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"I want to go home now." I insisted.

My arms were crossed, Jazmyn hugged me on the side, and Sam sighed. Tucker shook his head and Vlad was pretty much annoyed.

"Daniel, you woke up and the doctor wants to do checkups on you before they could even release you."

I groaned, "Then I'll do them now! I just want to go home!"

Sam crossed her arms and leaned on the wall.

"Danny, as much as we agreed, there will be too many suspicious. You're lucky that Tucker turns off the camera in here when we come here. We get that much privacy and so far, the government is very interested in your case. Not only that, Vlad and I would have to put in serious money for the doctor to a release of an okay."

I huffed, "Stupid government, I wish they don't get involved with an individual citizen."

"I will go and see, but honestly, could you wait to go home tomorrow? I had this ghost shield up for our purpose and the hospital did it because of your parents."

"Wait…they're not a normal ghost shield?"

"It's still your parents, but I changed it up to prevent you leaving without the doctor's permission."

I groaned, complaining to the fact I couldn't leave, and already had enough with the hospital. I was surprised to see Tucker getting over his fears or does he focus on me alone? I'd never know, but those fears were different on him.

"Fine, I'm not going anywhere anyway. It's not like ghosts are going to attack on today's holiday."

Vlad shook his head, "And I sometimes worried about you, Daniel." He walked out of the room to retrieve the doctor.

I looked down at Jazmyn and kissed her on her head.

"I wish I would have woken up sooner." I muttered.

Sam chortled, "We all wanted you to wake up sooner and you were too stubborn."

Tucker agreed, "Yeah, but there were times you cried. We thought you would be waking up. The doctors tried to claim that your eyes probably felt dry."

I shrugged, "I did have a few emotional times being in that states."

They exchanged glances about that and curiously wondered about my moments being like that.

"Why were you so emotional?"

"Memories, loneliness, and pretty much losing it. I had so many memories to go through, I remember the first video games I did with you Tuck. Sam, I saw us having much fun to do research on this rarest plants and wanting to end the teen's acne."

We laughed and Jazmyn didn't understand. She tugged my shirt and I looked down at her.

"Mommy, what's so funny?"

I smiled, "You'll understand when you're older." I rubbed her arm.

Tucker nodded, "Yeah, Jazmyn, one day we will talk about things you used to do with each of us."

"Oooh!" She was already fascinated.

She hopped off the bed and danced around childishly, but that's her I guess.

"Oh, mommy! My room is an ocean!"

"What?" That nearly lost me.

Tucker sighed, "She often asked to go to the ocean world or in this case, an aquarium. So, I took her there for her fourth birthday while Vlad stayed home doing a few things. Let's just say one wall got an aquarium and I nearly had a fit with him about it. There's no shark or octopus, so it's mainly fishes in there."

Sam nodded and Jazmyn seemed to love her connection with water, it was surprising to hear that, and Tucker seemed to not be satisfied about it.

"Let me guess, Vlad overdone the spoiling her?" I bit my lips.

Tucker nodded, "Pretty much."

"But, daddy! I love it! I like my fishes!"

"Uncle Vlad did enough. Don't expect anything too big next time or mommy will have a fit too."

"But doesn't mommy love Uncle Vlad?"

I looked away, unsure how this was even to be taken by, and Sam giggled under her breath.

"Jazmyn, we don't say things like that. Now, apologize to mom." He pointed which scared me.

Jazmyn pouted, "I'm sorry, mommy."

"I forgive you," I smiled, "I am still not sure with Uncle Vlad, yet. So give me some times."

"Like how you love daddy?"

I nodded, "Yeah. Love will take time."

Jazmyn went back to her little dance, swirling around for fun, and someone came back into the room with another person. I saw Vlad and the same doctor I saw earlier.

"Danny, are you sure you want to leave already? The process will take about few hours."

I nodded, "I'm sure."

"Alright, let's begin some basic then."

The doctor came over, did some heart checking, reflective reaction, and breathing pattern. He pointed out that nothing was out of the ordinary. Then, he checked on my walking skill, catching skill, and my speech skills. There was so much and trying to make it realistic as I could for being a human.

