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"Come on Marceline! I swear he won't be a creep this time!" Bonnibel whined trying to convince Marceline to go on yet again another blind date.

Marceline and Bonnibel were very good friends and had known each other since high school. Bonnibel had found her Prince three years ago when she first went to college. At the tender age of 21, Bonnibel and her boyfriend, Bubba, have been talking about getting married. Marceline, however, just got out of a horrible relationship with Ash and has now built a wall around her heart. Bonnibel, being the considerate friend she is, has now set out to find Marceline a man! So over the past two weeks, Marceline has been on a total of 5 blind dates which haven't really resulted well.

On the first blind date, it was going well. Bonnibel hooked Marceline up with Finn's (her other best friend) friend, Pat. He was light skinned who wore a fedora and green sweater. He was known for a hot club called Belly of the Beast. Marceline and Pat had a lot in common since they both liked to party. However Pat's fall out began when he said that a bear was his spirit animal and he went on and on about bears. Then, he mentioned something about his third eye which was a "Mind Eye." Long story short, Marceline never called him.

On the second blind date, it failed as soon as it started. Donny was basically a humongous jerk who did nothing but blame everything (including his failures) on someone else. The third date involved Duke, Bonnibel's current rival in college. Why him, Marceline never figured out. He did nothing but eat pudding the whole time without uttering a word to Marceline. The fourth date was with some foreign exchange student in Bubba's chemistry class that obsessed over butts. He went on and on about the different shapes of butts and all of their capabilities and had the idea that instead of prison, criminals should just get whooped on the buttocks. He even talked about his one friend who could pick up a ball with his butt cheeks and made some weird game.

Even though all those dates were horrible, the last one she was on was an epic fail. Bonnibel decided to make Marceline go out with her cousin, Earl Lemongrab, who was also a judge in court. To this day, Marceline still wonders what came over Bonnie and if she was really that desperate. Marceline was impressed at first because the guy wasn't completely ugly, even though he wasn't cute. However when he got his order of food and saw a piece of hair on the end of the plate, he went berserk.

"This meal is in UNACCEPTABLE CONDITION." Earl continued to yell, bringing everyone's attention to him and making Marceline embarrassed.

After his outburst, he then read a text message that said "You really smell like dog buns." Earl wasn't too happy about this either so he screamed in agitation and began yelling "One hundred years in prison. NO BAIL. NO PAROL. YOU ALL SHALL DIE IN PRISON!"

"Mmm check please." Marceline asked trying to end the date as soon as possible. However, as soon as the waiter brought it, she immediately regretted it. Earl grabbed his overlarge glasses and took the check.


"We get it bro. I'm leaving." Marceline interrupted the Earl's rant and getting out of her seat and abandoning her date.

Ever since that date, Marceline has taken an oath upon herself that she will never ever go out with another guy, and especially one from Bonnibel. Bonnibel realized instead of helping Marceline fix her problem, she did nothing but make it worse. In seek of repentance, she decided that she'll have Marceline go on one more date, which led to this discussion.

"How do you know he's not a creep! What does he even do?' Marceline wondered, pissed that Bonnie was trying to make her go on another date even though the previous ones were failures.

"Umm, I don't exactly! However, he must be a fine gentleman if he was hired by the college. He's actually my professor who took a keen interest on my sorrow yesterday. I told him my predicament, and he offered to go on a date with you." Bonnie tried to reason.

"No! No offense Bonnie, but I can get a date by myself. Thanks for the effort, but I'm just not ready to date right now." Marceline declared.

Bonnie hurried and rushed out, disappointment evident on her face. However, she ran into Bubba on her way out at which took note of her expression. She continued her way out, ignoring the presence of Bubba. He looked concerned and confused until he saw Marceline standing there. He then sighed and understood everything. He looked at Marceline, at which she turned around, guilt sinking in her being.

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