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Chapter 2

"I love you too, my little bird" his father had said. That was two nights ago, since then Dick has noticed that his father has been distint with him. He has been in the Batcave nonstop, and when he's not there he is on missions for the League. He didn't do anything to upset him, Bruce made that clear two nights ago. So then why...

"Master Richard?" a kind voice said, pulling Dick from his thoughts

"Yeah, Alfred?" Dick said as he layed on his bed, his back toward the door.

"Your lunch is ready, sir"

Lunch? Have I been laying here that long?

He made a motion to get up but found that he wasn't hungry, in fact he felt sick to his stomach. He bit his lower lip.

"I'm not all that hungry, Alfred" he told the well dressed man, his back still toward him

He heard Alfred sigh "I do wish you would eat something Master Richard, starving yourself isn't going to help you figure out why Master Bruce has been distint lately"

I'm not starving myself! He wanted to say, but thought better of it.

"Alfred? Do you know why he hasn't been..." his voice trailed off

"No, Master Richard I have to say I don't know" Alfred said sadly

"Where is he?" he asked

"He's working still, sir" Alfred repiled, meaning that he was in the Batcave still.

Silence filled the room.

"Well..." Alfred paused. "I think I will leave your lunch here in case you get hungry later" as Dick heard him place the tray of food on his desk.

He stomach turned, I doubt that...

"Good day Master Richard" his door closing softly.

Dick turned over onto his back and stared at the ceiling. Alfred said to him once that if he looked at the wall long enough, he was likely to burn a hole threw it, if he kept thinking about whatever that was troubling him.

The Boy Wonder just didn't understand... Two nights ago Bruce was holding him as if Dick would disappear any second. And now... Was his father's nightmare really that horrible? He remembered that it was about him... But Bruce didn't tell him what it was about, and Dick didn't want to ask, fearing that he would only make it worse for his dad if he told Dick about it.

What am I suppose to do? How in the world was he, Robin, suppose to make Batman, The Caped Crusader feel better? Over the last three years, Bruce was always the one that would help Dick feel better after a nightmare, by simply just hugging him, and saying that everything will be okay, because he was there.

He didn't know how he was going to help Bruce...But I have to try... Dick closed his eyes tight, and tried to think of something, anything, to help Bruce. But he came up with nothing. When the young hero reopened his eyes it was dark, not only outside but also in his room.

What? Did I fall asleep? He didn't even remember going to sleep, he got up from his bed and walked to hid desk and saw that his lunch was still in the same place that Alfred had left it. The bread on his sandwich was probably stale by now, A lady at his school once said that eating something stale was never a good idea.

He made a face at his lunch, his stomach turned, he may not be hungry, but he was very thristy. He exmained the tray more and found that Alfred put his favorite kind of Kool-Aid out for him. Raspberry, his mother used to give him a glass full when he was sick, and he would feel a little bit better.

He smiled slightly, at the memory, even after three years he still missed his parents so much...

Dick frowned, this wasn't the time to think about his parents. Bruce needed him right now! His father needed him. I have to find a way to help him.


Dick sighed in frustration, kicking his desk leg, harder than he meant to, whiched cause his desk to move and the tray of food, (that was unbalanced because of the pile of devices that it was setting on) fell to the floor.

"Aw crap!" The glass shattered in pieces, Kool-Aid going everywhere on his carpet floor.

Well that is going to leave a stain! Opening his door, and running silently to the kitchen to get a paper towel, or something to absorb the dark liquid, prefenting further damage to his floor.

"C'mon Alfred! Where do you keep the paper towels!" he said in a low frustrated voice, kneeling infront of the cabnits below.

When suddenly he heard a noise, No, it sounded like more of a voice. The voice was growing louder and louder as he heard it, and it also sounded frantic.

Getting up from where he was, he walked toward the door of the kitchen. But had no time to reach for the handel. For the door swung open, and Dick found himself being crushed against his father's chest.

"Dick...Dickie...my little bird..." Bruce whisper into his hair. His father sounded so terrifed and heartbroken, just like he did two nights ago. He could heard and feel Bruce's heart racing, his body shook, as he cried silently. Dick imediately put his arms around his father, to try and calm him.

Bruce tightened his hold on Dick, his body began to shake more. Bruce struggled for breathe for a couple of minutes.

"I thought that...that you w-were... oh god!" his dad finally choked out. Tightening his arms around Dick even more, as if Bruce thought that he would lose Dick if he let him go.

Dick swallowed, a lump forming in his throat. "Bruce? What's wrong?" Course he kinda new what was wrong, he just hoped the Bruce would elaborate.

Bruce gulped loudly. He began to rock back and forth."I heard...a noise from the cave...I w-went to see what was wrong..." he trailed off, or rather didn't want to finish.

"I walked in your room and saw...God son... " Bruce whispered he started to tremble terribly.

The Boy Wonder smiled slightly, Bruce thought that by staying away from Dick, he would be in less danger, even though it would hurt him to stay away, he would know that his son was safe, that is how much he loved him.

"I'm okay dad, really...I'm not going anywhere...ever" Dick said truthfully, wrapping his arms around his father tighter, not wanting to let go either.

Bruce rubbed the back of Dick's hair, kissing him on top of his head. "I know..." he said at last, then not wanting to break contacted Bruce carried his son back to his room, where the Kool-Aid had primately stained the floor.

Then both still holding each other, drifted off to sleep. Neither of the two had any nightmares for the rest of the night.

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