Last time was kind of brutal, especially when it comes to a life of a teenager and trying to blend in better. It's been two years since I got my powers and it'll be the third year soon. I can't believe it'll be happening in a couple of months and to be quite the truth, it hasn't gotten any easier at all.

"Danny! Hurry up! You're going to be late for school!" Mom shouted from downstairs.

I sighed and moaned to the fact I never told my parents about my secret. How can I? Right now, Jazz is at college and I'm on my own now. It's been a month without her, but that wouldn't change much, would it? I still need her somewhere down the line, but she got college to focus.

"I'm coming mom! I'm getting my sneakers on!" I hopped on one foot to get the second sneaker on me and almost fell.

Thankfully, I had my ghost powers to prevent my fall and I immediately grabbed my backpack. When rushing out of the room, grabbing a pop tart, and raced out of the door. If it wasn't for mom, I wouldn't be on time for school at all. Of course, she may think I'd race to school on foot, but being Phantom has a better advantage. I altered to Phantom and flew straight to school without a worried.

"Man, I really need to get a better watch!" I knew fighting ghosts came with consequences, but it does affect my sleep personally.

I learned a trick to keep myself up, but it's not like it's that bad. I saw the school just ahead and seeing how everyone so relaxed. My flying slowed down and hid behind the tree. I altered to Fenton and started to walk on the sidewalk. I sighed and calmed down to my usual self. What I need to do is that quit fighting ghost by midnight and go straight to bed. It's nearly impossible to focus on time when the ghosts are out of nowhere! I need to close it for the day or something. Yeah, maybe. Only if I could convince mom and dad to close it or something. Yeah, Fenton, a good excuse to convince them otherwise. I shrugged and headed over to my friends.

"Hey Sam, Tucker!" I gleefully waved and high fived Tucker.

Sam held up her books, "Hey Danny." She smiled, "How's last night patrol go?"

"Danny! Yo, dude, what's up?" Tucker bought out his PDA already.

I shrugged, "Last night, took a while to gather some of the ghosts. They really know how to put up a fight and I hardly got any sleep."

Sam looked disappointed, "You should have called us, Danny. We would have helped you out last night."

Tucker agreed, "Yeah, man! You know we'll always be there for you."

I grinned, "Thanks, guys, but I'm fine. If I were in any danger, I would have called you fast. It wasn't that serious, they were just tricky to get a hold of."

Sam and Tucker couldn't argue to my choice much, but hey, I have been a hero for so long. I knew how things worked out for me. No one knows my secret, but I rather keep it that way.

"So, any test today or quizzes?" I needed to know ahead of time and study quick.

Tucker smirked, "Yes, English and you know how much Mr. Lancer hates it when you fail his test. You need the usual review?"

My eyes rolled, "No, I mesmerized it all in my head." I said sarcastically.

Tucker had his PDA set to go, "Then, you have ten minutes to read it."

I chuckled and read it five times in his PDA about one of the book we're supposed to be reading. It's written by Shakespeare and talking about Macbeth, it's rather interesting to see the moron who kills so many people to gain control of the world. He kind of reminded me of Vlad, but one thing for sure. Vlad knows he is a fruitloop, Macbeth has never told that he was one, and that's where the insanity gotten up to him. I handed Tucker's PDA back to him and felt ready more than ever.

"I think I'm good now, thanks, Tucker." Somehow, I'm glad they're at my side, "At least it's first period for English and I'm ready to deal with it."

Sam smiled a bit, "I still never understand how your brain works, Danny. I worried about you."

I shrugged, "Maybe that's my world, Sam. Now, let's go before Mr. Lancer decides on giving a detention for being one second late."

They agreed and we headed straight to class. Hopefully, there wouldn't be any attack with the ghosts for a while and Mr. Lancer looked happy to see my arrival before the bell. If that makes him happy, I ought to work harder somehow. We sat in our usual spot, never a part from each other, and prepared for the test.

Class finally began and Mr. Lancer gave us the entire class the test. Normally, I would be panicking on how the heck I'd pass this test, but with Tucker's newer method. It's been easier to deal with test, especially last minutes studying. Sam would let me copy her homework and I'd be fast to work on. If it's essays, she would have a complete set in my own writing, and I would read them before even handing them in. My friends are so amazing, I couldn't ask for a better friendship with them, and they're too damn important to me. They're worth this much to me and I wouldn't trade them for anyone else in the world.

