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Chapter 3 – Calling


"What's that voice? Hello?"

Come here, Mandie…

"No…who are you?"

We will not hurt you, child. Come to us. Follow our voices.

"No, I can't!"

You must. For the good of your people. Come now, child!


"Wait! My people…my kinpeople? The Cherokees? Please, wait!"

Now, child!

"Hey, wake up! What's wrong?"

Mandie shot upwards, gasping for breath. Her eyes were clouded, and her vision foggy. She closed them and clenched her trembling hands together. Body trembling violently, she opened her eyes, and although they stung for a few seconds, they soon cleared, and Mandie found herself in the face of Joe, Sallie, Dimar, her mother, and the rest of the carriage passengers looking at her worriedly.

Mandie ignored them and looked down at her hands.

What…was that? That voice…it's stronger now. I can feel it.

She bunched her fists against her legs, her calico dress wrinkling. She could hear her mother and Joe's voices, but she ignored them, focusing on clearing her mind of what she had just experienced.

A hand gently grabbed her shoulder and shook it.

Mandie cried out and went to swipe it away when she looked up to find Joe staring at her, worry and confusion mixed in his brown eyes. He grabbed her hand in his and scooted Dimar away. He leaned close, trying to read her expression.

"Mandie," he whispered, "what is it?"

She shook her head.

Joe wondered if she was in shock (of what, he didn't know).

"Are you all right? Sick? Do we need to stop and rest? You look exhausted, Mandie." He lowered his voice so that it could only reach her ears. "Is it the nightmares?"

Mandie knew she had to be strong, to keep everyone from worrying about her, when they should be focused on helping the Cherokees. Still…she had to tell someone.

"Yes," she finally said, her voice barely a whisper on the wind.

Joe sat back, startled. How did nightmares scare her that much? Mandie was tougher than that.

Mandie's head fell to the side and rested on Joe's shoulder, and although her eyes were closed, she wouldn't sleep. She couldn't.

And if she did, she would have to relive that nightmare all over again.

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