Chapter 9

With Lassiter, Juliet and Henry

Lassiter was driving towards Gus's apartment when Henry looked out of his window and had wide eyes

"Detective, stop the car" Henry said and Lassiter knew he didn't want to go against Henry and stopped the car. Lassiter turned around to ask why he had to stop when Henry got out. Lassiter and Juliet looked at each other before getting out

"Why did you make me stop?" Lassiter asked and Henry ignored him. Instead, Henry walked over to the side where he saw his son's bike was crashed at a pole. Lassiter and Juliet walked over to Henry and saw what he saw

"Is that Shawn's bike?" Juliet asked and Henry nodded

"By the looks of it, he tried to turn on this street and lost control and crashed into this pole" Lassiter said and Henry froze. Before Henry could say anything, Lassiter took his police badge out and held it up to the people who were close to the pole and bike

"Detective Lassiter of the SBPD, can anyone tell me what happened here?" Lassiter asked in his famous hard police tone and one man walked up to him

"Uhm… some guy was pushing his bike around 100 miles per hour and lost control when turning and crashed into the pole" he said and someone else stepped in

"He was thrown from his bike before the crash. I helped him up to notice he had no helmet and his hands were handcuffed together" he said and Henry walked to him

"Was he ok?" Henry asked almost too fast; he was extremely worried about his son.

"I don't know… he ran off the second I asked him" the man said and sighed, "did he escape the police and wanted to get out of town?"

Henry was angry and was tempted to ask, 'why does everyone think my son is that stupid?' but he settled for 'that is strictly police matter'. Henry walked to the car and got in

"Lassiter, call McNabb to come and pick Shawn's bike up" Juliet said before she too got in the car. Lassiter called McNabb and told him to pick the bike up and got into the car. He drove off towards Gus's apartment.

"Hey at least he's ok, I mean he continued to go to Guster's apartment" Lassiter said to Henry's uneasiness

"You can't tell that" Henry said sighing, "even if he broke his leg, it wouldn't have stopped him from getting to his best friend" Henry finished and Lassiter knew it was true. Shawn might be very annoying, but he was loyal to his friends.

With Shawn, after a fearful 3 minutes of him running as fast as he forced his body to go, Shawn finally got to the apartment. Running up the flight of stairs to Gus's apartment, Shawn noticed the door was opened. Having a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach, Shawn walked into the apartment. Shawn bit his lip to force himself into the kitchen and heard commotion in the backroom. Shawn grabbed a knife on the counter and began walking to the backroom. The sight made his blood boil; his best friend was getting his wrists tied and had a rope around his neck

"You psycho deranged lunatic, get the hell away from Gus!" Shawn yelled and Gus and Kaity looked to him, Kaity with an unimpressed look as Gus with happiness but confusion to why Shawn was in handcuffs. Kaity's expression changed to happiness

"Oh but Shawn, I'm getting rid of him so we could be together like we always wanted" she said like the two equally wanted to be together but sacrificed must be made.

"Really? Is this proof enough that I don't ever want a fucking psycho like you?" Shawn said incredulously and at the same time pointed to the handcuffs around his wrists, "I told you even if you told the police I wasn't psychic and have me arrested, like you just did earlier, I would never be with you" Shawn said and Gus looked shocked

"She told?"

"Yes" Shawn said in a sigh, "But I had to escape. I figured it all out. Kaity, you killed John Kito and Errika Lyzer because they protected me from you in middle school" Shawn said and Gus had wide eyes

"So it was true" Gus said and Shawn nodded and continued

"You also killed John Kito's wife once she remembered the names so she wouldn't be able to out you as the killer. You've been following me around so of course you would've known she knew the names. And Gus… he protected me from you countless times. So he was on your list. He hung around me all the time so you know I would refuse your blackmail and got me arrested so we could be apart and you could kill him like the rest" Shawn said and Kaity clapped with a smirk

