I sighed as I closed my last file. It had been a long and tiresome week. Sadness filled my eyes as I thought of the three young boys who'd been admitted here. They were all so young, but they'd been through so much.

I'd volunteered to take on their counseling after I'd heard of their situations. After I went to see them, I was even more determined to help them.

I turned around and brought out their files, opening them to re-read the information regarding the incidents they were in. It scared me to see how similar their situations were. All had lost their parents and been taken into foster homes.

One had gotten an abusive family with a father who was all too willing to take his anger out on the boy while the wife got drunk and yelled at him, angering him even more.

The second one had been taken in by a gang leader and taught how to kill as soon as he arrived. Not only did they train him as their personal assassin, but they kept him tied up and abused him mentally as well as physically.

The last one had moved from family to family as the parents decided they didn't want a child or had one of their own or just couldn't take care of him anymore. He was ignored, isolated, and treated more as a servant that a son.

All had been abandon. All had been abused. All had been scarred.

And I was the one who got to try and heal them.


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