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I'll Carry That

"No..." moaned Billionaire Bruce Wayne, turning on to his stomach. This was the first nightmare he had since he was a kid.

A drug deal in one of the abandoned warehouses… The biggest one in Gotham yet…

Bruce thrashed, the dream progressing painfully.

He jumped from out of the darkness, throwing several batarangs, at most of the dealers as he did so.

"Shit! It's Batman!" cried one of the dealers

"And his flunky sidekick!"

"Flunky?" Robin muttered angrily behind him, taking a disk out of his belt

"Don't just stand there! Kill them, ya idiots!" shouted the head boss

"Please…..no…." he started to beg, tears started to form in his closed eyes,

The men yelled and screamed as they were thrown in different directions, hitting concrete pillars, and wooden boxes, by the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder.

Laughter coming from the far end of the warehouse

Bruce breathed in rigidly, gripping the sides of his bed.

He looked to his right, toward the laughter; Robin landed in a crouch, then stood up. He grinned happily looking around at the guys that were now tied, and blindfolded together, Robin grinned again and looked at Batman, wanting praise from his mentor that he had taken down seven dealers that were twice his age and size. While Batman had only taken down four.


Batman shook his head, a slight smirk on his face. But then his eyes widened underneath his cowl. The head dealer was suddenly pointing a gun at Robin, right at his chest.


The guy looked at Robin, blood trickling down his head and nose from where Robin had punched him. His partner, his ward, his…son, looked at him with scared, sad eyes.

"Dad…" the ten year old muttered,

"Bruce! Wake Up!"

The vigilante froze when he heard that word, his partner smiled sadly. The guy scoffed at the two, smiling showing his yellow teeth.

Then the gun went off….

"DICK!" Bruce cried out, the tears from before flowed down his cheeks

"Wake UP! BRUCE!"

Robin's blood was splattered on the floor and walls, as he fell to the ground, unconscious. The drug dealer threw the gun aside and bolted from the warehouse.

The Dark Knight rushed over to his ward, kneeling down, he gathered him in his arms. Dark red liquid flowed from his chest. He removed the boy's mask, revealing Richard Grayson. He shook him lightly.

"No! Dick! Please!" the Billionaire whimpered, thrashing around violently, throwing the blankets off involuntary.

"Bruce! I'm alright! Please wake up!" As something grab hold of his hand.

"Dick! Open your eyes son! Please!" He pulled down his cowl, becoming Bruce Wayne. Shaking his partner. His vision suddenly became blurry.

Slowly his ward opened his eyes, for a second Bruce saw a ray of hope for Dick. The young hero gave his mentor a smile, then closed his eyes and became limp in Bruce's arms, the smile still on the boy's face.

"NO! God! Please...no!" by this point the man was sobbing, something squeezed his hand.

"Richard! Wake up! My little bird!" pulling Dick to his chest, Bruce hugged his son and did what he or Batman haven't done since his parents died…He cried

"DICK!" He screamed


Bruce eyes snapped open, and jolted up. Yanking his hand away from whatever had a hold of it. Panting, he looking around and realized he was in his room, tears fell down cheeks mixing with the cold sweat that now drenched his whole body.

"D-Dad?" a voice whimpered

Bruce turned his head and saw his little bird, kneeling at his bed side, wearing his red and black bat patterned PJ's. Tearing spilling out of his blue eyes, leaving tracks on his cheeks.

"Dick…" he said hoarsely, throat raw and burning

He sighed shakily. He's okay… he thought. He held his arms out wide. Dick was in his father's arms in an instant. Burring his face in Bruce's chest and cried silently, his arms clinging to his father bare sweaty back.

Bruce hugged his ward tightly, rocking back and forth. Running his hand threw the back of the boy's hair, rubbing soothing circles on his son's back, Guilty that he had upset him.

It wasn't real…He told himself, It was just a stupid dream…. He gulped. What would he do? If this dream ever came true? Bruce shook his head mentally, No! Don't think that way! He thought. He tightens his arms around his ward more, Dick doing the same, neither of them wanting to let go anytime soon.

I have carried him through so much over the last three years… But I can't keep doing it, He's growing up…He'll soon leave. Bruce thought, looking down at the small crying form in his arms. Dick looked up too, puffy irritated blue eyes meeting his own. He stared at his partner for a moment, then crashed him deeper into his chest. It doesn't matter. He told himself. That day isn't for a while, and even then, I'll continue to carry him, through all the pain and everything in-between.

I'll carry him…

"I love you, Dad" Dick whispered, tightening his arms around Bruce's back

He smiled, tightening his hold too

"I love you too, my little bird"

Until the very end…

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