Amy couldn't believe her eyes. She stood in the doorway to the kitchen and surveyed the disaster area in front of her. The Doctor popped up from behind the kitchen table and walked up to Amy, who looked to be in a state of shock and disbelief.

"Amy, welcome back. Did you enjoy your time with Rory?" the Doctor asked as he tried to get a blob of batter out of his hair.

"It was fine. More importantly, what happened here?"

The doctor grinned sheepishly and said,"I was trying to make you a 'welcome back to the TARDIS' cake."

Amy raised an eyebrow."And you somehow managed to make it explode?"

The Doctor held up the sonic screwdriver, then said," I had it on the wrong setting." Amy tried to hold in a laugh as a very messy, unhappy cat stalked into her line of vision.

"Oh you poor thing! Did the mean old Doctor get you all dirty?" Amy asked as she bent down to Ginger's level.

"For your information, she followed me in here and sat near my feet. It's not like I used Ginger as a feline shield."Silence settled over the room as Amy took in the sight of the kitchen again.

"I'll make you a deal; I'll clean up the kitchen,"the Doctor's face lit up, only to fall when she said,"if you give the cat a bath."

He looked at Ginger and sighed, then stepped so that he could pick her up.

"We have a deal," the Doctor said as he held Ginger in his arms. He then headed for the door, but stopped and said,"You might want to get a ladder. I may have gotten some cake on the light fixture above the island.

Amy smirked and shook her head before she said,"I don't know what you would do without me, Doctor."

The Doctor looked uneasy at that thought."I don't want to think about it, to be honest."

He walked out into the corridor, leaving Amy to formulate a plan of attack for the kitchen and him to brace himself for the ordeal of cleaning Ginger.