Baby and I both got out. Just as she was about to give herself up, Madame Gorski came and saved the day by leading the guards in the other direction. I might have imagined it, but I could've sworn I saw her look at us and smile before leading the men in the opposite direction.

We've been out for a month. I delivered Rocket's message, just like I promised I would, but I couldn't bear to be around our parents. The house just held too many memories for me. Baby and I stayed the night, but snuck out early the next morning because I couldn't take my mother's eyes on me, and I didn't want my father to get a hold of Baby.

Now we're staying in a cheap motel in the town where Babydoll used to live. Her house, or should I say mansion, can be seen from the one window in the room. She's decided to get her revenge on the priest for killing her sister, then sending her away. He's taken control of the house, since her sister is dead, and Babydoll is supposed to be locked away, unable to claim it.

Her plan for revenge is simple. She has already gotten a job as a maid in the house, but is careful to stay out of his direct line of sight, so as not to be recognized. I'm going in tonight, and once I get him alone, I'll make sure no one comes into the room while she does whatever she feels is proper to him. When she's done, we get out.

The bathroom is small, and the amount of make-up we've acquired is nowhere near the amount Madame Gorski had for us to choose from, but that's okay. I'll just do what she taught me to do; seduce. The Madame taught me that if you're good enough at the seduction, you can go out with no make-up on, and the man won't even notice.

I'm so caught up in getting ready that I don't hear her until she's planting a light kiss on my neck.

"You look hot." Babydoll whispers in my ear.

I smile, and she wraps her arms around my waist, and rests her chin on my shoulder.

"Are you ready for tonight?"

I smirk. "Shouldn't I be asking you that? I'm doing what I was trained to do. It's like a normal night back at the club. You're the one who's about to kill a man."

I turn to face her, and she drops her eyes to the ground.

"I'm as ready as I'll ever be."

I tilt her chin up and bring our lips together. She moans slightly, and pulls me closer to her. I break away and smile. She's knows that's as far as we can go right now. The limo will be coming for me in about ten minutes.

"I should probably go. I'm supposed to be picking up food and stuff." She says as she turns to go. "Sweet Pea, am I doing the right thing?"

"Truthfully, I think you are. But then again, when I get ahold of the cook, I plan on doing things to him that'll get me sent straight to hell, if I'm not already going there." I tell her.

She walks back to me, and hugs me. "God won't let you go to hell. He knows angels whenever he sees them. You, 0Amber, Blondie, Rocket, and I will all be together in Heaven again. I promise."

With that, she leaves, allowing me to finish getting ready.

The limo shows up right on time, and thirty minutes after Babydoll leaves, I'm at her mansion for the first time. It's even bigger up close than it appears from far away. The driver pulls up the long driveway and opens the door for me. The priest is waiting for me just inside the door, and I pray to whatever God is listening that he won't recognize me.

His eyes go up and down my body several times, and a smirk appears on his face. He lets me through the door, so he must not remember me. Part of me is a little upset, but at the same time I know it's a good thing.

"Alright Sweetheart, is fifteen minutes enough time for you to warm up?" He asks as he leads me down to what used to be a dining room, but he converted it to my performance area. There are four tables with five chairs each.

"I'll be ready as soon as you turn on the music." I reply.

"That's what I like to hear." He mutters

I turn towards him, "I heard you might want a private show afterwards." I whisper, making my voice come out like a purr. Madame Gorski said that when I do that, I reel the men right in.

"I would absolutely love that. My guests will be retiring to their rooms after this anyway." He says as he goes upstairs, mostly likely to tell his guests that I'll begin soon.

Just as the sound of his footsteps fade, I hear two sets coming towards me from the other direction. I turn.

"Babydoll? Why are you down here? What if he'd have seen you?"

"Sweet Pea, this is my sister, Natalie." She replies, drawing my attention to the young girl beside her.

"But I thought you said…"

"He kept her here, away from me. That's why he was allowed to stay here. He kept her to make sure he could stay in the house…"

"Give me the gun." I whisper.


"Give me the gun. I'll take care of the priest. You take her and go back to the motel. I'll meet you there as soon as I can. Just get your sister out of here."

She looks at me sadly, but hands me the gun. "I'll see you at the motel."

"That you will."

I watch them go, and drop my jacket onto the floor, and go to the back of the 'stage' that was set up for me. I'm just standing there, waiting for the music to start, when he comes up behind me.

"Five minutes." I can feel his front pressed against my back. I shiver, and I guess he takes that as an invitation to get closer.

"I have a message for you."

"What…is…that?" He asks, punctuating each word with a kiss on my neck, just above where Babydoll had kissed me earlier.

"Babydoll says fuck you." I respond as I spin out of his grasp.

It takes him a moment to process what I just said, but once he does, I get the satisfaction of watching his eyes become fearful, before I pull the trigger.

The only noise in that moment is the sound of his body hitting the floor. I nudge his body, just to make sure he's dead, then wipe the gun off on my shirt, erasing Baby and I's fingerprints. I place the gun in his hand, and then make my way out the way I came.

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