Where…am I?

I try opening my eyes, yet my eyelids refuse to budge. They feel as if they were replaced with lead weights.

What happened?

What DID happen? Why do I feel so…weak? I can't move; I can't even open my eyes. All I can do is breathe and try to piece together what is going on.

I begin to panic. Not only can I not remember where I am or how I got here: I can't remember anything before waking up. If I'm even awake.

Okay, so I can't move, and I can't remember anything about who I am…this is bad.

Well, at least I'm not in pain; I feel…numb. Which is better than excruciating pain…right?

Am I dead..?

No. I don't think I am. If I was, I wouldn't feel so tired.

Hmm. That's strange. I think the numbness is starting to fade a little. I feel…stronger. Only a little bit, but it's still there.

The weird thing is that I think I'm…floating?

So I AM dead…

…No. It feels like I'm floating…in water?

I felt like the weight in my eyes was decreasing, so I decided I should try opening them again.

Slowly, I managed to crack them open. Everything was green, and it took me a minute to realize that I was surrounded by a greenish liquid.

Beginning to panic, I felt the numbness go down a small amount again. I began to stir, not really the flailing I was trying to build up, but any bit of movement was better than none at all.

I realized that, even though I was in water (or some sort of liquid), I could still breathe. That's when I began to notice my surroundings a little better.

I had some sort of…mask…over my mouth, which I assumed was the reason I hadn't drowned yet. I guess it fed me fresh air.

That's when I noticed I was in some sort of…glass tube? Strange…

I looked beyond the glass. I saw white tiled walls (at least I was pretty sure it was white) as far as I could see. There were steel tables and desks in the room my 'glass tube' was in. Beakers and flasks and other various glass containers were scattered around on the tables and desks, as well as several piles of papers. Some of the papers were scattered on the floor.

It was while I was looking at the floor that I noticed some fluids smeared across the floor. Everything still had a greenish tint to it, thanks to the green liquid I was in, but something about that smear on the floor was my heart beat quicken.

I decided at that moment that I wanted out. NOW. Regaining more control of my body, I began flailing about in my tube, desperately trying to do…something. I fist collided with the glass in front of me, and a tiny crack, too small to even let out any of the fluid, appeared before me. Setting my sights on that one crack, I began punching the crack as hard as I could.

Slowed by the liquid and that numbness that hadn't completely worn off, I made very slow progress. After a minute of struggling, the crack finally grew large enough for the liquid to leak out, barely a dribble.

I kept up my pounding, now desperate to escape. The numbness had officially left, and I began punching harder. The crack grew; now a decent amount of the cursed water began spilling out. After a few more punches, a small hole appeared in the glass.

Apparently the container couldn't handle the change, because after a moment the whole front of the tube shattered, spilling me and a massive torrent of liquid out onto the cold tiled floor.

Gasping for air, I merely lied there for what felt like an eternity, suddenly too weak to get off the floor. After a while, I slowly rose off the ground. Feeling glass under my hands as I pushed myself off the ground, I looked at myself to make sure that I didn't get cut up from the glass.

…That's when I realized I didn't have any clothes on…How I didn't notice that earlier still confuses me. Guess I was too concerned about everything else to notice…

…Ahem. In any case, it made it easier to inspect for injury. Amazingly, it appeared that none of the glass had lodged its way into my vulnerable skin. I had a small nick on my arm, possible from falling out of the jagged whole in the glass tube, but otherwise, I seemed okay.

…at least physically.

Now my mind returned to the issue at hand; I had no idea where I was, and had no memory of my past.

Sighing, I decided my best option would be to look for someone. Maybe someone in this building would know who I am and what happened. But first things first…

"I need some clothes," I murmured to no one in particular. My voice was pretty hoarse, as if I hadn't used it in a while. How long was I in that tube?

I saw a rack in the corner of the room that had a few pairs of scrubs on it. Although not my number one choice for clothing, it beat running around in my birthday suit.

Finding some scrubs that fit fairly well, I looked around the room once again.

That's when my eyes fell on the mysterious smear I saw earlier. The liquid from my tube my slowly clearing the smear off the floor, but even so, I could definitely identify the crimson substance on the floor.

It was blood…

The feeling of unease I had earlier returned. Something bad had happened here. The blood and the papers thrown carelessly across the floor was evidence to this. I had the strongest urge at that moment to forget my plan to ask for help and just run out of the building as fast as my legs could carry me.

I noticed a door on the far side of the room and quickly walked over to it. Opening it slowly, I cursed when it creaked open.

On the other side of the door was a long hallway. Following the décor of the last room, it had bleach-white tiles on the floor and walls. But what was the most noticeable detail about this hallway was the massive amount of blood. It was splashed all over the walls and pooled on various parts of the floor.

Any sense of calm I had retained until this point snapped. All I could think was that I had to get out of this building. NOW.

Jogging down the hallway, I slowed to a stop when I reached the end. Peering around cautiously, I looked into the next room.

