Name: Baki

Age: seventeen

Eyes: pale pink

Skin: white

Hair: white, chin length messy and spiky rarely tangles though

{He's albino, not a vampire, demon or anything like that. Not even when someone calls him any of the above.}

Ht: 5ft 5in

Build: thin, willowy, kinda bony like he hasn't ate enough even when he has, wiry, and whipcord muscle instead of buff muscle

Clothes: loose fitting gray tunic, black pants that stop at mid-shin, and a black hooded cloak

Weapons: none at first

Past: After escaping a slave owner after receiving a severe whipping, he grew up on the streets, eventually finding a female burrowing owl, named Nari, who he trained to be his eyes. This was largely due to the fact he is blind, was born that way. He has an exceptional nose and ears, going so far as to tell the gender of someone from their breathing, their scent and upon occasion, clothing, jewelry ect. ect.

He got a job helping transport goods through the swamp, so far his two years of work haven't been interupted by raids.