He asked me some stuff about me like when I was born or what color my eyes were. I knew what I have known personally and so far, it was getting quickly.

While the doctor was having me to lift a few things, a door knocking came through. Vlad went to answer it and gestured them in.

"Hello Jazz."

"Aunt Jazzy!" Jazmyn raced over.

Jazz giggled and gasped after a fast hug, "Little Jazmyn! Merry Christmas, sweetie."

"Jazz," Vlad called her attention as he shuts the door.

"Yes-" She became quiet, "Danny! You're awake, little brother!" She cheered.

My head turned back and smiled while lift some books over my head.

"Hey Jazz and yeah, I'm awake now." I focused back with the doctor.

"Well, I guess you can go home in a few hours. I will send in the nurses for some shots and you'll be set to go."

I grinned, "So, I'll be out before dinner hours?"

"Most likely. I will leave you be with your family for now."

I nodded, "Thanks, sir."

The doctor took his leave and Jazz attacked me with a hug.


She got me hopping around in a hug with her. I laughed and hugged her back. Jazmyn had so much excitement with brother and sister love bond here. Jazz finally took a while to calm down and I waited to be sure she was.

"Now, I know where little Jazmyn got it from." My eyes rolled.

Jazz blinked, "What do you meant, little brother?"

"Nothing, a little humor. Anyway, merry Christmas. Sorry I didn't bring any presents from my awaking."

Everyone laughed, but it was nice to feel like this. Jazz sat down next to me and smiled to the fact the hospital and waiting was finally over.

"How's mom and dad been?"

Jazz nodded a few times, "They're good. I can say they…" She stopped.

"I already know they know my secret. Tucker and Vlad mentioned it why and I don't blame you guys. I was going to plan on telling them my secret before, but I got a bit sidetracked." My eyes rolled.

Jazz smiled, "Well then, that's good. I can say they are really into Phantom and your daughter."

"You don't say? Tell me what they have been up to?"

"Well, after a year full of questions with all of us. They tried to go into the ghost zone and Danielle caught them from. She stopped them and convinced them that it was dangerous."

I took a deep breather, "Oh, good. I'd freak out if they ever did!"

Jazz nodded, "I had to talk them down about it and explain that wouldn't be good if you woke up and found out our parents are dead."

I nodded, "Uh, of course! So, what did they think of my being of half ghost?"

Jazz shrugged like everyone else.

"I hope you're not mad being back home, we…" Jazz was trying to apologize.

My head shook, "No, absolutely not. I made a promise in my sleep that if I wake up, I'd come home and start being a hero again."

Everyone heard that, even Jazmyn, but I don't think she knew I stopped being one.

"Mommy, what do you mean?"

I chuckled, "I'll explain it to you someday, okay?"

She nodded, "Okay."

Jazz sighed and shook her head.

"What, Jazz?"

She shrugged, "Nothing, I can see you're not aware of everything and you obviously know that yourself."

I huffed, "No kidding, I can see I missed a five year gap here. I haven't even graduated college either."

"Do not worry, I will have you catch up two years in a month."

My jaw dropped, "No way, how?"

She giggled, "Before I made a final decision being a therapist, I ended up becoming a professor at Amity University." She smirked.

That made it seem much better than I thought. Perhaps Phantom was right, my life would be happier if I was here. Everyone was getting a second chance and then, a few stomachs growling came along.

"Tucker, why don't you take everyone out for a drive and buy lunch?" Vlad insisted.

Tucker agreed, "Alright. Jazmyn, Jazz, Sam? You girls ready?" Tucker pulled out his keys, "Danny, you want anything?"

I blinked and shrugged.

"Anything is fine. Bring a soda, though." I told him.

He nodded, "Alright. Vlad, you want your usual meals?"


"Uncle Vlad said the magic words, daddy! I want Burger King! Big kids meal!" Jazmyn was ready to run.

Sam held Jazmyn's hand and Tucker nodded. They all started to walk out and it was down to Vlad and me. He hugged me and felt his hand soothing down on my cheek. Seriously, I had to be blushing like crazy.

"Oh, Daniel, I love you so much."

