Nine - Moving Along

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The next morning, Demetria, Alex, Rosalie, and Fred head back home. When Alex and Demetria open the door, both of their families and friends welcome them with open arms and a few tears.

After everyone leaves and the two girls were asleep, Demetria plops on the bed with Alex who is about to fall asleep himself. He sees Demetria and pulls her closer to him.

" It's been bezoomy (mad) these past few days,"Alex comments stroking his wife's hair. Demetria rolls her eyes and groans," Don't….remind me."

" Ho, ho, ho thank the man in the sky himself it's all over," Alex adds his eyes meeting Demetria's. She gets closer and lies her head on his chest.

" I though I lost you," Demetria mutters. Alex looks at her and asks," When your Uncle Alex was in his coma, how upset were you?"

Demetria looks at Alex and with a straight face, she responds," The doctor threw me out for crying."

Alex bites his lip to prevent laughter and then leans down to kiss Demeteri's light pink lips. When he finally does, Demetria beats him to the punch. Both chuckle and they let go and look at each other.

" You know," Alex begins resting his head on Demetria's chest," your Uncle Alex can't imagine his life without you."

Demetria smiles and replies," Neither can I. We've been through too much to even think about that."

Demetria was right – they had been through a lot. Despite any time they've had to be separated or had to face any problem, they had each other to count on and they very much became dependent on each other.

After all, they had two children. Two girls. They were gonna need to depend on each other in the near future when the girls get older.

It has been two weeks since the treatment and Demetria is at home with Rosalie and Jolene enjoying a quiet late afternoon. Rosalie sits right beside Demetria and Jolene sits on Demetria's lap.

" How was school Rosalie?' Demetria asks playing with Jolene's blonde hair.

" Great Mummy!" Rosalie beams.

" And you've been" Demetria asks. Rosalie looks up from her book and nods.

" Yes Mummy, no problem at all," Rosalie responds." Good as gold Mummy."

Demetria messes with Rosalie's hair and Jolene exclaims,'' Please braid Mummy!". Demetria braids Jolene's golden blonde hair and then says to Rosalie," Rosie, I hope you haven't described to your classmates your little trip to the hospital in a full summary is you understand what I mean."

Rosalie shook her head and said," Nope. I just said I was at the hospital and that I had a very bad flu. After all, isn't that what I kinda had Mummy?"

Demetria thinks to herself for a minute then nods.

" Sure Rosie...just a little flu if that's how you want to believe it," Demetria says. She feels like she's lying to Rosalie but it's hard enough getting in detail with Jolene in the room.

" Do you think I'll ever get this flu?" Jolene asks. Rosalie looks up at Demetria, waiting to see how she'll answer, and Demetria feels at a crossroads. What if she says no but it happens in the future? Jolene is just as eligible as Rosalie was. Demetria thinks for a moment and sighs.

" Dear God I hope not," Demetria answers. It seems like a fair answer, doesn't it?

" It wasn't fun," Rosalie assures Jolene. Jolene shrugs and then the telephone rings. " Can you get up monkey?" Demetria asks Jolene using her pet name. Jolene gets up and Demetria walks over to where the telephone is. She picks it up.

" Hello?" Demetria asks.

"Mrs. DeLarge, this is Dr. Branom. I'm just here to check up on Rosalie." Demetria smiles and looks at her children.

" She's great," Demetria responds. " She's back to normal and there hasn't been any problems form what she tells me."

" Oh good! Now I was wondering if your husband Alex was home because there's a few thing I'd like to discuss with him."

Demetria raises an eyebrow and says," He isn't but is everything ok?"

" Oh yes, it's just a couple of things to go over with him." Demetria doesn't really believe Dr. Branom, but she's not in the mood to argue so instead she says," Alright well I'll have him give you a call. Thank you Dr. Branom."

" My pleasure." Demetria hangs up and hears," Mummy look over here!" Demetria turns to see Jolene looking out at the window. Demetria walks over and looks out. Jolene points to a young man, dressed very much the same way as Alex and his Droogs used to, leading a group of boys his age as they were harrassing some hobo on the street.

" They're yelling funny words!" Jolene beams laughing. Those funny words turned out to be words children Jolene's age shouldn't use. Demetria opens the window and turns to Jolene and says," Honey can you step aside?"

Jolene nods and Demetria sticks her head out the window and yells," HEY!" She catches the boys' attention and she yells," I'm calling the police unless you leave right now!"

"OH WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT YOU STUPID DEVO-." A boy interrupts the young leader's insult and yells back in fear," YES MADAME!"

" Thomas!" the young leaders hisses at the frightened boy. The boy hisses back," That's Alex DeLarge's know...that guy?" The leader turns to Demetria and says," M-my apologies m'am." The boys run off and Demetria closes the window. She looks at Jolene and kneels down.

" Jolene, I know you're young, but what you saw isn't funny," Demetria explains to Jolene. " Those things are very serious."

" When Grammy was staying with me while you and Daddy were with Rosalie, she and I saw those boys harm some old man and I was laughing," Jolene admitted biting her lip. Demetria looks at Jolene and asks," So you're telling me you find violence funny?" Jolene nods and Rosalie stares at her younger sister.

Like magic, Alex came home and says," Is everything alright?" Demetria looks up and says," Well...we have another problem." Jolene turns to Alex and smiles.

" I saw some boys beating up a hobo and I laughed and was enjoying it until Mummy came and stopped it," Jolene says. Alex stares at Jolene and long time and then looks at Demetria.

" Well...I guess it's time she knew," Alex states with a sigh. Jolene looks at Rosalie for some understanding and Rosalie looks at Alex. Rosalie gets off the couch and goes into her room leaving Alex and Demetria alone with Jolene.

" Jolene...where do I begin?" Alex asks looking at Demetria.

[ Ok, if you read the first version of the conclusion, I don't need to tell you that it sucked. I knew it sucked and I don't know how and why I let it be. I apologize and hope this was somewhat better. I had a hard time finding a way to end it so hopefully this was a little better. If not, I apologize greatly. ~ Danielle ]