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As we neared Dogpatch, I saw the flames coming from inside. I lowered my head; my son was inside; my son! No one knows how it feels to return to your home (sorta) and see it in flames and know that your child is inside. Let me tell you, it does not feel good.

I jumped out as fast as I could and ran to the nearest door, trying to get to Shane. I barely heard someone shouting "Woah, woah!" and something about a captain; I had to get inside.

Someone pulled me back as flames leapt out the door and I heard a "Good job!" but it didn't matter; he was still in there. As we ran around the front, my guys started talking but I heard something,

"Quiet!" I shouted. I heard barking coming from inside, my heart leapt.

"Shane, he's found Shane!" I ran to the garage door and tried to force it up. I grew frustrated when it didn't open. Even with a stinkin' axe it wouldn't budge.

I franticly started hacking away at the door; it HAD to give way! Finally it broke and we got a section cut out.

Right as that happened I heard someone shouting "Hold up, hold up".

I paused, hoping for Shane and Dewy to show, even when I could tell that it was not his voice.

"Where's Shane!" I shouted when I saw Zach come out without anyone in tow.

He said he didn't know so I hurried inside. He couldn't leave though; it was a little suspicious to me.

I ran inside, trying to see my son through the smoke. I kept shouting his name until I heard him respond, "Dad! I'm over here!"

No one can describe how it feels to find your child when you thought that they might be lost forever. I wanted to kill Zach and Corbin when I found out who killed Mark and almost my son too. I thank The Lord above that Shane didn't die that day. I will forever be grateful to Him for saving my son, after all, He had to lose His Son as well.

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