Phoenix Wright moves into Toontown and has many cases in his hands. Each one that challenges his skills of being a defence attorney.


Turnabout Rabbit Stew: Defendant: Roger Rabbit

Turnabout Checkard Flag: Defendant: Lightning McQueen

Turnabout Chemical-X: Defendant: Buttercup Utonium and Boomer Jojo

Turnabout Star Bits: Defendant: Bowser

The Ghoulish Turnabout: Defendant: Shaggy Rogers

Turnabout Ribbons: Defendant: Ash Ketchum

Turnabout Circuits: Defendant: Optimus Prime

Turnabout Patties : Defendant: Eugene Krabs

The Enchanted Turnabout: Defendant: Applejack

Turnabout Screams and Laughs: Defendant: Mike Wazowski

Turnabout Seasons: Defendant : Yang Xiao Long

Turnabout Detention: Defendant: Hoagie Gilligan

Turnabout Archeology : Defendant: Miles "Tails" Prower

The Solar Turnabout: Defendant: Serena Tsukino

Turnabout PiƱata: Defendant: Grandpapi Rivera A.K.A. Puma Loco

The Fabricated Turnabout: Defendant: Garry Roseville

Turnabout Mercs: Defendant: Travis F. DeGroot A.K.A. Demoman

The Painted in Turnabout: Defendant: Mickey Mouse

I would like some help on how I can make the cases interesting like some tough pieces to the puzzles. (R&R)