*Disclaimer* I do not own anything in the Doctor Who universe. Also, as you may all know in the episode "Doomsday" Rose gets separated from the Doctor forever as she is trapped in a parallel dimension. Well for the purposes of my story, the Doctor saves her and she is not trapped in the parallel dimension. Also-my Doctor for this story is David Tennant, also known as Ten.

"That's just the thing with you Rose Tyler-you go on these little adventures with the Doctor and all of the sudden you have no more time for me..." Jackie Tyler followed Rose through the flat as her blonde daughter picked up thins here and there.

"Mum-we have this same discussion everytime I come home." Rose laughed, picking up a dark green sweater from a neatly folded pile on the couch and stuffing in into her black duffel bag.

"Yeah but it isn't like you're coming home from university on holidays Rose-you're coming from-" Jackie struggled, not sure what word to use, "Mars, or somewhere like that."

"We've never been to Mars, Jackie. How human of you-tens of millions of galaxies out there, and your brain comes up with Mars." The Doctor poked his head into the living room, interupting their conversation. "Hurry up now Rose-so many things to do!"

He walked into the living room, hands in his pockets. "I was thinking we could go to the planet of Compendio-it's a whole planet run by dogs! Just think of it-they might put you on a leash and make you fetch their morning paper!"

"I just wish you'd come home more often, or at least stay a bit longer." Jackie brushed past the Doctor, standing over Rose as she struggled to zip the bulging bag. "You come home every few weeks, and stay an hour or so, then you are off again."

With one hard yank she finally drug the zipper across. She heaved the bag off the couch, nearly dragging it toward the door. "A planet run by dogs-how do they do anything without thumbs?"

"Awww-who needs thumbs when you have telekenesis? They do everything by mind, those dogs. Puts your mutts to shame down here they do," The Doctor answered.

"Fine-ignore me then Rose Tyler, but one of these days your gonna come home with your little Doctor and I'm not gonna be here-then you'll wish you had come and seen me more often!" Jacke crossed her arms to her chest, turning around to sulk into the kitchen.

"Oh mum-" Rose dropped her bag and grabbed her mother around the shoulders, pulling her back. She wrapped her arms around her mother, holding her tightly. "Mum you know I love you-we come when we can, but sometimes it's not possible to get back as quick as we'd like-"

Rose was interrupted as the door to the flat slammed shut. "I didn't miss them this time, did I?" Mickey Smith heaved into the living room, nearly collapsing onto the couch. He had runn the whole way here, afraid that they would leave without him getting to tell them goodbye.

"Mickey!" The Doctor exclaimed his name as he slapped him on the back, nearly knocking him over. Rose dislodged from her mother, turning to hook an arm around Mickey's neck and pull him toward her. "You know we wouldn't have left without telling you goodbye."

"You did last time..."Mickey was stiff a bit perturbed about last time, but that didn't stop him from wrapping his arms around Rose's waist, a bit of a smile on his lips as his eyes cut to the Doctor.

The Doctor reached behind his head to scratch at the back of his neck, shrugging as he knew Mickey's comment was intended for him. "Wellll...I suppose last time we were in a bit of a hurry..." His head turned toward the window. He noticed the sky was growing darker, and he spoke to Rose.

"Come on Rose-gotta get going if we're ever going to leave here. The longer we stay the more I fear your mother is going is going to barricade the door-"

"Hey!" Jackie swiped at him, knicking him on the shoulder. "It isn'y my fault you only come home for a visit every few months."

The Doctor picked up Rose's bag from the door way, then looked over his shoulder at Jackie. "If I promise to try and have her home more often will you please let us be on our way?"

Jackie threw her hands in the air, defeated. "Fine then-the two of you get going." She walked beside Rose to the front door, Mickey leaning in the door frame behind her. Rose took a step out onto the stoop, only to be grabbed by her mother one last time.