I was able to keep up better with school, passed it on my own term, and not worrying about anything for my junior year of high school. Mr. Lancer collected the test at the last minute and everyone was free to leave his classroom. Tucker had to head to technologies class, Sam went off to her writing course, and I'm off to my locker to get my books and binders for the rest of the class. Thankfully for the backpack to come in handy for some of the things. I tried to keep room for the Fenton Thermos everywhere I go, but it's hard to leave this thing behind. When I opened my locker, a note slipped out and I blinked.

"Huh? What's this?" I picked it up a small note and read it.

Red is for the rose

Blue is for your eyes

Your screaming is my music

I cannot get you out of my mind

Please do not escape from me

I love you this much

To tell you all

My love

Somehow, I wanted to cringe to the fact it's a love note. Somehow, I felt so awkward about it. Then, there's a vibrating off in my phone and I grabbed it out of my pocket to find out who's calling me.

It's a text message and the numbers were unfamiliar. I opened it and read it.

'Hello, my love.' That's all it said.

I blinked…who the hell is texting me? I started to text back before my time ran out, but luckily for me, I had study hall. They could hardly care for me being there at all. I use this time to relax.

'Who is this? How did you get my number?' I sent it back.

I waited while gathering some stuff, but this was too awkward. I put the note into my backpack to avoid any weird moments with my friends. The text vibration went off and I checked it again.

'Ur friend gave me ur phone #. I'd like 2 ask u out, meet me Marlio restaurant 2nite 7. I made our reservation there.' The secret admirer responded this.

I felt hotter on my cheeks, but that was unusual to see. Is this girl so serious about me? I hung up my phone and put it away. My head shook…great, now I'm stuck with a date? Whoever this girl was, I'm so going to ask her how she got it through my friends. Only a few people can get a hold of me and they are Sam, Tucker, Jazz, Valerie, Kwan, and Star. If it was Paulina, I'd easily tell her writing or texting style. This wasn't her and it had be someone serious about me. Sure, I've grown a lot and became more…attracted to girls, I guess. I blame my superhero side.

I pushed those thoughts away and headed to study hall. I put myself through some of the homework, studying, and made sure I knew what I was talking about. I had myself buried under my books and getting things out of the way. Then, I ended up leaving myself ten minutes of myself in study hall. I glanced up and saw the teacher reading their book. He hardly looked up to check on everyone and decided to check up on my phone. I reread a few times about the date.

Why the heck this girl going out of her way? That restaurant is very expensive, there's no way I could be able to afford it, and it's a lovely one. I heard that place has a balance of fine things and elegant. So, to my luck…I would have to wear a suit tonight if I'm going.

Should I even go? I don't see any harm in this one, but what about my ghost fighting? Then, the note. I thought about it for a while, but one line caught my attention. My screaming is her music? I never understood that part and it's so unexpected. Wait…escape? Could it be a trap? Was Vlad up to something? Somehow, I was worried and not so sure if dragging my friends would be a good idea. I shoved the phone back into my pocket and took a small nap for the last nine minutes.

Is it really a secret admirer? Or is it a trap? The note made it too obvious, but the phone is where the line came across. How did Vlad get my number? Mom and dad don't have a clue what is my number and they would have to ask Jazz directly to contact me. So, could it be that this girl so serious about me? I guess he might have found a way to my number, but why would he pull this phony act on me? What's his plans?


My eyes snapped opened and headed to my next class. I wasn't sure how to handle the rest of the day, but one thing for sure. I needed a mission to express myself somehow. Where's a ghost when you need one? I waited…waiting…

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

My entire day spent through being dragged by my brain and somehow, rarely any ghosts came today. Maybe after the last catching last night really put a deeper threat for the other ghosts. I guess I can ease up a bit, but the thoughts of Plasmius attacking me in this state of trick. My friends hardly noticed anything in my change of state in my mind, but I refused to let them know. All of my teachers were glad to see I'm even showing up and it was nice not to be threaten with detention this time.

Sam and Tucker started to join me after school was finally over.

"Anything new, guys?"

Sam shook her head, "Nope, everything was normal."

Tucker shrugged, "No, not really."

