Psych in:

Fake Psychic vs. Psycho Stalker

Santa Barbra 1989

Shawn and Gus ran into Shawn's house gasping for air. Shawn quickly slammed the door shut and locked it. Shawn and Gus let out a sigh as they walked into the living room

"What's wrong you two?" Henry Spencer, Shawn's dad, asked as the two boys looked irritated

"The same thing as every day" Shawn said slightly angry as Gus nodded and

"You mean that one girl… uh" Henry started forgetting the name

"Kaity? And yes" Shawn said looking to the ground

"Is she still stalking you?" Henry asked and Shawn nodded

"She follows me everywhere" Shawn said and Gus nodded

"It's true Mr. Spencer. We can't even go to the park on the other side of town without seeing her there" Gus said and Henry sighed sitting up in the chair he was sitting in

"Alright guys, it's obvious this girl has a crush on Shawn, it's a normal act for a young teenage girl to be around the one they like" Henry explained

"Gus said that at first" Shawn said

"But that was before…" Gus said shivering slightly and this caught Henry's attention

"Before what?"

"Before she called him over to her house and told me that she had an area of her room that had pictures of me and some of my hair. Seriously how did she get it?" Shawn asked and his dad sighed

"I need actual proof" he said like a police officer and Shawn pointed to Gus

"He has a picture" Shawn said and Gus took out a picture from his backpack and handed over to Shawn's dad, who studied it

"Hmm… there might be something going on" Henry said

"She's psychotic. Gus was lucky to get out of her house alive" Shawn said almost dramatically and Henry looked to him

"Ok Shawn, now you're overreacting" Henry said

"No he isn't sir" Gus started, "When I was over there she told me that she wasn't letting me out alive unless I could get Shawn to agree to be her boyfriend" Gus said and shivered

"It was a good thing I told her I would go ask him and she let me go" Gus said and Henry sighed

"Ok, since you two seem to think and believe this girl is crazy enough, I'll get you two a restraining order against her" he said and Shawn looked to him shocked

"Really? You can?"

"Don't underestimate a police officer's power Shawn" Henry said placing a hand on his son's shoulder

Santa Barbra Present

In a dark alley, a man was running from frantically away from something. He tripped over a trashcan. He looked back to see nothing. He sighed and got up to notice he had injured his leg when tripping. He limped quickly out of the alley knowing the thing he was running from wouldn't ever stop. He ran, limped, over to where his car was parked near the beach, but was stopped by someone scaring the hell out of him

"What are you doing here?" the man asked as he was being forced to go into the middle of the sandy substance of the beach.

"You know exactly why I am here" the chaser said and the man looked nervous as he remembered something

"… He was right all along" the guy mumbled before the person came at him with one intention, to kill…


"Hey Gus is that Pineapple smoothie ready yet?" Shawn asked from his desk at the Psych Office.

"Here Shawn" Gus said slamming the drink down on the desk

"This is the last time I'm ever making a smoothie for you when you can get off your lazy ass and make it yourself" Gus said angrily and Shawn grinned and picked up the smoothie

"Thanks buddy" he said putting the straw into his mouth and Gus gave him the 'I can't believe you' look and Shawn looked to him

"What? You lost the bet" Shawn said starting to drink the smoothie and when Gus was about to come up with a comeback someone can into the office

"Hello, welcome to Psych, what do you come here for?" Gus asked professionally as Shawn was in content slurping his smoothie

"You don't recognize me?" The lady asked smiling at the confused looks she got from Shawn and Gus, "I'm Kaity Kristo" she said causing Shawn to spit out the smoothie and stared at her with fear

"Uh… I have somewhere I have to be" Shawn said getting up and almost ran out of the office and screamed. Shawn ran to his bike and raced over to his father's house

"DAD!" Shawn yelled as he burst into the house and into the living room

"Shawn, is it so hard for you to knock?" his father asked irritated at his son and put down the newspaper he was reading

"Actually yes, it's faster to barge in unannounced. But that doesn't matter right now" Shawn said

"What is it?" Henry asked as he saw his son was troubled by something

"Kaity's back!" Shawn said and Henry was confused

"Who…? Oh that girl who stalked you when you were younger?"

"Yes, I don't get it" Shawn said pacing slightly, "I thought you gave me and Gus a restraining order against her" Shawn said

"That is true, but I dropped yours when you got arrested" Henry said causing Shawn to freeze in mid-step of his pacing

"You WHAT!" Shawn almost yelled putting his hands on the side of his head dramatically and Henry let out an irritated sigh

"Calm down Shawn, she moved away right? The time you had it would've been enough"

"Not if she came back" Shawn mumbled in slight fear looking down

"Shawn you're still afraid of her?"

"Oh no dad, I'm not afraid at all. Why would I be afraid when a psycho stalker is near me?"" Shawn asked heavy sarcasm lacing his words and his father sighed

"Shawn that's enough… It's been around 25 years since then right, she could've changed" Henry said

"Like how?" Shawn provoked

"I don't know Shawn, maybe because she's been away from you for so long, she got over her obsession over you and fell in love with someone, or something"

"Or something sounds more like it" Shawn mumbled

"That's enough Shawn" Henry said getting annoyed and angry with Shawn's attitude, "everybody changes, you're the perfect example" he said pointing to his son

"Like how?" Shawn asked in curiousness

"Other than your same goofball antics, there are plenty of examples" Henry said and Shawn huffed

"Name one" Shawn said as if he knew Henry wouldn't be able to tell him one time he proved he had changed.

"You gave up your womanizing ways and fell in love with Juliet" Henry said and Shawn looked to the side for a second before sighing and turning to his dad

"You're probably right" Shawn said almost in the embarrassed tone

"I know I'm right, now go back and apologize to that girl since you most likely ran over here the second she contacted you" Henry said and Shawn nodded going to the door

"Oh and Shawn" Henry said waiting for his some to look back at him, "This is the first time you held down a job for more than six months"

"Psychic Detective, best job ever~" Shawn sang before leaving his now annoyed dad's house.


In between the lines there's a lot of obscurity
I'm not inclined to resign to maturity
If it's all right, then you're all wrong
Why bounce around to the same damn song
You'd rather run when you can't crawl

I know you know that I'm not telling the truth
I know you know they just don't have any proof
Embrace the deception, learn how to bend
Your worst inhibitions tend to psych you out in the end

I know, you know
I know, you know

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