Hello everybody!Ok I know, I know! I know I have TWO other stories that NEED to be updated but unfortunately...I CAN'T GET THIS ONE OFF MY MIND! it is a special request from a loving fan,DBZ7000! I just want to say thank you so much and the day you sent that PM really made my day,because it was one of my...upsetting days. anyways this request specifically goes out to her! Thanks so much! I hope EVERYONE enjoys! :3

Chapter 1-what really happens...(twelve years ago)

"Abigail wait,please honey can we at least talk?"

Logan,four years old,watches his mother from the ground. She is throwing articles of clothing into a suitcase and grabbing stuff from around the room. His father is standing behind her. His eyes are sad and close to tears as his beloved wife is packing. But anybody could see the large bruises on her arm and a handprint on her she stops and spins around to smack her husband. Hard.

"Save your breath,Brian!" she glares hard at her husband."I don't give a fuck what you say anymore! That's the last time!"

"p-please Abbie-"

"don't call me that." she hisses dangerously.

"please I can stop!"

"no you can't! You said that last year! You won't stop drinking Brian and I'm tired of being there to clean you up,and all I do is hurt myself."

Tears escape her eyes. She'd been pregnant once,before Logan,and her husband ended up throwing her down the stairs in his drunken rage. She'd lost the baby. She couldn't take it anymore. She has to leave. She shut her suitcase and turned around to shove past her husband.

"Abbie please-" Brian ran after her. Logan stood slowly and toddled after them. He watched as his mother opened the door,turning around to glare at her husband,but her eyes fell upon her small baby boy. She leaned down and kissed him gently,before turning to leave. She had to leave. They'd been through so much the past seven years of marriage. They'd lost their house,which lead to her husbands alcoholic dependence,and now they lived in a trailer,which was covered in weeds,the inside nothing but horrible furniture and peeling paint. And beer bottles. An endless pile it couldn't take her kid.

He reminded her to much of his father. She just wants to forget them. Forget them and start a new life. She slams the door shut and walks briskly to her ,Brian sits and cries as he watches his wife drive away. Logan is standing by the window watching,confused. When the car is gone he looks over at his dad. He toddled to him and tugs his shirt.

"dadd-e,dadd-e where did mommy go?"Brian looks up and sees his son,standing there,eyes open confused. He shakes his head. All he can picture though is his wife standing in front of him.

"I don't know Logie,I don't know."

(time skip-twelve years later.)

Logan cowers as his dad throws a bottle at the wall,another following. He sat still and shut his eyes. Hopefully his dad wouldn't see him.

"Logan!" his dad slurs. He flinches as his dad walks to him,standing over him. Logan tried to squish himself smaller,forcing his body into the rotting drywall. His dad is still for a moment and then he throws a fist down. It strikes Logan's already bruised shoulder and he cries out. That's all it dad grabs him and throws him down behind him,where he jumps on him,his fists hitting his chest randomly,striking areas that make Logan scream,cry and writhe in pain.

"please stop!"

"S-shut up!"





Logan's sobs become harder as his dad wrenches him to his feet and smacks his face hard. Logan's body meets the wall and he hits it hard. He slowly falls to the ground,but his father isn't finished. He picks up a bottle and throws it hard at Logan,where it meets his naked back and smashes. The glass rips his skin,making cuts long and deep,and Logan screams.

He lays there for what feels like forever and when he looks up his dad is stumbling to the couch,where he falls face first. He lays there for a moment and then large snores erupt from him. Logan tries to stand and gives a cry of pain,slowly falling back down. He tries more slowly and succeeds. He's so tired. He's taken his fathers drunken hits before but they made him tired. He slowly makes his way down the hall,into the bathroom.

He slowly shuts the door and sits down on the ground where he opens the cabinet and takes the first aid kit out. He begins to dab at his back,the are just behind his left side. He's glad it's easy to reach but it just means more pain as he presses the alcohol-wet towel to his back,whimpering as the alcohol cleans the wound. After cleaning it,Logan is ready to put the bandages on it but his eyes start to slide close.

Despite the hunger pains shooting through his stomach,his eyes slide close with relative ease. And then he's laying on the ground,back bleeding on the ground. And as he lays there, staring up at the ceiling,he realizes he's ready to give up. He wants it to end. But before he sleeps ,one last thought revolves through his did he do to deserve this