The bus obviously won't take me straight to Lennox. Instead, it drops me in the little town that it's on the outskirt of, the name of which isn't really important.

I thought the bus ride had seemed long, but the walk to Lennox was the longest twenty minutes of my life. I can't help but think of all the things that would go wrong. Security is probably tighter than when we escaped. The guys probably all carry guns now, or something that could put me down for the count. Madame Gorski could not even be there today.

I enter the same way I left; the guard sees me right away, but doesn't have a gun. I however, do.

"Take me to Gorski."

He doesn't say anything. I've never seen him before, but that doesn't matter. He follows my command, and gets me through the checkpoints, no problems. Everyone must be on break, because we get halfway to her office before we see anyone else, and this time I recognize the guy; CJ.

The man I have the gun to speaks. "Sorry CJ, I didn't think she'd have a gun. I was about to start my smoke break and she just came through the gate like she owned the place."

"Go back to your smokes James. I'll take care of this. Don't tell anyone she's here." CJ responds.

The guy looks at me, then back at CJ. I motion with the gun for him to leave, and he lumbers back the way we came.

"What the hell is wrong with you? You got out! Babydoll got out with you, what more do you want?"

"I'm here for Madame Gorski, and to kill the Cook. He took away Rocket, I plan on taking away the only thing he values; his life. Getting Gorski out is repaying a favor that we all owed to her for keeping us alive for so many years. I know that someone has to take over the club, and that he'll probably be just as bad, if not worse, then Blue. All of Madame Gorski's girls are gone, she has no purpose. There are a lot of Madame's that are younger than she is."

"Are you calling me old Sweet Pea?"

The accent is unmistakeable. I turn, and Madame Gorski is coming from the right.

"Of course not Madame. I was simply stating that I wouldn't want you to outlive your usefulness here, when I know somewhere that you could be of use, and be happy." I respond quickly, she still kind of scares me.

I hand her the ticket I bought before I came here. She brings it up and reads it, a look of confusion on her features.

"I don't have time to explain. Babydoll is expecting you sometime tonight. Just tell the Bus Driver who you are, and he'll know exactly where to take you. He helped us when we got out the first time, and I made sure to ask him to help you, and he agreed." I tell her, then I turn back to CJ, "Escort her out and to the bus station. I have business to take care of, and I don't want either one of you to be here."

I go off towards the kitchen. I know that's where the Cook will be; hell, he probably hasn't moved much since the last time I was here. I hear footsteps behind me, and I turn to see them still following me.

"I told you to go!" I hiss

"Sweet Pea, Rocket is alive. She's still working with the Cook. She's helping him now" Gorski says

I can feel my whole body tense up, and my plan goes to shit. I was going to torture him slowly and painfully. Now, I just want to get Rocket out of there. I storm through the door.

"Rocket! Rocket! It's me! Sweet Pea! It's time to go!"

I hear noise in the back room, and she comes running out, and straight into my arms. I can feel the tears coming down, and for once, I let them fall. I just can't believe that she's alive.

"Is this real?" She asks in a small voice.

"Yea. It is." I reply as I let go "Listen, I need you to go with Madame Gorski, okay? I'll meet you when I'm done. Babydoll will explain everything to you when you get there. Here, I brought some extra money just in case. It should be enough for a bus ticket, and probably some snacks for the trip."

I shove the money in her hands. She looks like she's about to protest, but I shove her out the door. I can see the Cook coming.

"I love you Rocket. Keep them safe for me until I get back, ok?"

She nods, and I watch her run off the Gorski, before I fist in my hair yanks me back into the kitchen. The Cook throws me down on the floor, and a sense of déjà vu comes over me. But this time will be different. I pick myself up off the ground, and notice one of his knives laying on the counter to my left. I just need to grab it without him noticing.

I start making my way over to it, but keep my eyes on him the whole time.

"I came here to kill you. I thought you took everything from me. I thought you killed the one person who was always there for me, the one I had sworn to protect. Instead, you made me think she was dead, then kept her from me. She was here all alone, without me. She probably thought that I had abandoned her. I planned on making it slow, but you got lucky. Now I have quite a few people waiting for me, and I don't like to keep any of them waiting for too long."

The knife is in my grasp, and within a second, I have it lodged into his side. Then I take the one in his belt, and slide it across his throat. He makes a disgusting gurgling noise, and falls to the ground, dead.

Now all I have to do is get out alive. James and CJ are the only ones that know I'm here, so that might be to my advantage. I know the windows in here are too high for me to lift myself out of, so I go back out into the hall. Maybe this will be easy, and I can leave the same way as last time.

"Turn around with your hands up." A voice from behind me says.

Damnit, too soon. I comply, but as he comes towards me, I grab my gun and fire at him. I hit him, and run. But before I can get completely around the corner, a gun goes off, and I feel a sharp pain in my left shoulder. I don't let it stop me. I can't.

Instead, I use it as a motivator. It makes me run faster, even as my shoulder screams in protest. Shit, Babydoll is gonna kill me.

I manage to stop the bleeding with a shirt I found hanging out to dry on my way to the bus station. I also find a coat to throw on over my clothes, since the arm has blood all over it. Now I can sit on the bus without looking suspicious.

The bus ride home seems twice as long as it was getting here, which is saying something. Maybe it's because I know there's a whole bunch of people waiting for me, people who I care for, and who care for me. Life cannot be better than it will be once I get back. Yea, they are all gonna be mad I got myself shot, but, I think they'll get over it. I hope they do…

I sneak through the door at three in the morning, and slowly make my way up the stairs, careful not to wake anyone. The door to our room is closed, so I take extra care when I open it quietly.

Babydoll is laying on our bed, fast asleep. I peel my clothes off, the shirt is the hardest. The bleeding has long since stopped, and I just let my clothes drop to the floor.

She starts to have what looks like a nightmare, tossing and turning on our bed. She's never done that when I've been beside her. I sit down beside her, and kiss her forehead.

"Sweet Pea? Is that you?" She murmurs

"Yea Babe, it's me. I just wanted you to know I'm home so you can stop having your nightmare."

"I'm so glad you're okay. And Rocket! She and Natalie are already getting along so well! And Vera…"

"Go back to sleep, you can tell me all about it in the morning."

"Sweet Pea! You got shot! We have to get you to…."

"I'll ask Vera to look at it in the morning. I just want to go to sleep next to you. I'll deal with everything else in the morning."

Amidst her protests, I climb in, and snuggle against her.

So that's all folks! Thanks for reading! I have some more Sucker Punch stories that I'm working on, so you might see them up soon!