Author's Notes: Written for Asking Me Where My Love Grows' First Kiss Challenge.

And this means my two most loathed pairings are now finished. Ha.


Draco had Hermione pressed against the wall. The corridor was empty, and she was aware of nothing except his body pressed against hers, and a vague feeling of simultaneously watching the whole scene from several feet away.

"I want you…" Draco breathed, and Hermione felt all her resolve wash away. To be desired… oh, how she wanted that. But no, Hermione, fight it, said a little voice in the back of her mind.


"Will never need to know," Draco breathed, then he pressed her back against the wall, and his mouth was only millimetres away, and then she felt his lips press against hers, and–

Hermione awoke, sweating, shaking, and furious with herself.

Dream. Only a dream.

Hermione turned over in bed, forcing her breath to go steady and even, and whispering to herself in her most authoritative voice.

"No more dreams like that, Hermione," she told herself under her breath. "He's not worth them, and you know it perfectly well."

She had to stop dwelling on him, Hermione thought as she lay in bed waiting for her heart rate to return to normal. She didn't even like him. She hated him! And Luna – well, much as she thought Luna was completely mad, she was a nice person, and Hermione didn't want to hurt her.

But that was just it.

The only reason she wanted Draco at all was because she couldn't have him.