We all got quiet about it, but it's something else.

"Normal, huh?" I chuckled.

Sam nodded, "Yeah…too normal. No ghosts at all today?"

Tucker agreed, "Yeah, waaayyy too normal for us."

I grinned, "I guess we really have a break finally."

They nodded, but some reasons…the date hide in my brain. I sighed and shook my head.

"Well, I'm going to go home and deal with chores. I think I can't afford being grounded right now."

Tucker waved, "Alright, dude. We'll see you later." He went off to his way on the way home.

Sam crossed her arms after Tucker disappeared, "Okay, something's up, Danny. Spill it."

Sam looked determined to get something out of me, but that's always been her. I never expected her to pick it up so fast and I can hardly act out around her.

"What, Sam? I'm just not comfortable to the fact there hasn't been a single ghost today." Maybe that'll work for me today.

Much to her disbelief, "Danny, something has been bothering you and something is on your mind. Don't you trust me?"

I huffed, "Sam, of course I do trust you. I got a lot on my mind and that, I haven't slept much last night."

Sam concerning really bugged me, "What do you have on your mind?"

"Uh, where's the ghosts? My grades, Jazz, and my sleeping habits? My last minutes getting to school? My parents and their inventions? Do you want me to go on?"

Sam sighed and let her guards down this time. She knows I can be stubborn about some things, but telling her about this 'date' may seem weird. Heck, I had no clue why she went ballistic with Valerie and all that dating we did. It's nothing much, but I couldn't let it go through my head. Sam really cares, but having her know about my dating and secret admirer may cross the line.

"Fine, but serious, your grades are fine. You have a B average, if you're wondering." Sam mentioned.

I blinked, "Wow…I did not even expect that grade!" I chuckled, "Better than Freshman year, that's for sure!"

Sam agreed, "Alright, then. If you say it's nothing, I'll you be."

I waved at Sam and started to head home. I flew there quickly and started to breathe in an amazing flying moment. The wind pushing my hair back, making me feel so cooled down, and the speed brightens everything up. I headed in home and took care of my chores quickly. Dad spotted me and he didn't bother to waste his time to the fact I was already on my chores. I can tell how much he hates doing chores, but mom always piled it all on him.

I started in the lab first, but no one dares to take that responsibility away from me. I knew that well because I deal with ghosts more than they do and I knew what to throw out and not to throw out. The ecto filler is taken care of by me only and I filled it up with my powers. It was more interesting to see how affective the ghost portal with my powers. It lasted longer for every three months instead of one month. Dad asked what did I do to change it, but I told him I rather keep it as a secret ingredient to my experiment.

Dad tried to spy on me and my little experiment, but he never caught me dealing with it. As much to my please, he will never know the secret. It's rather worth it than have the house exploded and I lose my family. My chores finally finished up in the lab and then, I headed upstairs to the living room for vacuuming, and man, running around made me laugh. Mom came into the room, looking at me strangely, and dad followed up with her.

"Danny? Why are you running and laughing around with the vacuum?"

I slowed down and turned off the vacuum, "I thought it would be nice to have fun, mom. I needed that."

"Why now, son?" Dad shifted his head towards mom.

I grinned, "I guess I wanted to make chores fun and quicker. That and I got plans tonight, so I figured getting them out of the way would be nice."

Mom shrugged, "Okay, honey, but be careful."

"I will, mom." Hell, I doubt I'd get hurt at my own home.

I started to put the vacuum away and headed upstairs. My homework was needed to focus on first and nailing them down. Somehow, it was getting easier to do things and lost in time. I glanced at my clock and see that I had about an hour left before that secret admirer date. Who is this girl? Or, maybe it's really a trap? I shook my head off and started to head for shower. Since this restaurant so expensive, I knew I had to dress well, and thankfully it's only Wednesday.

"Gosh, why am I so worked up over nothing? It's probably a simple date." And hoping this girl isn't insane, that is.

I finished with my shower, but something came to mind. My phone and I picked it up. I sighed and started to text back.

'One date, that's it. Got it?' I finally replied back.

I started to fix up my tie and put the special thermos inside my suit. Gee, am I this paranoid? Maybe leaving it behind would be better off, I took it out and set it down. Another vibrating went off and I picked it up to see what the message is this time.