I nodded, "I know. I love you too." My hand felt his hand, "Vlad, I was trying so hard to remember you, our vacation, and damn, I couldn't believe how obvious I was for my feelings. I-I…"

Vlad kissed me to shut me right up. There's that fairy tale spark for love, how much my knees were so weak, and our arms wrapped onto each other. I missed it so much, how we became one, and that my heart raced on for miles and miles on. My invitation was given and his tongue met mine.

We drifted apart on both of our terms, breathing, and realizing it's been so long.

"I was going to say, want a kid of your own?" I chuckled.

Vlad caressed my face, "Daniel, you came out of a coma. You want to be a hero again, let's focus on that first. Let's get you catch up first."

I chuckled, "You seriously don't want to do it?"

He kept soothing my face, "I love you, Daniel, of course, I do! I prefer we date a little more before getting into sex."

I smiled, "Alright, I guess I can catch up first. I was thinking Jazmyn would probably like to have a little brother or a sister."

He chuckled, "I agreed, it would help her be a little less…hm, devious I should say."

I gawked. Was my daughter that challenging to rise?

"How? All I see is that she's a hyper and spoiled too much."

Vlad shook his head, "She intends to…hm, how should I put it?"


"No, you see, what she does is sneaky. She has tricked us thinking both of us were okay what plans she wants to do. First, if she gets a no from either of us, then she will go to the other and claim that we said it was okay as long it was okay for the second person. Now, we have to be in the same room with her and talk about it when she's asleep. Other times, she ends up overshadowing Tucker, which I felt bad for him."

I couldn't believe how messed up my daughter could be. Damn, I missed out on raising her properly!

"So, what do you guys do to get her to stop being…devious?"

Vlad grinned, "I sometimes use my invention to get her powers to not work until I take it off of her."

"You didn't hurt her, did you?" I glared.

"Oh, for heaven sake, why would I do that?"

My hands rested on my waists, "You did that with me for fifteen minutes of your little invention and it hurts."

His eyes rolled, "That was eleven years ago! I wouldn't hurt my little niece, she's you!"

I eased up and noticed something. My hands touched his hair and scrolling down to see how long it has gotten. It was passed his shoulders' length and seeing that his age hasn't changed. Only his hair. I blinked and wondered.

"You haven't cut your hair, Vlad?" I giggled.

He chuckled, "I hardly had time. Raising your daughter, being here every single day while working on my laptop, and reading the same book to you I have read to you before."

At the time, I never heard him read the books to me. I guess those never caught my attention like before.

"Hm, I didn't hear you tell me the story. All I remember is you, Tucker, and the doctor talking about giving me time to wake up."

Vlad's eyes widen, surprised to even see that I had very little conscious to those moments, and never broke through.

"That was about a month since you went into a coma and the doctor in California didn't want us to continue you on a life machine. It made Tucker snapped and flew over to Amity Park to take a travel to the ghost zone to find Clockwork. He, Jazz, and Sam went in without letting your parents knowing about that. I wasn't sure what happened, but Tucker and I had a lot of conversation to decide the plans for you and saving you. California wasn't helping, but Jazz asked about how she saw you waking up by your ghost scent. We knew that plan might help wake you up. Honestly, I cannot believe you heard that."

I could not believe it myself either, but what they did for me was amazing. It wasn't them that should have helped, it was me. I was so damn stubborn to take the opportunity to wake up any time soon.

"Sorry to put you guys through a lot." It didn't feel right.

Vlad patted my cheek, "Do not worry. They were going to put you off of life machine and I refused to let anything happen. Tucker told me that you will wake up. I didn't understand, but I went along."

I smirked, my head shook, and couldn't believe that they went to the ghost zone. He knew well enough Clockwork would have saved my life one way or another.

"Good, I'd kill you if you didn't go along."

Vlad was amused, "Kill me? That you prefer Tucker over me?"

My eyes rolled, "Haha, funny, if anything happens to you, yeah, I'd go to Tucker."

Vlad gripped me in his arms, we playfully glared at each other, and waiting to do something. It's funny how our lives were so much to come like this. He hasn't aged over twenty, his hair still growing, and wondered how this could all be happening? I played his hair, swirling around in my fingers, and he enjoyed it.

