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I swear my heart literally stopped beating for a second. Infected swarmed around the corner of the hallway. There were so many, I couldn't even see the hall behind them. And they were sprinting straight at us…

By the time I managed to calm down enough to react, the others were already firing down into the tidal wave of infected. Blood and gore flew all over the place. The infected were literally blown away from the torrent of bullets the others were firing off. It actually looked like they had things under control…

But then I noticed something strange…

The screaming and shrieking of the infected weren't just coming from the hall. It sounded like it was coming from everywhere.

...That's when I noticed the banging coming from the walls on our sides…

The others didn't seem to notice. Probably because they were occupied with the threat in front of them.

"Um, guys?"

At that exact moment, infected burst through the walls on both sides of us!

"Shit! Everyone, take a side and shoot!" That was Bill's gruff voice, just audible through the sound of guns firing and infected shouting.

Almost immediately, the four of them all got into position. Bill took the right side, mowing down infected with his assault rifle. Louis took the left side, his submachine gun doing just as well at mowing down the infected there. Zoey and Francis took the center hallway, Francis standing in front of Zoey. Francis shot down anything that got close with his shotgun, while Zoey picked off the further off ones.

…They did that so fast…without any real instruction…wow…

..And I was just standing there, looking like an idiot.

Shaking myself out of my stupor, I pulled out my handgun. I decided that Louis looked like he needed the most help and stood next to him in the opening on the left.

I shot, not really aiming at anything in particular. The only benefit of so many infected in one place is that you can't possibly miss hitting something.

I saw bodies flying back against the combined force of our guns. I saw an infected man- who looked like he was a patient here- have his blown clean off his shoulders. I saw bullets whizzing into several infected, bloody holes appearing in various location on them. I numbly wondered which bullets were mine, and which ones were Louis's.

"Reloading!" I heard come from two people behind us. It was Francis and Zoey. I realized that – since Francis has a shotgun and Zoey has a hunting rifle – it would take a few seconds for them to be able to reload.

…and in a few seconds, they could become surrounded with infected…

Whipping around, I start firing down the hallway, making sure I aim FAR away from Francis and Zoey. After all, I'm still not exactly an expert shot. I only manage to shoot twice before my clip runs out of ammo, and I quickly pull out my ax, running up in front of Francis.

I get there in time to stop a former nurse from clawing at Francis' face. I swing my ax, hitting her square in the chest. There's a sickening Thwack! as the ax blade slices straight through, severing her in half.

…Gross…but kinda cool…

Several more infected approach, and I swing my ax around again, managing to kill two infected at once and pushing back three other infected.

Boy, am I glad I decided to pick up this ax!

After a few more swings, however, I started to get a little tired out. Man, that ax was heavy!

But I pushed through, until I heard a hacking cough and felt something wrap around my stomach…

…What the heck?

Then I started to get pulled…down the hall…into the mob of infected!

I tried to get loose of…whatever had me…but my arms got wrapped up by it. Then it wrapped around my legs, and I fell over.

…Not good…

I look down the hall and see the source of the problem. An infected is standing at the end. He looks particularly disfigure, with giant tumors covering the entire left side of his body. It looked like there was a long rope coming out of its…mouth?

…I was being tied up by its tongue?


The infected dragged me towards him. When I got closer, I noticed the cloud of green smoke around him.

So this must be a smoker, I thought, just as I reached him. Then I thought, This is going to hurt.

But just before it stuck me, a bullet whizzed by, hitting the smoker right in the skull. The appendage around me loosened, and a massive puff of smoke exploded out of the smoker as it fell to the ground.

…Of course, I was right next to the smoker, so I inhaled an air-full of nasty green smoke.

Coughing like a dedicated chain-smoker, I got to my feet, unwrapping the creepy tongue-rope around me.

"You alright?"

It was Zoey. So she was the one that shot the smoker…

"I guess so…but I really hope we don't run into any more of those…"

That made her laugh. Francis, shotgun now fully loaded, walked up, blasting a few infected behind me.

"Less talkin and more shootin!"

Right. Still fighting a horde.

I decided to stick with Francis and Zoey. I stood next to Francis, picking off infected with my handgun before they reached us.

As the group in front of us began to diminish, I heard a piercing screech – hunter – and Bill curse. Looking over, I saw a hunter pounce Bill.

Not trusting myself to be able to shoot the hunter off without hitting Bill, I ran over to his location, pistol whipping the hunter. That knocked him off, and I rapidly shot at the hunter before he could recover.

I went through half a clip, but I managed to kill the hunter.

Bill pulled himself off the ground and immediately began shooting down the lane again. The infected had used those precious few seconds to get extremely close to us, and I decided Bill would need a little help clearing them out. Taking position next to him, I fired off the rest of my clip, then switched to my ax again.

After a minute or so, the wave died down, and I noticed the waves the others were facing were diminishing, as well. Just as I swung my ax down on the last infected, I heard a small Ding!

…Of course the elevator shows up AFTER we faced off against tidal wave of infected.

"Elevator's here! Get yer asses in here!" Bill shouted, running into the elevator.

"Way to state the obvious, gramps!" Francis replied. Just as he got in, I heard him grumble, "I hate elevators..."

Everyone ran in, and Louis hit the top button. After the elevator doors slid shut, everyone let out a sigh of relief.

Louis looked over at me, a smile on his face. "Wow, Kid. For that being your first horde, you did a good job back there." Then his smile grew into a broad grin. "Scratch that – you did an AMAZING job."

I scratched the back of my head, a little embarrassed at what he said. "Yeah, right. I totally panicked when that first wave showed up. And when they started pouring through the walls…" I ended it there, shaking a little just from the memory.

