It's been awhile since I've written something, and I have a feeling this fic will be longer than my other one. Anyway, I hope this doesn't suck.

And just so we're clear, I don't own these characters, just the ideas. So, don't kick my ass, 'kay?


A low grunt emitted from his lips as he heaved the bag over his shoulders, eyeing his partner that sat in the driver's seat. He slammed the trunk shut with his left hand, the other supporting the bag. Taking measured steps to the railing of the bridge, he began to hum. The weight on his shoulders was forgotten until he looked down towards the moving current.

"How far is this drop?" he called to the car.

His partner hastily rolled down the window, sighing. "900 feet, I think. Will you just drop the damn thing already? We're wasting time."

He chuckled at his partner's impatience. "What, are you afraid we'll be caught or something? Don't worry about it. Wouldn't want ya' to get any wrinkles early on."

"Just do it already. Don't you have to get home tonight? Isn't it date night for you and the wife?"

"That it is, but I'd rather much be out with you, handsome." He chuckled to himself, before slightly bending his knees and bringing both hands to clutch at the bag. He shifted the bag from his shoulder into his arms, before leaning over the railing. He paused, angling his head toward the car.


"Well, what? Drop the damn thing."

"You don't wanna come out and watch? You're gonna miss my favorite part."

"Which is?"

"Hearing it hit the water."

"Just drop it and get in the car."

With a grin, he turned his head back to looking at the current beneath the bridge. He rested the bag on the railing slightly, before pushing it completely off and into the water. He stood, hands resting on the railing, eyes closed. He took a deep breath, holding it in until he heard the splash. Letting out his breath, he turned and headed towards the car.

"See? Easy." He slid into the passenger side, flashing his best smile.

It was 1:30 and Gathering Grounds was finally losing the lunch crowd. She ripped away at the edges of the napkin wrapped around her scone, appetite gone. 'Was it my fault?'

She bit her lip, thinking back on the past few months. Her relationship had completely gone down the toilet faster than any of her other relationships. 'Was it something I did? Something I said?'

She snorted. 'Of course it was something I did. I'm a fuckin' homicide detective. I work doctor hours without the pay. How many times have I been told that my job got in the way?'

Slightly frustrated, she stopped tearing at the napkin. 'Well, my fuckin' bad that I chose to be one. It's not like I never made it clear that my job comes first.'

She was snapped out of her rant by the insistent ringing coming from her hip. 'Speak of the devil. It's what I get for being on call.'

Sliding her phone from her hip, she answered: "Swan."

"Hey, we got a body. Rock Creek."

By the time Bella got there, her partner Edward was already there, speaking with Angela. She flashed her badge and went under the police tape, heading toward the two of them. "What do we have?"

"A body." Angela deadpanned.

"Thank you, Captain Duh," she drawled. "C'mon. Seriously now."

Edward shrugged. "All we know is that we've got a body that was in a bag. Couple of teenagers were down here goofing off and saw it floating around. They opened it up and there it was."

She nodded slowly, eyes taking note of the body. 'Pretty bruised up… and a bit of blood, too. She's kind of pretty. Well, you know, if she weren't dead.'

"Carlisle? What've you got?" She angled her head slightly to see the coroner, his slick blonde hair the only thing she could see of him as he studied the body.

"A couple of bruises and cuts… and abrasions on her wrists and ankles. Not too sure about cause of death though. Could be a lot of things. She could've drowned for all we know. I'll have to run a few tests."

Bella bit her lip, nodding as she listened. She then turned to Edward. "There's a bridge right? That's nearby?"

"Yeah, Taft, I think."

"I'll check it out later."

Edward nodded. They stood there for a few minutes as the body was packed and headed for the morgue. "So."

She quirked a brow. "So?"

"Heard you got dumped."

She groaned. Gossip travelled too fast these days in her opinion. "Yeah, something like that. What's it to you?"

"Just wanted to hear it from you, is all."

"Yeah, yeah. I got dumped on my ass because I work too much and all that. You've heard it before, no need for me to go into details."

"Hey, on the plus side, I'd never dump your ass for another partner." Edward grinned, slapping her on the back.

Bella rolled her eyes, smiling nonetheless. "I wouldn't trade you either. Your dumbass mistakes make me look like a homicide detective god."

Edward snorted, hitching his thumb over his back. "In your dreams. Angela's more badass."

"What the- fuck you." She chuckled, stuffing her hands into her jacket. "Well, guess I'll head on back and wait for any results."

"Geez, getting started already? No wonder the ladies drop you like a hot potato."