"Besides, I'd try to convince Clockwork to let me go back in time and save you, so I can have you forever." I shrugged, "But, damn, you're cute when you're a college age."

Vlad blushed furiously about it, but I knew too well from my experience.

"You acted like you have seen me in my college years."

I nodded, "I have, not by pictures."

His head shifted to sideway, "What did you mean by that, Daniel?"

My fingers enjoyed feeling his soft hair, "Oh, I accidently went back in time. I thought I could prevent you becoming Plasmius. Apparently, I was way wrong."

Vlad had this bizarre expression at me and he didn't see this coming.

"How did you even travel back in time, Daniel?"

I bit my lips, "Do you remember when you had that ecto-acne return?"

He nodded, "Yes, that was the time when you saved us three."

I sighed, "Well, I kind of went back in time, tried to save you from an ecto blast, and things got backfired on me. You did fall in love with my mom, but she never really loved you back. Dad was Plasmius instead."

"Oh, dear god." Vlad shook his head, doubting all of this.

"Yeah…he was dark about things, but he's terrible at aiming. He loved my mom more than you could ever try."

Vlad closed his eyes, seeing that I actually seen the possibility of our lives in a different and alternative ways. His arms gripped me in more and our chests met each other.

His eyes opened, "I'm glad it's you, Daniel. I'm glad to fall in love with you."

My cheeks felt hot, "Sorry about dragging Tucker into the bathroom with me." I bit my lips.

His hand felt my face, "Daniel, it's okay. I'm not going to judge you any different. I'm sure that you do not have feelings for him. So why bother worry?"

My, my, he's growing up so damn fast and all I did was hugged him.

"Awe, I like this Vlad I'm falling for. Merry Christmas you fruitloop." I kissed him.

Vlad settled down for the kiss, but I didn't care. He was all mine, I held his face, and it was like we were connected. Everything vanished, nothing was real, and we're standing in one universe. No matter what I did, he did, or anyone else did. We stood out like a bright light in a the darkness. I pulled away from our longing kiss and our forehead rested on each other.

A sudden and loud knocking came through on the door. Someone was already barging into the room and Vlad immediately changed position to make it look like I needed help.

"Vladdie!" A deep and excited voice spoke out in the entire room.

My head turned around and saw the large and orange jumpsuit man who was now almost gray hair everywhere.

"D-d-dad!" I was shocked to see him aging already.

Dad's smile brightened and gasped. Someone came up to his side quickly and saw that red hair. She rushed over and hugged onto me. Vlad lets go of me and I clung onto the woman I knew.


"Danny-o! Son!" Dad joined us.

"Oh, my Danny! My Danny! My baby boy!" Mom was more shocked than I ever could imagine.

They hugged nonetheless, it was amazing to be loved again, and felt like crying. How could have I left home? It was because I was an idiot, the biggest idiot in the entire world, and blind to see my parents loved me for whom I was, not what I was.

"I missed you guys," I whispered.

Mom pulled away and wiped those tears off of me, "I missed you too, sweetie. I miss you too," She smiled.

Dad gave some us space, "Welcome back, son." He patted my back careful enough.

I looked at them both, seeing that they only saw me as a son, and I enjoyed it.

"I don't know what to say…" And it was true.

They knew my secret, they met my daughter, and already know that their best friend was like me. Now, the question was do they know I was dating Vlad? They smiled down at me and Vlad forced me to sit down before I might fall. He patted my shoulder and smiled at Vlad.

"The nurse will be in here soon."

I nodded, "I'm not worried about that." I chuckled, "So, mom, dad…Vlad told me you guys know my secret?"

Dad laughed, "Pff, that you're Danny Phantom? Son, why didn't you tell us?"

Mom smiled, "Danny, we do not care if you have become something so different. Both you and Vlad are unique. We wondered how you both survived, but I guess being half ghost makes it up for your living being." Mom said it like she has been rehearsing about it somehow.

I touched Vlad's hand that was on my shoulder and smiling. I nodded and kept smiling.