"…Wow Shawn, I have to give you credit. I think you really are Psychic" she said looking down at her own knife, "but since I can't have you, nobody can" she said charging at him with the knife. Shawn quickly blocked the knife with his own knife and Kaity pushed him to the wall

"Gus… you go get Lassiter and Juliet. They should be here soon" Shawn said and Gus quickly escaped the rope and ran out of the room to get the detectives

3 minutes passed of the constant struggle to block the knife. Shawn was slowly losing energy and Kaity smirked

"I'm stronger than before, aren't I Shawn?" Kaity said and Shawn growled

"Shut up" Shawn said and heard a faint sound of the front door opening and very quiet footsteps, "Admit everything" Shawn said and Kaity smirked

"Fine, if it'll make you happy. I killed John Kito, his wife, and Errika Lyzer but failed at killing Gus and you for now" she said

"Thanks" Shawn said grinning confusing Kaity

"What?" she asked and the door opened

"Freeze!" Lassiter yelled aiming his gun at her and she growled at Shawn

"You tricked me!" she yelled and Shawn smiled

"Usually my specialty" Shawn said and Kaity got up still holding the weapon

"Put the weapon down now!" Lassiter said and she slowly dropped the weapon, "you are under—" Lassiter started but he realized his handcuffs were missing

"Lassie" Shawn said holding his wrists up and Lassiter sighed

"O'Hara" Lassiter said and she walked to him, "Arrest her for the murders of Kito, Kito's wife and Lyzer and the attempted murders of Spencer and Guster" he said and she nodded going to her and started handcuffing her

"…Where is Guster?" Lassiter asked as he was taking the handcuffs off of Shawn and Shawn looked confused

"What do you mean? He left the apartment at least 5 minutes ago. He would've ran into you" Shawn said and Juliet shook her head

"Shawn we didn't see him" Juliet said and a shrill laughing filled the room, shrill and creepy. Everyone looked to Kaity as she looked to Shawn

"Do you think this is over Shawn?"

Shawn looked shocked as she stared at him with an evil smirk and Lassiter growled

"Shut up! O'Hara get her out of here!" Lassiter said but was cut off by Shawn putting an arm to his chest

"What do you mean?" Shawn asked and she sighed and smiled

"It's not over, I'll escape"

Shawn didn't take it, if this was about her escaping then why would she laugh when he asked where Gus was?

'What do you mean you can't find him?'

That memory popped into Shawn's mind and Shawn thought of how did she know where John Kito, his wife and Errika Lyzer were if she was stalking him?

"There was another person" Shawn said still thinking and confused Lassiter

"What?" Lassiter asked and Shawn had wide eyes

"There was another person!" Shawn almost yelled running out of the room yelling Gus's name. Lassiter was about to run after him when he looked to Juliet

"Put her in the back of the car" Lassiter said

"Right" she said as they both were leaving with the prime suspect of the murders

Shawn ran outside and looked around for Gus

"Gus!" Shawn yelled looking around to spot anything that wasn't ordinary. His eyes stopped at the Blueberry. The driver's door was fully opened. This was so unlike Gus, even if he was being kidnapped, since he always set the alarm even if the two were in the car. He wouldn't even leave the door to his 'precious company car' open. Shawn didn't take any time and ran to the car and saw the car keys located on the driver's seat; another thing Gus wouldn't do as he would have a death grip on the keys and let go for nothing. Shawn looked closer to the keys and saw there was a piece of paper underneath them. Shawn took the note and didn't see that the detectives and his dad were walking to him. Shawn threw the note down and got in the car. The second he shut the door, he turned the car on and zoomed out of the apartment's parking lot.

The detectives saw this and wondered what had happened when a piece of paper was flying from the car dust trail and attacked Lassiter in the face. Lassiter pulled it off and glared at the paper as it was in fault for all his life problems. Before Lassiter could rip it, Juliet took it and started reading it to her partner and her boyfriend's dad

'Shawn, I have your best friend. Come to Camp Tikihama alone or he dies'