One: The Phone Call

A now twenty-four Demetria DeLarge sits in her office desks, going over title ideas for her next novel. She leans back in her chair and puts her arms in the back of her head.

Alex is out of town for some government issues in another area of England and Demetria misses him tremendously. The past two nights have been lonely as ever.

Luckily, Rosalie ( now five ) and Jolene ( now three ) were such well-behaved little girls and Alex's Pee and Em were so wonderful that Demetria has been relaxed.

" Mrs. DeLarge, you have a caller on line one," Demetria's secretary, Heather, says pointing her head inside Demetria's office.

" Thank you Heather," Demetria says. She picks up the phone.

" Demeteria DeLarge speaking."

" Afternoon Mrs. DeLarge, I'm the school nurse at Anglewood. Your daughter, Rosalie is sick. Her teacher said the she threw up and nearly fainted in class. She certainly has a fever and if you or your husband-."

" I'm on my way."

Demetria hangs up, grabs her trench coat and runs out the office.

When she arrives at Anglewood, she heads straight to the office.

" Afternoon, my name is Demeteria DeLarge, I'm Rosalie's mother."

The secretary, a lady in her sixties, glares at Demetria.

" So you're the lady married to the ' Cat-Lady' killer?" she asks.

Not now, Demetria thinks to herself.

" Alex DeLarge? Yes m'am."

" I used to be neighbors with her, ya know. Shame she had to be put through such torture and such-."

" Emily that is enough!"

Demetria looks up and sees an elderly lady in a maroon suit and her grey hair in a bun. She smiles at Demetria.

" You must Demetria. I'm Fred's sister, Theodora."

Demetria smiles at shakes Theodora's hand. " Pleasure to meet you. How is he?" Demetria says.

" Wonderful. I'm headmistress here and I must say, teacher's tell me your daughter Rosalie is so wonderfully charming and so very kind."

" Speaking of my daughter, may I find my way to the nurse?"

" Gladly, follow me."

Theodora leads Demetria to the nurse's. As they walks, Theodora explains what had happened to Rosalie.

" The teacher, Mr. Eddleson, says he was playing some music while the children were working and somehow Rosalie just threw up and nearly passed out when he grabbed her and ran her off to the nurse. All the children...goodness me when I say this...they all tortured the poor thing. She's a little on edge."

As they arrived, five year old Rosalie DeLarge sat in the chair crying.

Rosalie had blue-green eyes with dark hair and her father's smile. She was one of the most beautiful children anyone had seen and people on the street complemented how beautiful she is.

Her face is red and she shakes.

" Rosalie?" Demetria says. Rosalie, hearing the sound of her mother's voice, runs out of the chair and hugs her mother's legs.

" Mommy! They laughed at me!" she cries. Demetria kneels down and wipes her daughter's tears away.

" They did?" she asks. Rosalie nods and Demetria hugs her child.

" It's ok, it's ok," she says gently. She looks at Rosalie, who sniffles.

" Let's go home and get you fixed up," she says. Rosalie nods and they mother and daughter walk out.

When they arrive home, Alex's Em is in the kitchen.

" Oh 'ello there! What are we doing home so early?" Em exclaims.

" Rosalie got sick at school," Demetria says. Rosalie looks up at her grandmother.

" I threw up and got laughed at," she says. Em looks at Demetria.

" My poor child! Why don't you go in your room and I'll set up a bath for you?" Em says. Rosalie nods and walks away.

" I'll be there in a min, Rosie," Demetria says. She looks at Em.

" Poor thing," she says shaking her head.

" She's just a little sick," Em says rubbing her daughter-in-law's back. " She'll be fine. What happened?"

" Well her teacher was playing some music and I guess Rosalie randomly threw up and began-."

Demetria leans up and looks at Em.

" Rosalie!" she exclaims. She runs to Rosalie's room. Rosalie is sitting on her bed holding her bear.

" Rosalie, do you know what was playing when you threw up?" Demetria asks. Rosalie shakes her head. Demetria thinks for a moment. She then runs off to her and Alex's room and grabs the tape.

She puts in the tape player and says," Was it this?"

Beethoven's Symphony Nine was playing when Rosalie began to shake and then she threw up on her floor. She then continued shaking and threw up some more. Her body turns a pale-ish color and Demetria stops it.

" Rosalie, tell Mommy, was that it?'

Rosalie nods and begins crying and whimpering. Demetria shakes her head.

" Rosalie, get your coat on and come out," Demetria says. Rosalie nods and Demetria leaves the room.

" What the-."

" Em, I need you to call Alex immediately and tell him Rosalie and I will be at the hospital. Something's wrong."

" What is it?"

Demetria sighs.

" I think she has the Ludovico effect in her body too."