'Yes, my love. U wont regret it.' And a few several hearts in the message.

My eyes rolled, I can't believe I'm even doing this for a girl who I had no clue about, and better be a good night to sleep in. I grabbed my key and put them in my pocket with the rest of the important stuff. The money, key, phone, and back up protection. I walked downstairs and mom stopped me in the suit. She came up and my mind was alerting me to hurry up.

"Awe, sweetie! Why didn't you say you're going out on a date?" Mom gushed up.

I blushed, "Mom! Seriously, it's more of going out to eat." I had to cover up some excuse.

Mom sighed, "Expensive restaurant, are you covered with your money, dear?"

I nodded, "Yeah, I got enough to cover up to thirty dollars." I shrugged.

Mom hugged me to death, "Awe, you're growing up so fast!"

My lungs were desperate of needing air, "MOM! NOT Breathing!"

Mom finally lets go and gasping for air like crazy. I waved and hurried out of the house before dad decides to have, 'the talk' with me about girls and junk. Seriously, I don't have time to think about that stuff like regular or normal people do. I started to fly off to the place in my Phantom. Once I got near, I hid behind an empty car and started to come up on the side walk like most people do. Heck, I think I'm glad to fly over driving or walking to places. Having powers are awesome.

I headed in and came up to the waiter who welcomes most people. I smiled and waited for my turn to be welcomed in.

"Good evening, sir. Your name?" Waiter asked and prepared to look down on the guest list.

I softly chuckled, "Danny."

He looked through, "Last name?"

"Fenton." I had no clue my last name would even be needed today.

He smiled, "Your date has arrived early and on time. Right this way, sir."

I nodded and thought that was impressive for a date to show up early. I like that following and the waiter led the way to a specific room. Wow, it's more private in this place and the music felt like a soft orchestra. It's so relaxing and the waiter finally stopped to this room. He gestured the room calmly and I thanked him. I entered in and saw a young man in front of the mirror. He was standing and fixing up his tie. Something was off…the hair? Then, the blood disappeared from my face, drowning away from me, and couldn't believe it.

Slowly, I tried to back out of the room before anything could get worse. Maybe the waiter took me to the wrong room or something.

"Where you think you're going, Fenton?" His voice led the way.

I paused to his words, "Uh, going to find the waiter. Sorry, I think he bought me to the wrong room-"

"No, he bought you to the right room." He interrupted.

I gulped…why did it have to be Dash? It would make sense, the way he wrote the note, and all. He has a crush on me? Oh, crap! I should have told my friends! Ugh, this is so not my day today.

"…you're the secret admirer?" I felt so confused here.

Dash smirked and came closer, "Come on, Fenton, I worked hard to get you here. One date is all I ask." He closes the door, "No one will ever know."

Great, I've got a date with Dash and he's the secret admirer. He gently offered his hand and I glanced down.

"Dash, I-I'm not exactly who you think I am." Maybe getting him upset and having the date over now would be nice.

Dash came much closer and my body hits the wall. He got me trapped between his arms and I had no idea what was going on. His smiling certainly looked different, he's…happier in a way, and can't fight against what I see.

"Listen up, Fenton. I like you and love you. I knew you wouldn't accept my proposal of asking you out for a date. I wrote that poem and saw you reading it. I knew you're mine and that Manson girl is never going to have you. I already got our entire dinner paid and made sure no one will interrupt us." He's determined on having me.

I felt so damn hot about this, what should I do? There's no way I was backing out and he got all planned out. I sighed and bowed my head down.

"Fine, Dash. But leave Sam out of this." I glared.

He smirked, "I don't think I have to worry about her much," He offered his hand again.

I groaned, "I never realized you're this into me." I finally accepted his hand.

He led the way to our table and let me sat down first. The table was small, but simple design. The wood was naturally dark brown and how smooth they were. I must say they were perfect for the room setting and Dash pushed in my chair. Then, he sat down and started to pour some cider into my cup and his next. Why did I even bothered come here at all? He was all dressed up nicely and more than I ever expected. I could tell his tie was unique touch and the color was bright like my eyes. His suit was simple, but very expensive. His hair was neatened out, but simple. I could tell he thought it all out.

"So, how do you like the place so far?" Dash started the conversation.

I bit my lip, "It's nice and expensive, but very private. I like it, I guess." I shrugged.