"I guess I don't have to worry about telling you guys about Phantom." I shrugged, "I guess I was a bit nervous for a few years. I was going to say something, but I was pregnant at the time. There were times I wanted to say something and kept feeling sick or distracted about a few things." I hummed, "But, I'm glad you guys know. Thanks for listening to my team."

Vlad was about to slip his hand away from me, but I refused. I shot glares at him and he knew what I was up to. He stood there frozen about it, but it wasn't like I was underage or a minor anymore.

"Daniel, please…wait later."

My head shook, "Vlad, you haven't told them?"

Both of my parents weren't sure what was exactly going on, but they needed to know. Why should I even hide my previous relationships like Tucker and the others? Vlad was the main important people in the room.

"Tell us what?" Dad barged in.

Vlad pulled back my shoulder, "Don't, Daniel. We haven't discussed this yet!"

I huffed, "I'm telling them. They already know I'm gay, so what's going to change?" I crossed my arms.

They blinked, confused by the thoughts between Vlad and me, and losing them out of it.

"Danny, sweetie, if you're in love with Tucker. We still don't care." Mom tried to solve this out like a puzzle pieces.

My head shook, they needed to know the honest truth of which I was dating this time, and that man right here.

"Actually, I'm dating Vlad." I grinned.

That spooked both of my parents to discover that I was in love with their best friend this entire time. It was harder when he used to crush on my mom, but that was all over. I hugged onto Vlad, felt so happy about our relationship out of the loop, and his face became paler than ever.

"…er, son? You're…dating my best friend?" Dad was trying to put the puzzle pieces together.

I nodded, "Yup!"

"B…but you just woke up, sweetie."

I shrugged, "I started dating him back in the time we were all in that cabin. We dated for three months." I giggled, "I loved Vlad since I was fourteen I guess, but I kept myself away for pretty good long time."

Both of my parents were speechless as ever about this, but I guess this was their biggest surprised. I wasn't a minor, I'm not lying to them, and the best part, being myself was worth it. I was so damn happy, all I wanted was Vlad Masters! He hasn't come out of his shell yet, more frighten about my parents and their reactions or what will become of them soon.

"Vlad…may we have a man to man talk?" Dad clearly stated that himself.

Vlad hid behind me for defense and shook his head.

"You can say anything in front of Daniel, dear Jack. I ensure you, I can never age back to where I used to be, and that Daniel is stuck being in the age of twenty as well. I promise you there is nothing wrong with ghost mating like this." Vlad spoke out quickly to his defense.

I blinked, was he worried about my dad's overly protective act? Did Jazz bring in some ghost to date this time or something? I nearly got lost and reminded myself to talk to Jazz about that if it was part of the problem.

"I-I thought…you, what? You loved my son?" Mom freaked out.

Apparently, I didn't blame mom for discovering something so new or a break through. Vlad clenched my shoulders out of fear to the woman he used to crush on. I patted his hand to ensure him that it would be alright.

I smiled, "He got over it about eight or more years ago, mom. He realized he has feelings more for me than you."

Vlad slapped his hand onto my mouth and I blinked. What the hell? I tried to get him off my mouth, but he refused to do so.

"Danny, don't you prefer someone your age? I mean, forgiven sake! He's fifty years old!" Mom snapped, literally.

I glared back at my own mom and finally got Vlad's hand off of me. My finger wagged at her.

"Don't you tell me that! Hell! I went through difficult time to avoid falling in love! I can't help it!" I barked, "For years, I felt you guys wouldn't want to know my secret, hate me for it, and then, the worse would be trying to break our relationship! Don't ever tell me that! I am in love with Vlad Masters and Plasmius!" I hugged tightly onto the man of mine, "He's mine now."

Mom has never seen the aggressive side of me before. She has never did. All she ever seen was a son who lied to her face, who hid secrets from her, who avoided her for those years, and who made her feel good of being a good mother out of the blind spots. She never knew all this time until she learned whenever she found out about my secret half.

"Mads cake, they're happy together. Aren't you happy he doesn't crush on you like he used to?" Dad tried to lighten things up.

Mom glanced away, "Jack, this isn't right. You should know this. Their ages are too far apart!" She yielded.