"Be safe-and don't forget about your mum back here on boring old Earth." Jackie grabbed her daughter in a final embrace, then called out to the Doctor, who was already standing out on the street waiting for Rose with her bag in hand. "And I guess you be safe too-trust you take care of my daughter, now!"

"I always do Jackie!" The Doctor shouted back at her, a smile on his face. Despite his earlier experiences with Jackie Tyler, the Doctor knew she loved Rose more than anything. He also knew that Jackie had taken the leap of faith to entrust him with her daughter-which was a responsibility he didn't take lightly. He would always bring Rose Tyler back, in one piece.

Rose kissed Mickey lightly on the cheek, a small peck, then turned and walked down the steps. The Doctor shifted her bag to his other hand, holding out his free one. Rose entangled her fingers with his, and together they walked down the street.

As they neared the end of the street, Rose caught their reflection in a shop window. The Doctor looked no different than many of the humans here-a head with dark hair, two eyes, a nose, two hands, two legs, two feet-he could pass as human to any bloke walking down the street that night. But he wasn't human-not nearly. He was the last of his kind-an alien race from the planet Gallifrey, called the Time Lords. His kind had been wiped out in the Time War-only he had survived. No family...except for her, Jackie, and Mickey.

They turned the corner into an alley, dark except for the couple of street lights on either side. Her heart jumped a bit as her eyes scraped agaisnt the form of a familiar blue police box. To any other it would appear odd, but for her it was like home.

"Did you mean what you said to my mother? About promising to come home more often?" For some reason her mind had wandered back to the Doctor's words.

He nodded. "Your mum is right Rose-she's your mother, after all, and you spend much more time with an alien time traveler than you do with your own family. I'll try to get you back more often."

He opened the door to the TARDIS, moving a step back so Rose could step in. It was funny-Rose had spent so much time in that blue box that was bigger on the inside, yet it still felt new everytime she stepped through the doors. She sat on their stairs, wrapping her fingers around the railing as she watched the Doctor press a multitude of buttons.

"So have we made the final decision on Compedio yet?" The Doctor called to her, craning his neck so that he could see her past the controls.

Rose hadn't meant to ask the Doctor the next question. Her reply should have been a simple yes, then they could have been on their way to Compendio, to see the dogs with teleketic powers. But instead her mind had wandered to other things, which was somewhat dangerous for Rose Tyler.

"Do you miss your family, Doctor?"

There was a few moments of silence. "Yes I suppose," was the answer she heard from the other side of the control, although she couldn't see the Doctor. His tone wwas not of one that was emotional about his family, but a straight forward answer.

She stood on the bottom step, staring down at her fingers that were still wrapped around the railing. "It's just...you never talk about them. What were they like?"

Rose still couldn't see the Doctor, but he had braced his hand on the circular railing around the TARDIS controls, staring down at the floor. He licked his lips, then cleared his throat. "They were...fine Rose. Just like any other family."

"Just fine? Were you married-did you have any brothers or sisters?"

"I'd rather not talk about it Rose." The Doctor's tone was curt as he slid his glasses onto his face to study the monitor above his head. He almost got angry just at the mere mention of his family.

Rose stepped off the bottom stair and walked across the floor, towards the Doctor. She leaned beside him on the railing, tucking a stray strand of blonde behind her ear as she looked at him, her voice growing soft. "You know Doctor-it's better that we talk about the things that make us sad. Easier to deal with them-"

"No Rose-that is a stupid idea that humans like you came up with." The Doctor growled at her as he pushed himself off the railing and went to the other side of the controls.

Rose was quiet a minute, trying to think of what to say next. "I know how you feel, Doctor. It's heartbreaking, not seeing your family..."

"How human of you Rose-trying to understand me. Well just stop it! You can't begin to understand me-the things I've done, the things I've seen." The Doctor moved to a few feet from Rose, glaring at her. "You get to come home to your family Rose-granted, not as often as we like, I'll give you that. But you get to come home to them. My whole planet was destroyed-I don't get to come home to anything! You think about that the next time you try comparing your situation to mine!"