This time Zoey spoke up. "Well, yeah. Of course you would freeze up the first time something like THAT happens. But you recovered pretty quickly." Now she's grinning, too. "Not to mention you TOTALLY saved me and Francis' asses back there when we both needed to reload our guns."

"Well, yeah, I guess…but-"

"You also managed to get that hunter off me before he did anything serious," Bill added.

At this everyone turns their head to Bill. Louis, frowning, says, "A hunter pounced you? I didn't even realize…"

From the others' looks, I would guess they hadn't realized, either.

Bill, with just the ghost of a smile, looked over at me. "Well it wasn't on me for very long. The Kid made sure of that."

They all stared at me, each with an approving look on their faces.

Scratching the back of my head, I looked away from them. "Really, guys. I don't see why you guys are fussing. I didn't really do all that good back there. It was YOU guys that were amazing back there…"

Out of nowhere, Francis flicked his finger at my forehead. Ouch.

"Aw, lighten up there, rookie. Take credit where credit is due. You did pretty good out there. Maybe not as good as me, but then again, no one's as good at me at taking out those vampires."

This was met with three sets of rolled eyes from the others.

Before we could continue on our conversation, the elevator doors began to open. I swear it took a LOT longer going down than it did going up. Maybe that has something to do with the saying, 'time flies when you're having fun.'

Yeah. And time crawls when you're fighting off hordes of zombies.

As soon as the doors opened, everyone grew serious again.

Bill walked out first, saying "Let's move out, people."

Quickly checking how much ammo I had left for my pistol, I followed behind.

The floor we exited on must have been under some serious construction. The outer walls were gone, leaving only the support beams to prevent the whole thing from collapsing on us. Wooden boards and bags of cement were scattered all over the place.

Lightning flashed, illuminating the city below…


And I thought the hospital looked bad. From this view, I could see a good portion of the city.

It was in ruins…whole buildings were destroyed. Some were on fire, some fallen over into the streets below. I don't even want to THINK about what could have caused that…

I couldn't see many details, but the streets looked just as bad. The darkness couldn't hide the red. The blood. It was all over…

I couldn't stop the shiver that ran down my spine.

"Hurry up, Kid!"

Jerking back to my current predicament, I realized I had stopped walking when I saw the city.


Jogging over to the others, we resumed our march.

After a minute of walking around aimlessly, picking off a few stray infected here and there (I really WAS getting better at shooting them), Bill spoke up.

"We're close to a safe room."

…how did he know that?

"Um…how do you know that, Bill?"

That earned me a snort from Francis. "Maybe it was the painting on the floor up ahead that gave it away."

Sure enough, just a few feet ahead of us, there was a painting on the floor. It was a painting of a house, with a plus sign inside of it. An arrow pointed from the picture to around the corner. I guess that means a safe room is in that direction…


Francis smirked. He was just about to open his mouth – probably to say something insulting – when Louis spoke up suddenly.

"Do you hear that?"

Everyone stopped for a second and listened. Now that he mentioned it, I DID hear something…

…It sounded like…crying?

"Shit. There's a Witch around here."

Oh yeah! They said something about a Witch when they were explaining the 'Special Infected.' Apparently, Witches cry. They don't attack you unless you get too close, or you do something to tick her off. When they DO attack…

The others never explained how Witches attack, but if the look in everyone's eyes was any indication, you do NOT want to have Witch attack you…

As we followed the trail of painted houses and arrows, the crying got louder.

"Shit. Looks like we're gonna have to fight it," Bill eventually said. Looking past him, I saw a small figure ahead of us.

It was clearly an infected woman. She looked incredibly malnourished. She looked like she could be dealt with easily! So why was everyone so on-edge about her?

Then I saw the claws…


Still, if we all stood back a bit and someone shot at her, wouldn't that solve our problem?

Before I could voice my thought, however, Francis walked past Bill, heading towards the Witch. Snorting, he mumbled, "I'm not afraid of some anorexic vampire."

He moved up close to the Witch, prepping his shotgun. As he approached, the Witch starting growling.

Francis fired, hitting her square in the stomach – at close range – with the shotgun. Everything I had encountered so far could easily be killed with a shot like that!

…but the Witch didn't die!

With unnatural reflexes, the Witch shot up, letting out a blood-curdling shriek.


And with that, Francis bolted down the hallway…

The Witch chased after him, running at a speed I didn't think possible from something that looked so weak. I ran after the two – the others not far behind – with no idea what to do.

I put my pistol away and got my ax ready. I didn't trust myself to shoot at the Witch when she was right in front of Francis. If I missed, I would certainly hit Francis.

Of course Francis tripped over a bag of cement while he was running. He didn't fall over, but he fumbled for a second to keep balance.

That was all the Witch needed to catch up. Just as Francis recovered, she swiped at him with one of her hands, scratching Francis and knocking him to the ground.


The Witch was about to tear Francis to shreds!


Picking up an extra burst of speed, I raced up to her.


I leapt forward, swinging my ax over my head.


Bringing it down like a pendulum, I slammed the blade right down on her skull. A sickening crunch sound came, followed by the ax blade slicing halfway through the Witch's skull.

She gave out one last screech, then fell to the floor. Dead.

After pulling my ax out from the infected, I ran over to Francis.

"Are you okay!"

"Yeah…except fer my pride."

This time it was my turn to snort at him. Smiling, I held out my hand. Accepting it, I helped him get up.

Just as the others catch up, Francis says, "Well, I think we found the safe room."

Looking over at where he's pointing, I see a red, steel door not that far away.

Wow…the Witch chased Francis all the way to the saferoom…

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