It was several nights later that Mike paid her a visit. Paulo had advised all whom inquired to stay away - a request from her mother - but Mike was not interested. His curiosity and worry had gotten the better of him. He would visit her and see what was wrong. He may be the only one capable of helping.

He knocked on the door to her house and was greeted by Lucy's very surprised mother. She stared at him for a few moments, not sure of what to do. They exchanged greetings and nervous smiles before she told him to come inside and wait a moment.

"I can see... you've been having a rough time."


"I'm sorry."

"...It's okay."

Mike looked at the metallic creature before him. Lucy observed something odd about his expression: he seemed almost unsurprised. The awe and horror laden upon Paulo was in no way reflected upon Mike.

"You're not afraid."

"I know."


"Why should I be afraid?"

"Because I am a monster."

"...Why are you a monster?"

The question stunned Lucy. Why was she a monster? The answer seemed so obvious that she could not find the answer.

"I'm a... car?"

"I know." Silence. "Does it change anything?"

"I-it changes everything! I'm a freak! Can't you see it? Can't you fucking understand it? Look at me! Look at my body!"

"I see it."

"... What don't you get?"

"Oh, I get it. I think you're the one who doesn't get it."

"What... what don't I get?"


"What are you talking about?" Lucy broke into sobbing. She did not understand what he was saying. She did not understand why he was saying it. It had to be some sick nightmare.


Maybe she would just wake up.


Maybe someone would just call her name and she would wake up. Open her eyes.


Lucy snapped out of her momentary fit. The harshness of his voice. No one had spoken to her like that since the accident.

"You have no right to pity yourself."


"You have something that too many others have lost."

"...What?" Her whisper was pained.

"You have life."

"... How can you call this life?"

"This? What is this? Be specific."

"What I've become! Don't be an idiot! You know what I'm talking about!"

"What? You mean this... this mechanical flesh? No, life is not bound to the body, but to the soul, to the mind, to the conscious."


"You choose to find flaw. You choose to find error. You are the cause of your own reserved and unhappy nature. You are the reason you're afraid to go outside."

"How did you..."

"Don't worry," Mike walked up to her and kneeled down. "I understand."

He petted her hood.

"You don't have to be alone anymore."

He kissed her.

"What should I do Mike? How do I stop being unhappy?"

"I know you well enough, Lucy!"

"What do you mean?"

"We have tasted the same things, I mean!"


"We have both suckled from the angel's breast!"

"Mike, what are you talking about?"

Mike became more livid and animated as he continued.

"The breast, Lucy! ...Sweet, sweet, Lucy! Oh, sweet, sweet... lucidity! Have both we not seen? Have we not witnessed life in its purest and most free form? To drink from the breast of that which is beyond and out of reach; to have the subtle drip... allow us to break shape and fly! Aye! You have seen it, my love, but only clouded by the drab existential frame of... logic. Free it, Lucy! Free your mind!"

"Mike, why are you talking like this?" She was angry and afraid. She was beginning to cry again.

"You can have this too, Lucy. There is nothing innate stopping you, only that which is based on a logic and it not truly intrinsic! That which is not true power, freedom, and exhilaration!"

"I don't understand, Mike!"

"... There is nothing to understand. But if you fail, you'll die."

Lucy could no longer speak. She questioned her own sanity. This was not Mike. He was not like this. It was her mind. It must have been damaged in the operation. No! Such a thing could not even exist. She was still alive somewhere; somewhere in the real world she still drew breath! Her mind was a failed organ. Her true body was kept alive by what her body had become in dream! It was a nightmare! A dream, darker than all imaginable, and she was victim. She looked into the cold eyes of Mike, and for a moment, they were black - blacker than hell. His forehead was sweaty and his words demanded attention and understanding, yet they were babbling! Inaudible to the logic mind! The very thing he seeked to destroy!

"I promise that I will come back." His fur was slicked back by sweat. His eyes lids drooped, containing the passion of a thousand funeral pyres.

Lucy did not respond. She did not know how.

"Now promise me..." Mike leaned his body sensually against her metal prison. "Promise me you'll suck from the teat of angels." He rubbed his nipples against her.

"... I promise." Her voice was devoid of enthusiasm, filled with betrayal - not by man, but by God.

"That's my girl." Mike licked her cool metal, his own genitals growing as hard as her flesh. Lucy looked on at the person she had once thought she knew. What was he? The nightmare had been consistent for so long. How could she be sure what was real? What if the Mike she knew before the accident was not the real one? What if that had been an illusion as well? What if everything was an illusion? Did it even matter?

"... Not this time..." His member dripped with desire. "I'll come back for you."

His choice of words struck the metallic-feline. He will come back for her. He would save her.