"Oh, too much?"

I shrugged, "I rarely dated, Dash. You just asked me on a day that I have nothing to do or worry about this time. You're lucky I pushed my extra work aside today." Oh, the irony how ghosts aren't around.

Where is one when you need a ghost to save the dating issue? At some times, I always wondered if dating boys would be a good thing and he had to answer this one. Weird, I never wanted it to happen until college. Well, time to experiment now why don't I?

"What do you normally do that keeps you busy, Fenton?" Wow…what a perfect gentleman to call me by.

I started to sip to think of something, "Er…well, I often help my dad and his ghost stuff. Dad really wants to catch Phantom and all…" I immediately took a sip to avoid the rest.

"Why does your dad want to catch him? Phantom is unstoppable and hardly anyone catches him."

I shrugged, "I don't know, alright? He wants to catch him and tear him apart molecule by molecule."

Dash cringe from hearing that part, "Uh, that's creepy and doesn't your dad knows that Phantom is actually a superhero here?"

I shook my head, "He hates all ghosts, he doesn't care what the ghosts have done."

"Oh, who's going to save us if Phantom gets shredded up to pieces?"

I blinked to even hear that part. It's not the fact that I hear it every day as if enough, but Dash did have a point.

"I guess it would be his little cousin, Danielle Phantom." I grabbed the menu to move off the subject.


"The little girl who has a similar design as Phantom. They're cousins, I guess. Look, I rather get off this subject and that's my dad's subject alone. Not mine, I don't really know much other than my parents' inventions." My eyes rolled behind the menu.

I noticed all the prices on here and trying to find something comfortable to eat. How the heck was I going to afford my part here? I set this menu down and looked completely confused.

"Uh, Dash…there's no way I can afford anything in thi-"

"It's already paid for, whatever you want is all on me."

I gushed up about that and picked up the menu. He chuckled at my reaction or whatever he saw.

"You're cute, don't you know?"

I muttered, "Tell me about it."

He pulled my menu down, "Look, I appreciated you're here, but I'd be happy if you're being yourself. I'm not going to hurt you, Fenton."

I was stunned to hear his words and how much he's willing to go out of his way for me. I sighed, wishing I could be myself, and that would be another stress to add on. I can feel his legs swirling around on mine and his hands reached out to mine. He held mine and meeting my eyes. He looked so calm, sweet, and happier about all of this. I bit my lips, but what will others think of my relationship with him? A bully fell in love with a freak? I have saved his life several times, maybe I owe him this much.

"I-I…" I couldn't find the right words to speak about this.

I gulped and looked down at our hands. He held mine so kindly and careful as if I was made of glass. It's confusing, but it's something else. My heart pounded so hard, I could almost hear it this loudly, and wondering if I am in the right places.

"Dash, I-I…"

He kissed me to shut me up. I blinked and couldn't believe it! Somehow, I felt like being melted into lips and he already had an open invitation. My cheeks felt hotter than ever and all I did was give it back. His hands held my face so carefully, but giving in made it seem like everything disappeared and I didn't know how to respond like this.

He broke the kiss and somehow, I felt so out of everything. So lightheaded and unaware of everything. My head started to swing a little and Dash adored his eyes on me. I blinked a few times to wake up again and can't seem to think straight about all of this.

"…th-that was good." I sheepishly smiled.

"I thought you might like that," He glanced over behind me and gestured someone to come over, "I'm ready to order."

I nodded and gathered the menu. I spotted something to order and told my order. Dash ordered his own and the waiter left us alone then.

"I want to know everything about you, Fenton, everything."

I swear, I must be blushing like crazy when he says those things, and scratching my hair for awkwardness.

"Well, I-I'm not sure where to start, Dash." I laughed awkwardly.

Dash smiled, "Tell me what you want to do in life, what career are you going after? What's your favorite class? How about your favorite dessert? Do you like…quarterback?" He was full of questions in his brain.

I remembered a couple of years ago, he would claim thinking is hard. Now, he hardly uses that excuse. Did someone make him come out to reality or was he doing this all for me?

"Uh…well, I guess I want to be an astronaut since I love the big mystery universe and all. My favorite class would have to be science. Um, favorite dessert, I guess anything with chocolate." I shrugged, "Uh…I hardly attend to the games, so I'm not sure…" Then, I realized why he asked that last ones, "You're going to make me go to the game and answer that myself, aren't you?"