I huffed, "I'm stuck at being twenty years old for the rest of my life probably! Hell, I had a crush on Vlad since I was fourteen years old! He's perfect for me because we have one thing in common and the fact we're part ghost!" My heartache has so much to such anger in me.

Dad nodded, "See, Mads cake? Think about it, what if our parents tried to stop us from marrying each other? We have to be like our parents! We can't get in the way of their love either!"

I blinked, unsure how to settle that out on my parents' argument with my current relationship, and Vlad hasn't let go his defense act. He knew my parents would react like this. That's why he wanted to talk to me about this before letting them know, but it was already too late. My head rested on his chest and met up his eyes.

"I'm sorry I ruined whatever plans you had, Vlad." I whispered to him.

He touched my face, "It's alright, little badger," He whispered along.

"…well, I supposed we don't have much proof that Vlad is really the same Vlad to the people. I never saw him stuck in the same age before." Mom gave in finally.

I blinked, "So you guys are okay with this?"

Mom scowled at me, "I still don't approve of this due to the age," She sighed, "However, seeing that he makes you happy. I can't change that since both of you are a hybrid."

I smiled, "Thanks, mom!"

Dad gave a thumb up, "It's fantastic to see my son and my best friend together! I can't wait to see Vlad becomes my son-in-law!"

Vlad's eyes widen to hear such thing, shook his head to doubt it all, and I chuckled.

"Probably soon." I giggled.

"What are you up to, Daniel?" Vlad poked in.

"Oh, don't worry, you'll find out in a few months."

"Great, I still haven't cracked him down enough." He shook his head.

"What was that?" Mom joined in.

I shrugged, "I guess he's trying to know myself better than I can."

She shook her head, "No one knows who you truly are, Danny. Only you seem to know that for sure."

I definitely agreed with mom on that part. There were things no one truly knew about, but I wasn't going to reveal all of that. Vlad finally hugged me back in comfort to know my parents weren't going to thwart him or kill him. Dad and mom hugged each other in joy of celebration.

"JAZMYN! NO RUNNING!" A loud voice shouting really caught my attention.

My head snapped behind us and saw someone giggling and running. I sighed and raced over to my little girl. She didn't expect me to catch her so easily and I wasn't exactly pleased about this part.

"Jazmyn, why aren't you listening to daddy?" I scowled at her.

She pouted, "But mommy! It's no fun to go slow! Fast is fun!"

"And you'll get hurt, daddy has a good reason why."

She was full of disappointment, "Daddy hates the hospital, he's too much into it. I run, run, run, run until I see you, mommy."

I thought about it and realized how Tucker's fear was easily like that.

"Jazmyn! Honestly! I can't believe you keep scaring me to death!" He muttered, "And we're back by the way."

Jazz and Sam joined up with Tucker. They were out of breathing because Jazmyn and my head shook. I set her down and she walked over to her grandparents. They spent their time adoring her already and I treasured the moments. They held food and drinks in their hands, but I didn't really care. All it matters was seeing them, but something felt missing.

"Where's Danielle?" I scratched my head.

Sam grinned, "She's on patrol, even though I told her no ghosts would be attacking on today's holiday. She said it wouldn't hurt to protect the people from regular danger. I tried calling her, but it sounded like she was busy at the time." She shrugged.

I nodded, "Huh, can't wait to see her soon then." I grinned, "I miss my other daughter too."

Vlad joined up and nodded along. Everyone grabbed a chair, Vlad and I sat down on the bed with Jazmyn, and took comfort. It was a nice Christmas and I never saw my parents so damn calm today. I liked it. Maybe I was truly getting my happiness because of my coma and inner Phantom has said to me.

We all had our lunch and ate together. It was only the beginning to wake up and found myself at a perfect timing before missing out anything special. They guys here were my family.

So? Tell me what you seriously think of this coming so far?

Yes, Danny considered Dani as his daughter now since the fact Vlad mentioned it few chapters ago how they had a daughter in this, even if her DNA is different or exactly like Danny's.

By the way, who do you think shot Danny? What's your theory and why do you think they shot him?