It looked like the main entrance of the building. A reception desk was near my position. Chairs were lined up along the walls, a few tossed around the room. Once again, a massive amount of blood covered the area.

The entrance to the building was on the other side of the room. Freedom was in sight…

It was at this point that an inhuman screech filled my ears. It sounded like it came from outside…

I then heard a voice shout, "Hunter!" The voice was gruff, and seemed aged. When I heard it, I got an impression of a wizened, elderly figure.

I then heard that ungodly screech again, and another man's voice rose through the air. It sounded panicked, and his voice was raised a few pitches higher than I expected. He screamed, "Get it off me! Get it OFF ME!"

Then I heard an alarmingly loud bang. I thought it was a gunshot, but it was WAY louder than I expected it to be.

At this point, I was frightened beyond belief. But if there were people outside, maybe they would help me. I crept up to the doorway and looked outside.

I could see four figures in the distance. There was an elderly man, who I assumed was the first one to speak, a shaved bald man in a black leather vest, a young woman in a pink-red hoodie, and a black man with a white business suit on. That man was currently lying on the ground, and it was then I noticed a figure next to the man. It was in a blue hoodie and wasn't moving. The man in the vest cocked the shotgun he was holding. So that was why the gunshot was so loud…

The man in the vest looked at the man on the ground and smirked. "There. It's off ya. Happy?"

The black man glared at the man in the vest. "You shot the hunter off of me with a shotgun? You could have KILLED me!"

Smirking more, vest-man replied, "Damn. It's a shame I'm such a good shot. If only I'd missed and hit you instead."

Glaring even more at the vest-man, business-suit-man was about to say something when the girl interrupted what was sure to be a heated argument.

"Guys! Now's not a good time for this. Let's move before you guys attract a horde with your arguing."

That seemed to do the trick. The man in the vest shrugged and walked off a little. The black man got up, and he and the girl followed suit.

"Mercy Hospital is right up ahead," the old man said as they began walking again.

The man in the vest snorted. "Way to state the obvious, old man. We can all see the hospital. Not all of us are blind like you are."

The old man looked over at him and shouted, "Speak up, Francis! Your voice got all muffled from your head being so far up your ass!"

I had to cover my mouth to stop from bursting out laughing at that last comment.

When I looked out again, I saw they were heading towards the building I was in. So I was in this Mercy Hospital they mentioned…

But what was going on! They had guns on them! And what were they saying about hunters and hordes? And why were they heading towards a hospital? Why was there so much carnage, not only in the halls but outside in the streets as well?

It made no sense, and the only way I was going to get any answers was if I asked someone what was happening. And these people heading towards me were the only people I've seen, so…

Gathering all the courage I could (which wasn't much), I opened the door to confront this bizarre group…

And had a bullet wiz right by my head!

"Don't shoot!" I squeaked out, instinctively covering my face with my hands.

"Hold your fire!" I heard the gruff voice of the old man shout.

After a moment of waiting and not feeling the intense pain I was expecting to experience, I slowly lower my arms.

All four of them have their eyes on me. They each have varying looks of shock on their faces. I notice the girl and the black man have their guns tucked aside. The old man has his out but lowered. The only one with their gun still pointed at me is the man in the vest.

The vest-man spoke up. "You infected?"

I stare at him blankly. Infected? With what?

My blank stare only seems to annoy him. "You deaf or somethin! You infected or not?"

Not really sure what he's talking about, I decide to be as honest as I can. "I don't think I'm infected with anything..."

The man keeps his gun up for a few more seconds. Then, apparently satisfied with my answer, he lowers it, saying, "Well in that case, get outta my way so I can get to that safe room."

Safe room? Turning around, I see a room behind the reception desk I hadn't noticed from the hallway. I saw it had a red steel door. I guess that's a safe room?

The man in the vest walks into the room, and the others head that way, too. They stop when they reach me.

The old man stares at me. I can feel him evaluating me, judging me. It makes me a little uncomfortable.

He speaks up. "You have a group with you?"

Now that I can answer with some certainty. "No. I'm by myself."

I think I notice a slight softening of his features, but he's clearly good at hiding his feelings. The black man and the girl look at me, worry clearly written on their faces.

The girl is the first to say something. "You should come with us," she says.

The black man seems in agreement and, although it seemed with some reluctance, the elderly man said, "You can join us in the safe room, if you want."

Although I have no idea who they are, or if I can even trust this strange group, a wave of relief floods through me. After all, it's better than being alone. Especially when I have NO idea what is going on.

Smiling, I say, "Thanks." I follow them into the 'safe room'.

I started writing this randomly, just because I thought the concept was pretty cool, and decided to actually put this on here. For everyone who has been reading my first story, I REALLY sorry I haven't updated it in forever; I've had a ton of work in college, and I had a bunch of papers to write for my writing class, so I haven't really been in the mood for writing :/ I think things are calming down a bit, so I might have another chapter or two of it in soon. Maybe…

For those readers, I hope this new story is an acceptable intermission. And for those who haven't read my other story or don't care, hope you like this (:

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