Dash nodded, "Yeah, Fenton, I'm curious…because if you don't like quarterback, I'm going to play all of the roles out on the field."

I slapped my face with this situation and how mixed up feeling I'm going through at the moment. How the hell am I going to tell my friends and family about this? Let alone the fact my parents hardly know my Phantom secret? This is definitely doomful enough as it is!

My phone started to vibe off and I hurried up to answer it. I noticed who was calling and it was Tucker. I answered.

"Hey Tuck," I sighed, "What's up?"

"Dude! Where are you! Skulker found me and asking where you are! Seriously, did you not noticed your ghost scent or something at home?"

I moaned, "Tucker…use that thing to stop him." I muttered, "I'm kind of busy and promised someone to be here instead, alright? Can't you and Sam handle this one? It's not like he's going to anything…er, risky." Damn, it was hard to keep a secret and not give out.

"What? Are you on a date or something?"

"Tuck, just go deal with him." I hung up and put the phone away, "Sorry, that was kind of an emergency." I chuckled.

Dash took a sip in his drink and kept adoring me with those eyes. I bit my lip, wondering what to do, and somehow, he's all too curious.

"Why are you always with Foley and Manson?"

I blinked, "Um, because they're my best friends and we do everything together."

He sets his cup down, "…will you be my boyfriend?" He said so fast, I almost missed it.

Somehow, I wanted to choke on my cider drink when he asked me that.

"Can I get back to you after this is over?"

He nodded, "Yeah, I guess."

At least he's reasonable, but I never seen anyone that worked this hard to get me. Unlike him, others were so interested in Phantom and how much they would fall in love with. He didn't do all the weird stuff, he's interested in for who I am, and wanting to know more about me personally.

"I like to stare at the stars all night long, especially on the weekend or see the moon and how bright it shines." I smiled.

Dash blinked, "Really? Is that why you like to be an astronaut? Wait, don't you have to be like…an athletic or something?"

Oh, only if he knew, "Hehe, I have been training at home. I don't just show it at school much."

"What kind of training do you do?"

I blinked, "I guess I run around in the yard. Do some battling combat and pretty much carry some of my dad's junk back and forth to in the garage sometimes."

He shook his head, "What about sit up or push up?"

I shrugged, "I don't really go by gym way of exercise," Personally, fighting ghosts were always better.

Somehow, we spent our conversation about meeting up at my place and do some work out so I can get stronger and get better in gym. It's amazing to see how much he puts his attention on me and that he really cares. He doesn't get snappy at me or punching at me about anything that doesn't get in his way. Then, he started to ask me about more of the career stuff I was into and I told him how things are on each planet like their temperature, gravity, how much we would originally weight on other planets, and more. Dash became so fascinated by all of this space knowledge and I felt happier to talk to him about it.

The waiter came in while we were talking about the planets, but the food was special. They tasted so good, I couldn't help it but be myself more than ever, and forgetting my secret life. After going through each planet, Dash started to ask me where I plan on attending for my college life and I had to explain that I might hope to attend to any college. He said that I should really focus on the right college and he bought out his phone. He didn't care about the phone bill much and started to show me the good colleges I should at least look into. Man, he's good at thinking about it and somehow, I got the feeling he wants to attend to the same college I'd go to. I spotted the college that got all the best courses and field level I needed. Even Dash agreed to his interests and their football team.

The waiter came back when Dash pointed out about the football team and their history. It's amazing he knows so much about it. I guess I judged him wrongly, even if he bullied me cruelty. I couldn't stop thinking how sweet and caring he was. Dash is far a better man than I have seen in my life time. He ordered this particular dessert and told me he wanted to share it with me. I couldn't argue, but I really didn't want to leave. We had plenty of time before ten o'clock and there wasn't any rush.

About another ten minutes, the dessert finally arrives and I was shocked and drooling to such delicious looking meal. It was a chocolate cake, covered in chocolate frosting with chocolate fudge dripped on them, and inside them was some sort of chocolate chunks. It was huge, but definitely worth looking forward to have. The waiter sets it down and left us in peace. Dash picked up a fork and put a piece of a cake on it. He puts it closer to me, damn, he knows my favorite romantic for a dessert in this! I leaned in and took a bite of the chocolaty. The chocolate was so sweet, moist, and chewy. I loved it.

