Puckett Baillie

If- Only

The pain was excruciating. I couldn't help to believe that this pain was taken forth to Ziva when she was in Somalia. I'm with Mike Franks, well tied to him actually, with a bullet through my shoulder. I tried to lick my now dehydrated lips as I think of a way to get us found. Our eyes are covered with a cotton bandana so I can't even see where here was. The hope of being found was obsolete considering the circumstances. I wish I could be back in D.C. to help the team find me, but Abby should be able to find me with the help of Vance. If- only I rebuffed Leon's command to come to wretched Mexico. I might have succumbed to Abby's pleas for me to admit my feelings to Ziva. If- only I could have been concise with my letters to the team assuring my safety. Mike and I could have left the town and avoided the massive gun-fire. If- only I hadn't surmised Mike's loyalty to me and the agency. I might've actually listened to him to take cover. If- only I paid attention to the brusque Spanish of our captures. Ziva taught me to at least to understand it; the language sounded prettier spilling from her lips though. I feel the floor as I go through what I should have done in the past. But the past is the past and this is now. I touch an indent in the ground that tells me where I am. I realize that we are in the warehouse, that the gunfire originally took place in. Remorse pervades me as I finally realize that there is no longer even a wisp of hope of being found. I hear the back door open quietly as a group of four people walk in. Mike gasps as we are unbound and raised to our feet, our captures must be taking us somewhere new, keeping us prisoners until death row takes our lives. My hopes rise though when my blindfold comes off from the touch of familiar delicate hands that make my heart flutter like it usually does when she touches me. I can't believe it; I look up to see the tear stained face of Ziva David. My heart leaps with joy as I see her smile and practically smother her in fictional love as she hugs me awkwardly avoiding the wound in my shoulder. The team gathers around me and Franks and start chattering cheerfully. BANG! A shot rings through the now full warehouse. All around me, my eyesight goes dark and I hear the thumps of my team going down around with me, Ziva still in my arms, blood pouring from her forearm. If- only I could have kissed her before we ended up in this situation.

Disclaimer: I do not own NCIS or its characters.

This story is set after the season 7 finale in 'Tony DiNozzo's' point of view

The story relates to a romantic tension between Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David in the #1 drama, NCIS

Published with Moosie Pig Corp.