Today was my first day at Forks High School. I wasn't exactly looking forward to it. In fact, I was dreading today. I would be stared at and whispered about behind my back. How do I know this? It had already started. I went to the grocery store last night and that is exactly what happened. It was at that moment when I started to regret moving. My only hope was that I become old news fast. People's fascination with me couldn't last forever.

When I arrived at school, thirty minutes early, I went straight to the office. I received my schedule and a map, as well as a warm welcome from the secretary. I really hate being the new girl and the daughter of the Chief of Police. That last part made it worse. My schedule wasn't too difficult. I had been in AP classes while I was in Phoenix. At least here I wouldn't have to worry about stressful school-work or being too far behind. That would have made transferring in the middle of Junior year horrible.

I had officially made it through the first part of my day. I was now sitting alone, by choice, at lunch. The one girl from my Spanish class had invited me to sit with her and her friends. I politely declined. I was just starting to regret my decision, it caused more whispering, when a group of four people came up to my table.

"Hello, would you mind if we sat here?" the little one asked.

"Um...sure?" I said, more like a question. "Am I in your spot?" I asked while thinking that maybe I had stolen their normal table.

"Yes." The blonde female answered with little emotion.

"No. You're fine. I'm Alice by the way." She replied, after glaring at the blonde female. "This is my boyfriend Jasper, his sister Rosalie and her boyfriend Emmett." Alice said and pointed them out as she said their names. "Don't mind Rose. She can be quite nice." Alice continued.

"Sorry, it's just we're not used to having new people at our table." Rose said with little emotion yet again but, this time she offered a small apologetic smile.

"It's fine. I can move if you would like?" I didn't want to kick them out of their normal table.

"No! Don't be silly. You are more than welcome to sit here." Alice smiled.

"You must be Isabella, the Chief's daughter, right?" Emmett asked.

"Bella." I said with a grimace. I really hated when people used my full name.

"Ok, Bella it is." He said and laughed.

"So where are you from?" Alice asked.

"Arizona. Phoenix really." I replied.

That was how lunch passed. They asked questions, I'd answer. I'd ask some questions and they would answer. At the end of lunch, Alice made us swap cell phone numbers and I laughed at her energy. Then we split off and went to our classes. This day wasn't so bad. I even made some new friends.

So it's been a while I know and right now I am mostly doing this while I can and am on break. I am sorry to those that are still reading and waiting (hoping that there are still some) Please READ and REVIEW