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A Naruto One-shot
Author: wubbzy
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But the shoe didn't fit


Cinderella danced the night away, smiles and giggles seeming transparent instead of her life back in her small little house with her step-mother and step-sisters. Then, it didn't matter at all, because that night was hers.

And she danced so elegantly with her handsome prince – and he seemed so in love with her, solely focused on her! Her dress flourished through the ballroom, every inch of the floor stepped on by Cinderella. She had a fairy god mother, and her innocence and benevolence paid off in the end, even after having to go back to her old life. Even with all odds against her, she still made it on time to try on that glass slipper.

That glass slipper fit Cinderella alone, and she lived happily ever after with her handsome prince. Of course that was because she was Cinderella, and Cinderella was a fairytale… she was supposed to live happily ever after. It was the typical fairy tale ending.

A fairy tale never had blood or carnage in the mix… she should have known then. There were no ninjas, there was no teammates, there was no true villains in the tale of Cinderella. She was a naïve girl at the time though, so she only thought her life as a fairy tale – what it could be. She wanted that happy ending where she got her prince charming, and it ended with a chaste kiss full of passion. She had even foolishly said "this fairy tale's real" at one point.

Her fairytale quickly changed into something else when her prince charming turned into the villain, and the insignificant common boy turned into her prince. She wasn't sure what her 'fairy tale' turned into, but it should have still ended happy.

It should have still been the same old ending for her.

It wasn't. Yet, deep inside, she knew her life wasn't a fairytale.

She still believed in them, though.

However, in this story, she wasn't Cinderella. The shoe fit someone else. Her timing was horrible, and she didn't get that happy ending she always wanted. Someone else got prince charming. Someone else got to show the prince her foot was the right size in the nick of time. She was just a common person now. She never got her happy ending…

She wasn't Cinderella, and this wasn't her tale.


A/N: A little depressing, I know, but I was just in a depressed mood. Especially after my stupid teenage drama at school, meaning I can totally relate right now. It sucks. I promise I'll post something fluffier and happier tomorrow. :) Reviews are certainly welcomed and appreciated! xD Thanks!