So here it is. the prequel that i don't have fully written yet. Just so you all take not, this takes place before the Ghost Hunt storyline. Enjoy~

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A tall-ish man stood at the door, bowing. "Please help Koemi-chan control her power." He barked, blond with blue eyes.

Fifteen year old Eugene Davis stared at him with surprise.

The man straightened. "Koemi is an exorcist, you see, but she can't control herself…" He tried to explain. "She's really, really good at exorcisms, but sometimes when she's really angry things fly around."

"PK-ST?" Eugene asked, tilting his head.

The sound of footsteps running on pavement echoed through the chilly British air. "Kazumi!" A girl with light brown hair appeared, her ice blue eyes panicked. "What happened?"

"Watch," Kazumi mouthed to Eugene. "Nothing," he stared at her blankly.

The girl panted, skidding to a stop in front of him. "What do you mean?" She asked, narrowing her eyes.

"Nothing happened. It was a false alarm. No problem." He shrugged carelessly. "Sorry, Koemi. Forgot to call you to tell you that."

Koemi clenched her hands into fists. "I just ran halfway across Britain…" she hissed in Japanese, taking no notice of Eugene. "And you…you…" She shook. "KAZUMI YOU IDIOT!" She roared, smacking him over the head.

The trees around them began to shake, and the book in Eugene's hand jumped free to float carelessly around the girl.

Seething, Koemi stomped away. "I HATE YOU!" she shouted.

"She's lively." Kazumi explained brightly. "I'll be sure to return that book!"

Eugene stared after her with wide eyes. "Yeah." He agreed.

Koemi sat on the ground, meditating in the middle of the room. Eugene stared at her quizzically, wondering why she was seated in the center of the meeting.

"Miss Walker…" The man who had hired the bunch said. "You're taking up a lot of space."

She opened her eyes and looked up at him. "You hired a rogue priestess, after all." She stood, rolling her neck.

"I understand…" he said shyly.

She scoffed, turning to examine the other people he had hired. "Quite pricey for something you know nothing about, don't you think?"

Gathered around were a psychic, a medium, and a paranormal investigator. She recognized the medium to be the teen that Kazumi had been conversing with. "Miss Walker…" the man began.

"Mr. Edmundton." She cut him off. "You're wife recently passed away, correct?"

He nodded. "Y-Yes, that's true."

Koemi straightened the collar of her shirt. "And it's true that you've been suffering a lot of stress."

"Well…" he fumbled with his shirt. "Yes."

"The woman you've been seeing is the late Mrs. Edmundton." She affirmed.

"Yes," sweat dripped down his face. "What are you getting at, Miss—."

"Mr. Medium," Koemi turned to Eugene. "You don't feel any presence, do you?"

He shook his head, also curious as to what the vibrant fifteen year old was getting at.

"And thus I conclude that it's a Crisis Apparition. More specifically a Fetch." She crossed her arms. "It's a poltergeist that you're mind has conjured up to scare you. I assure you that your wife has moved on. I can sense it."

Eugene nodded. "That makes sense, actually." He said. "I'll come back with my younger brother and resolve this problem." He promised the skittish man. "Miss Walker, would you care to join me?"

"If I say no, would it be rude?" She asked, following him out the door.

"If it were an honest no, I suppose it would be quite alright." Eugene smiled. "I'm Eugene Davis, by the way." He held out his hand.

She took it and gave it a hearty shake. "Koemi Walker," she smiled back. It lit up her face, he noticed.

"So you're a priestess?" He asked, leading her through London.

"Yep," she joined her hands behind her back. "I was the high priestess of my coven, back when I was twelve. A little prodigy," a cheesy grin spread across her face.

Eugene smiled. "You're pretty good, then."

"Not to brag or anything," she shrugged. "But I'm pretty damn awesome."

Eugene laughed. "I can't help but notice your accent," he said. "Japanese? Did you move recently?"

"When I was eight," she explained. "I lived here until I was twelve. When I quit my coven, I went back to Japan for three years. So, here I am now." She pushed her fists into her jacket pockets.

"Your brother wanted me to help you with your PK-ST, you know." He informed her. "Kazumi."

"I bet he did," she scowled. "I can deal with my problems just fine."

"If you don't mind, I'd like to test your strength a bit." Eugene said sheepishly, scratching his head. "You seem like you have a lot of potential."

She considered it while they walked in silence.

"Oh," Eugene said suddenly. "Naru!" he called.

A teen sitting on a bench turned his head, his eyes bored. Eugene and Naru were identical, save for the friendlier personality Eugene had.

Eugene led her to him, smiling. "This is my brother, Naru." He said. Naru stared at her. Her icy blue eyes glittered with hostility, and her light brown hair cascaded in curs that were tied behind her head in a rubber band.

"Yo." She said, her accent somewhere between Japanese and English.

"Naru, this is Koemi. She just moved to England from Japan." Gene finished.

"How did you meet?" Oliver asked, unconcerned.

"Her brother wants us to help her." Gene replied kindly. "And I think she has potential."

"He's just a stupid oaf…" She muttered in Japanese.

Naru turned his uninterested gaze back to her. "We speak Japanese too."

"Well congratulations," she growled darkly.

"You're already fighting…" Eugene shook his head. "I knew this would happen."

Koemi puffed up and spun away from Oliver. "Whatever. I have…" her eyes locked onto something across the park. "…A serious problem. God damn it!"

Eugene and Oliver followed her eyes to see a woman on the other side of the park. She was an exact replica of Koemi, even wearing the same jeans and striped brown and green sweater.

Koemi turned to look at Eugene. "Why does this only happen to me?" She demanded.

"What do you mean?" Eugene asked, his brow furrowing.

"Something has it in for me." She said. "That's a doppelganger. It's obvious." She ran her fingers through her hair. "This is the third time I've seen her, too. I don't get it. If I'm supposed to be dead, why am I not dead?"

Oliver stood, stretching. "Perhaps you should go ask her, if you're so concerned."

Koemi glared at him. "Until you're looking imminent death in the face, shut it."

"You're obviously just looking your long lost twin in the face, if you're not dead yet." He scoffed, putting his hands on his hips.

"Yeah? If you're not careful you're going to be Eugene's long lost twin." She snapped. "How he puts up with you…"

"You're being way too dramatic." Oliver said. "Typical female."

Koemi bristled. "Killllllll," she hissed, wiggling her fingers at him.

"Now you're just being ridiculous." He closed his eyes triumphantly.

Eugene sighed heavily.

"You're pissing Eugene off now, you ugly poof!" she smacked Oliver over the head. "You may be twins but Gene is far more attractive!"

Eugene resisted a smirk. Most girls swooned over Oliver's attitude, but Koemi was definitely not most girls. A tiny trace of amusement lit up his face. Koemi might prove to be quite a challenge for Oliver's patience.