With those words the Doctor pulled on a lever that was beside him, and the TARDIS began to shake. "We're going to Compendio Rose-and we're not going to speak until we get there." The Doctor knew he was losing it-he didn't want to lash out at her-that was the last thing he wanted to do. If he could only get some peace for a few minutes, his anger would fade...

But of course Rose wasn't going to give him any peace. "You are not my dad, and you will not tell me when to speak!" She was screaming now-his words fueling her anger. "You keep everyone out-the Doctor, all in his little bubble of sorrow that no one can penetrate! No one can possibly understand-when I try to, you shut me out!"

"Maybe I shut you out because it is none of your concern-I had a family once Rose, and now I don't anymore! What is the point of your useless questions-you compain about Jackie and yet you are just like her!"

Rose gasped, taking a step back in surprise, her tone lowering. "Well excuse me-I thought we were your family now...mum, Mickey...me. Seems the Doctor fooled me yet again."

What came out of the Doctor's mouth next-he knew he shouldn't have said. And had he been thinking clearly, he would never have said it. But he wasn't thinking clearly.

"My family? Rose do you know how many like you I've travelled with-countless. And they are all the same-they all travel with me thinking that they are the special one that can figure the old Doctor out. They think they'll be the one to crack my shell-but they don't Rose. And you're no different from the rest of them-I have no family Rose. You are a travelling mate. No more, and no less!"

Rose told herself she wouldn't do it-but it happened anyway. Tears began to stream down her face as she stood for a moment, just looking at him. "Is that how you feel then? Then why did you choose me? Out of all the hundreds of people you could have asked to travel with you, why was it me?"

The Doctor shrugged, looking up for a moment before his eyes met hers. "I don't know Rose-maybe because when my TARDIS landed on Earth that day, you were the closest human."

Of course he didn't mean that.

"Okay-I have just one more question, then I'll hush." She wasn't screaming or raising her voice. She was speaking calmly, almost as if she was in shock, which in a way she was. "If it was possible, would you leave me and go back to Gallifrey? Forget everything that we've been through...like it was a dream?"

The Doctor chuckled as he placed his hands on the railing once more. "Rose Tyler, such a silly little girl. I think you already know the answer to that one, now don't you?"

Rose wiped her face her sleeve, smearing her makeup across her face as she nodded. She turned to face the wall, not wanting to look at him. She cared so much for this man, yet to him she was one of hundreds of travelling companions that he could just leave on a whim if something better came along.

She rested her head on the wall, listening as the Doctor pushed more buttons. She was a button, just like on the TARDIS-one of thousands that he just pushed without giving it a second thought.

She was so caught up in trying to amke her tears stop, that she didn't notice when the Doctor stopped pressing the buttons. He craned his neck once more to look at her, rolling his eyes. Of course he hadn't meant any of what he just said to her-and of course she had taken it all to heart. He opened his mouth, about to say something to her, when all of a sudden the TARDIS jerked unexpectedly.

Rose twirled around, her face almost free of tears. "What was that?"

"Not sure-could just be some outside turbulence-" the Doctor was sudenly forced backwards as the TARDIS jerked a second time with enough force to throw him against the wall. "Oay-that definitely was not outside turbulence!" He yelled out as he scrambed to his feet. He grabbed the railings of the TARDIS controls and looked up at his screen, his eyes suddenly growling wide.

Rose shouted as the TARDIS jerked a third time, but she held fast on the other side of the circular railing. "What is it, Doctor?"

"The TARDIS-she has latched onto to a pretty strong signal, and now she's taking us off course! Hold on Rose-I'm not exactly sure where we'll end up!" The Doctor squatted down, careful to hold on to the railing.

The Doctor would never believe where he would be when at last the TARDIS landed...