The fog seemed to be lifting off Shepherd's glen after a long time of darkness , as Alex and Elle made their way through main street.

Both were still overwhelmed by the whole situation. Alex was devastated, but he remained strong for Elle, who still didn't know what happened in the lair.

Elle was eager to ask Alex, but they needed to go indoors first. Barks could be heard faintly in the distance.

Alex on the other hand, despite of finding out that his brother's death was in part his fault, shooting his mother and watching his father get killed.

He somehow knew he would manage to move forward with his life and pull himself together. But it was going take time, right now the pain was too blinding to keep thinking about it. He just needed a break.

Both wondered what would happen to their lives, would they escape all of their haunting memories and traumas?, would they have a life together?, right now they were focused in one thing. Getting to a safe place.

"So what now?" Elle asked in a rather tired tone as they aproached the Town Hall.

Even though the fog was lifting away, they were both alert in case some monsters came up to their surprise.

"I think we should go to my house, I left some stuff in there that I want to get back, and we could see if we can find something to clean up these wounds." Alex stated.

Elle wondered what would Alex want to get back from that place? She decided to ask him later, right now they needed to get safely inside

"Ok", She said as she helped him to walk with his arm wrapped around her shoulders.

While they turned left on Craven Av, one of those mermaid like things crawled out of one of the drain holes in the street near the sidewalk

"Alex"!, Elle screamed in panic watching the monster crawl right towards them.

Alex quickly took out his handgun and shot the monster in the head, they both watched its upper body fell on the floor dead, and kept walking rapidly to Alex's house.

As they approached the front door they heard barking in the distance again, and both quickly climed up the stair and entered the house.

They both nearly collapsed into the floor near the door.

"Alex, I'm gonna go find something to clean those wounds, before they get infected." Elle said as she quickly climbe up the stair and headed to the bathroom.

Alex nodded weakly and was left alone to his thoughts.