you're not -"

"From beginning to end, Sammy," Dean started reading. "This 1967 tuxedo-black Impala-"

"Jerk." Sam slunk down in his seat, no longer worried about the storm.