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The idea just popped into my head that the french school Maura went to was Beaubaxtons, but I didn't know how to write a story for it until I thought about Maura going to Hogwarts for the Tri-Wizard Tournament. It's short, but it was meant to be. I have no plans to continue, though I may do another one-shot sequel were Maura reminisces to Jane, don't know yet.


Harry James Potter was nervous as he waited in the entrance hall for his date to the Yule Ball. He genuinely liked the girl he had asked, and didn't want to mess up, or step on her toes.

He had met Maura Isles shortly after the Beaubaxtons contingent of students had arrived, as he sat by the lake, trying not to get involved in Ron and Hermione's latest argument. She had been trying to find a spot to read were she wouldn't be bothered by her classmates. She found him.

They had started talking, and he found out that she was actually an American, adopted, and grew up around Boston. In the month before the goblet of fire chose the champions, they had met several times, and had become friends, despite the fact that she was three years older than him. And when his name came out of the goblet, she had been one of the few who believed him when he said he didn't enter his name into the tournament.

Being a Beaubaxtons student, this had surprised him as he thought she would be mad that Hogwarts had an unfair advantage in the tournament. But she had revealed that she didn't have many friends, in fact many of her class-mates called her Maura-the-Bora.

When he had asked her the Yule Ball, shortly after McGonagall explained he needed a date, he was sure she'd say no. She was older than him, and very beautiful, but she had surprised him by saying yes.

And now as he waited for her, he was incredibly nervous. But as she entered the entrance hall his nervousness disappeared. The blond haired Beaubaxtons student was stunning. Her black dress, accentuated her stunning body, as her styled blond hair and make-up brought out even more beauty in her face.

And as Harry approached her, he determined that he was the luckiest guy at the ball.


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