"Mm! Dash, I got to hand it to you. This is the best dessert I ever have!"

I picked up the fork and did the same for him. He was in love with the cake too and we kept feeding each other with the cake. It was so much fun and surprising to do this.

"I love you, Fenton." He confessed more, like an awesome music to my ear.

I blushed, "…I-I love you too, Dash…" I think we just became a couple now.

"Are we…officially together?" I could tell he's nervous.

I eyed down on the one piece left for Dash and I picked it up for him. Somehow, I knew I was blushing.

"Y-yeah." I held up his last piece.

Dash's happiness became thrilling and his lips made the cake look sexier than I ever imagined. Once the fork was out of his mouth, I set it down, and felt like watching him. Dash stood up and swallowed the last piece of the cake. He offered his hand and I held onto his. I followed his lead and he started to dance with me into a waltz. He was slow, but perfect for a romance. My body came closer to his' and rests my head on his shoulder.

It's like I never became Phantom, like everything disappeared from the entire world, and being his make it unique. My eyes closed up and let him handle me right. Not once has he spoken cruel words, not once has he hurt me, and not once with making me miserable. If he was my escape, then I was taken by him in a second. I don't know how I was able to click with him, but he figured it out himself better than I could. In a way, I was glad he sees it himself and saved us the trouble.

"I love you…" I whispered.

He held my head, "I love you too, Fenton…" He whispered.

I was in his arms, knowing how much we loved each other even if our history was different, and there's nothing to do about it. Our hands intertwined with our fingers, remembering how we felt to each other, and it felt so good. We danced slowly, but knowing the music still plays forever. His lips kissed my head a few times and it felt comforting.

He took me home, in his car, and I watched him drive. He was really careful, but he often checked on me when the road was completely clear. I kept my eyes out on the road for him just in case, but that didn't really bother me much. I knew I could save our lives by using my powers on this car. His car was simple, but I didn't care. He was driving me home and that's all it mattered. He parked in front of the house, but I really didn't want to get out. Dash took the key out of the ignition and leaned in by me. We started to kiss and remember how it felt like last time.

It was so cold, but filled with so much heat. The heat made my heart pounding like crazy, that it could go on for miles and miles, and the rest of the world can hear it. He pulled away and held my face for a minute.

"Sleep good, Fenton. I'll pick you up at seven-thirty for school." He was picking me up for school.

I blushed, "I will and you too. I'll try to be out, if not feel free to ring the doorbell and tell my mom or dad you're here for me."

He chuckled, "Can do, Fenton." He rubbed my hair, "Miss you."

"He, I'll miss you too." I started to head out of the car.

I waved at Dash and he waved back. I went up to the door and headed inside when Dash started to drive home. I turned around and mom and dad were watching some…movie. I blinked and they looked back at me with full of surprises.

"Oh, Danny, I didn't you'd be twenty minutes home early." Mom mentioned.

I blinked, "Oh, hehe, yeah, I guess it was going through pretty well." I smiled.

Dad cheered, "Looks like our son got a girlfriend now!"

I blushed and tried to hide it up already.

"I do not! I was just having fun…" I shrugged, "It was the best dinner and dessert I ever had!" Of course, I wasn't sure about telling them about Dash and he's my boyfriend now. "Anyway, I'm going to head to bed. I have school to deal with tomorrow anyway." I hugged them both good night.

Mom and dad hardly have a clue what happened, but then again. They should be used to it by now and I can't risk my secrets anyway. I headed up to bed and jumped into my pajamas. I snuggled up into my bed and felt so damn happy. No, in loved. Man, that was the best date I ever had and I can't wait for the next date! I was able to sleep in the entire night without a worried in a world and that felt nice for a change. Today was worth it, no more worrying about ghosts today, and I knew Tucker and Sam were capable of dealing with Skulker, especially with Tucker's PDA isn't much of a match for Skulker in any time of his afterlife.

… … …

Luckily for me, I slept in so well. I managed to wake up on time and hurried up before Dash could come and pick me up. I got all of my best clothes on, brushed my teeth, and hurried downstairs. Mom was quite surprised to see me up already, normally she would try to wake me up for twenty minutes, and now, she doesn't have to. I got someone to look forward seeing now and having breakfast was finally perfect timing.

