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Marceline stared at Isah King in disbelief. Did this guy really just say that? Out loud? Sure, some guys were known to be blunt, but this was ridiculous!

"W-w-what?" Marceline questioned.

"Oh come on, you're an attractive young female! I'm pretty sure you've heard of one night stands! To be honest, I only came on this date in hopes of getting a chance with Bonnibel." Isah admitted and shrugged his shoulders.

"But she has a boyfriend?" Marceline said raising one eyebrow in confusion.

"Young people have no idea the meaning of commitment now-a-days! After a span of three days they declare they're in love! Plus, an old man needs love too!" Isah tsked in disapproval at Marceline's statement.

"Yet you'd really think that I'd be that desperate to sleep with an old man like yourself?"

Isah's mouth formed a giant "O" towards Marceline's question. "Old? Myself..old? Nonsense! I've just been around the block a couple of times. There's nothing wrong with that! But, I gotta say…you were desperate enough to go on this blind date. So what do you say?" Isah winked.

Marceline groaned. Yeah, when Isah had first made that suggestion, she had wanted to punch him in the face. Unfortunately, she knew she couldn't because if she did, she'd possibly be kicked out and Bubba would find out and then blah, blah, and blah. You get the idea. So therefore, she had to put up with this old geezer's perversion. If only she could go back to the bar and flirt with the cute bartender, but nooo. Bonnibel sucked at picking dates, and nothing in this world would possibly make her go on another date suggested by her.

"No, my dear Mr. King, I was not desperate enough to go on this date. It's called being a friend…which unfortunately, I am. Also, I only went on this date to PLEASE Bubba, Bonnibel's boyfriend. I don't think that Bubba would be too happy that the guy both he and Bonnibel set me up with was trying to get his girl. To be completely honest, I'm absolutely positive that he won't like that all. So let's make a deal, I leave this date and you tell Bonnie that it was okay, OR I go back to Bonnie and tell her that her professor was a complete jerk and perv. You make your choice." Marceline smirked at Isah's bewildered expression. Since he seemed to not have some clever comeback organized, Marceline began to get up until her arm was grabbed. She looked for the person who dare lay a hand on her and came face to face with Isah once again.

"Now now Ms. Marceline, let's not get ahead of ourselves. I'm not as slow as I seem. You seem like a good friend, but if you're not as desperate as you say you are, then you're most likely getting something out of this. So I'd prefer if you stayed, unless you want me to tell Bonnibel that you ditched me. Knowing your history with your pass dates, I think she'd believe me." Isah threatened.

Marceline glared at Isah, but begrudgingly sat back down. However, in a distance there was some loud yelling. Isah looked at Marceline, and began to look uncomfortable.

"What's your problem?" Marceline mumbled plopping her arm on the table so she could rest her head on it.

"Nothing! I mean, um, nothing. Let's learn more about you. So what do you do?" Isah questioned squirming in his seat. He pulled at his collar as if it was hot.

"You don't care, so don't act like you do." Marceline mumbled as she watched Isah. Although she didn't show it, it was rather amusing. Isah suddenly took one of the untouched menus and hid behind it. The commotion from earlier got closer which caused her to turn back. She muffled a laugh at what she saw. There was this crazy old lady who was causing a bunch of trouble. There were bodyguards all around, persisting that she wasn't allowed in, but it was too late since she was already in.

Everywhere she went, chaos ensured. The cute bartender was baffled and jumped over the bar to save what was left of the tables.


"Why me?" Isah mumbled. Recognition crossed Marceline's face, taking her by surprised.

"Wait, you're Simon?" Marceline whispered as she turned towards him.

"I no longer go by that name since my first love left, but yes. I am Simon Petrikov." He sighed, still hiding his identity with the menu.

"Who is she?" Marceline snickered.

"That is my ex-wife. The woman has lost her mind I tell you! One minute she hates me so I leave her, and right when I do she's like a hound! She can't make up her mind!" An evil smirk appeared on Marceline's mouth. Isah took notice after one of his glances over the menu. "I don't like you looking like that. Why are you looking like that?"

"Looks like I have something to blackmail you with. If you don't let me leave this date, I'm going to reveal who you really are." Marceline bargained.

"You wouldn't!" Isah hissed.

"I would. Try me." Marceline challenged. Isah became quiet much to the dismay of Marceline. To show that she was serious, she screamed out a "hey", causing them to look at her.

Isah hurriedly whispered, "Fine, fine! I will, I will! Whatever you say, just don't call that mad woman over here!"

Marceline grinned triumphantly, waved her hand, and replied a simple "nevermind." She hurriedly grabbed her things, and made her way towards the exit. She passed the bodyguards trying to hold down Mrs. Petrikov, and decided to go back on her promise. The guy was rude, so why not?

"He's right there." Marceline pointed out, causing the woman to slowly turn around towards her prey. Isah looked like a deer caught in headlights. He raised his hand and put on a nervous grin,

"Hi Simone."

Not really wanting to see the drama that was about to go down, Marceline walked faster, not noticing the "cute bartender" waving a goodbye.

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