Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted up anything yet D: It's my cousin's fault. She said she would finish Dream High and she also said don't post anything up until she finshes it. She just finished and started watching like 3 weeks ago. It took me 3 days. I'm so disappointed in her. Anyway...here's chapter 2...the chapter thats been sitting in my notebook for 3 weeks.

Hye Mi and I stared at Sam Dong in shock. Sam Dong himself, did the same thing.

"What is this? Are you guys dating?" Sam Dong pointed at our hands, both of us looked down and quickly released the grip.

Hye Mi, too afraid to speak, welled up in tears.

"Anni." I replied. I didn't want to put up a fight.

"THEN WHAT? WHAT?" Sam Dong looked at me and Hye Mi angrily. Hye Mi stepped forward and spoke.

"We were dancing." Hye Mi was never afraid, and she never took the time to lie to a person. She always told the truth.

"Dancing? Why?" He stood there looking cross and waited for an answer.

Hye Mi started to talk back. "We were dancing just because we wanted to. What's wrong with that?" I knew Hye Mi didn't hate Sam Dong. She just envied him sometimes.

"Nothing, I guess." Sam Dong backed away in fear. He always feared her when she was angry. But I know Hye Mi. She never scared me except for the time when we were little. Sam Dong shot a glare at us as he walked back up the stairs of Teacher Kang's house. As soon as we knew he was out of earshot, we let our breath out.

"Why did you do that?" I asked.

"Saranghe...but, but as an Oppa, of course."

An Oppa. She loved me as a big brother. Could that really be true?

I can't believe I just lied to him. No, I didn't love him JUST as a brother. I love him as a...what do you say? Boyfriend, too. What was I thinking? That it was too early to reveal my love for him.

"Really?" Guk blurted.

"Dae." I smiled. Yeah, it's something what I wouldn't do, but I stepped closer to him, stood on my tip toes and kissed him on the cheek. I went upstairs after, so the awkward silence wouldn't approach. I closed the door behind me and saw Hye Sung laying in the bed, sleeping. I turned on the green lamp, pulled out my old diary and started to write.

Dear Diary,

I love Jin Guk. I really do. But I think it's too warly to tell him about my love. But what was I thinking? As an Oppa? Aish...am I crazy?

I stopped writing as soon asI heard a voice come through the door. I paced closer to the door to hear more clear.

"Hye Mi. I don't know if you're listening or not but it's Guk. Yeah, you probably feel a bit awkward now but I just need to ask you something. Will you meet me outside of the house a 2AM? I'd really like to talk to you. Answer yes or no if you can hear me." He begged in a whisper tone.

"Dae." I opened the door slowly and saw him standing there in a towel on his bottom half and another slung around his neck. The way we met again. The worst way for us to meet again. "Aish. Do I HAVE to see you like this? Please go put on some clothes. I'll definitely meet you if you put on some clothes."

Jin Guk smirked. "Aigoo. Dae." I closed my door behind me and laughed quietly.

"Awnee?" Hye Sung said in a hushed tone. "What are you doing?"

"Aish. You're awake. Go back to sleep. I'll talk to you in the morning."

Hye Sung shrugged her shoulders and buried her self back under the blankets.

Should I really meet up with him at 2AM? I think so. I pulled out my phone and set an alarm for 1am. Hopefully it didn't wake up anyone.