"You're up early, honey." Mom looked very surprised.

I shrugged, "I just can't wait to see Dash as all, he's picking me up and giving me a ride to school." It's not like I was lying or something.

Mom grinned, "Ah, well, I'm glad you're finally making new friends, Danny."

Oh, boy, if only she knew. I chuckled and started to enjoy my breakfast for a change. I glanced up at the clock and realize I had five minutes. I hurried up and put the bowl and cereal box away. I put in a good mint and let it melt on my tongue. I grabbed my bag and watched out for my boyfriend's car. It's kind of hard to remember the specific color, but I knew it was close to blue. Hm, I wondered if he purposely picked that color.

About a couple of minutes, the car started to park in and honked. I knew it was him and I said my good bye to my parents. I hurried up to the car and stood in front of the door. I bowed down to see him and smiled.

"Hey Dash." I chuckled.

"Hey Fenton, get in."

I nodded and hopped in the car, "I missed you, you know?"

Dash's arm rested on my shoulders, "Me too, how's your sleep?"

I grinned, "I slept pretty well, I haven't slept that good in a long time."

He nodded, "I guess I'm your lucky charm for your sleeping, then."

Right, if that was the case, "I guess so. Rub it off on me for those sleeping habits I need," I grinned.

He leaned in and kissed me a few times before he was ready to drive us to school. He started to take us and then, I realized what others would think. I never even told my friends about this and all they're going to think is that Dash bullied me into this. Well, they can't take me away from him and they had no proof what he really did. I was the only one to prove otherwise.

We finally got to school and joined by my locker. He did that move I began to get awkward about it. He kept looking at me nonstop and I didn't mind much about it. I knew we had plenty of minutes and he made it seem like he's bullying me in this position. One arm against the wall, I'm leaning against the wall, and I was blushing furiously about it. I hardly looked at him knowing what he is up to.

"Hey! Get away from Danny, Dash!" Sam snapped.

I snapped out and couldn't believe she ruined our moment. Tucker didn't look happy about this and much as Sam does. Dash didn't understand and he glanced down at me.

"Do they know, Fenton?"

I shook my head, "I went straight to bed, but I'll tell them. Do you mind?"

He softly touched my face, "I'll see you in study hall, Fenton."

I blinked, "You're in my study hall? Geesh, I need to wake up more."

He shrugged, "You always focused on your book, never there, or in the bathroom."

Clearly, he has been observing me and I need to be careful about this. He walked away calmly and I fixated my attention on my friends.

"Hey Sam, Tuck. What's up?" I smiled, hoping it wasn't too obvious.

Sam had her hands on her hips, "Danny, why didn't you fight back with Dash?"

"Yeah, dude! You never let him get this close to you!" Tucker joined.

I groaned and got something out of my backpack to show them, "Look, yesterday I got this note," I shared it with them, "Then, I got a secret admirer texting me and asked me out on a date." I shrugged, "I thought about it and considered it the date. I went out last night and I-I…um, fell in love with Dash." Were my cheeks getting this hot?

They were so shocked, it's like they have seen the deadliest ghost on the planet or something, and frozen at much to their passion. I immediately took the note back and put it away. Tucker's guilt must be eating him up because of last night and Sam couldn't understand how it was even possible.

"You-you're dating him?" Sam disbelieved it all.

"Dude! …does that mean you've been crushing on him all this time?"

Why was I this afraid to see this happening? Of course, it was better than holding it out so long or Dash would probably come to the line to make me confess. What choice would I have? I already had enough stress with fighting ghosts all the time.

I sighed, "Yes, I am dating him, Sam and actually, Dash made me realize I was crushing on him. He took me to this amazing restaurant and he paid for it all. Even this dessert and he knew I would love it. I mean, he's so down to earth with me and he listens to me. Not one has he tried to hurt me in anyway in physical or emotional ways." I was in love, what could I do to change that?

They glanced at each other and sighed to the fact it was completely unexpected. They were concern about it, but I wasn't going to let that happen. Dash was, well, my boyfriend now. They're going to have to deal with it and I'm pretty sure Dash planned on telling his friend. Yup, he's my secret admirer now. I didn't expect any of that.