Cuddy was sitting at her desk getting everything finally put up so that she could leave when Wilson came through her office door.

"Wilson, is there something I can do for you?" Cuddy asked with a curious look. She was ready to go and was hoping that this would be quick.

Wilson looked tired and irritated. "You don't know how long I've been waiting for this date... I need this...and now, well after your little stunts..." as Wilson's sentence faded his arms fell to his sides in a some what defeated manner.

Cuddy looked at him a little surprised and still confused. "I didn't know that you were even dating?" She said and then continued, "but I don't see what my "stunts" have to do with it?"

Wilson looked at her shaking his head slightly. Only Wilson knew House's secret and he was starting to get tired of being the only one the House would let in, but he knew if he just told Cuddy that House would surely kill him or even worse, close himself off completely from anyone. "This is my first date since Amber. Cuddy, House... he doesn't tell you everything." Wilson said with a ominous tone.

Cuddy's eyebrows went up in surprise as her eyes looked concerned. "Is there something he should tell me? Or that maybe you could tell me, because this conversation isn't helping me to understand what's going on any better," she said watching him.

Wilson knew that this wasn't helping her to understand so he decide to just let her see for herself. He dug his hands in his pocket and put a key on her table. "That's a key to House's apartment. I'm assuming that his electricity has been turned on?" He asked her with a judging eyes.

Cuddy was now even more confused, "Yes, but I don't.."

Wilson cut her off, "I need you to check up on House tonight, I've taken the liberty of finding a baby sitter, Nurse Gina from the pediatric department will be at your house at nine to stay with Rachel."

This was starting to get absurd. Cuddy couldn't believe the nerve of Wilson to just march in here and tell her to check up on House and even getting a babysitter. Who the hell did he think he was? "Wilson, I'm.."

Wilson cut her off again. "It's better if you just go in, don't knock or anything and DON'T tell him where you got that key."

Cuddy had just about enough of this, "You can't make me..."

Once again Wilson had cut her off but this time his volume had increase as had the edge in his voice, "You will check up on him or I will quit, you hear me Lisa! I can't do this tonight... I NEED to go on this date. I can't handle this tonight, like I usually do, so I need you to do this." Wilson had said it all with such frustration and temper that his body seemed to stagger like a balloon that had been popped. He could see the complete confusion in her eyes and shock at his yelling, so he spoke to her in a low soft voice. "This isn't for him, Cuddy, it's for me, I can't go out unless I know you will stop by, please."

Cuddy looked at him with concern and worry. "Fine" she said and Wilson left.

Wilson was in his kitchen cleaning up because he was anxious and in need of something to do. He wondered if he had done the right thing by going to Cuddy, he knew that House would be furious if he ever find out that he had given Cuddy a key to House's place, but he needed to go on this date, he need this in order to try and get over the loss of Amber. Wilson looked at the cup sitting on the counter with her lipstick still on it and grabbed it up and starting washing it. He hoped he had done the right thing.