Toy: 'That Incident'

Project By: 6Fortius9

Rated: M

Pairing: Kagamine Rin x Len

Summary: 'That Incident' in toy where Miku assaulted Rin and Rin got punished for it. Warnings: Yuri (Girl x Girl) partly, Incest, and Sex Toys (In second chapter).

Author's Note: I'm kinda competing with time right now, so I'll cut it short. This will be my first time writing Yuri, so please don't complain. I can't do Yuri for my life, but I've tried my best. No, there will not be any insertion…in the first chapter anyway. 'Punishment' comes the next chapter where Len would make Rin cry and promise that she would not look at anyone else. You can expect toys next chapter, but my knowledge on toys are a bit limited, so please suggest some to me. You can expect the next chapter within a week's time at most, or by tonight if I'm feeling creative enough.

Oh and to people who hadn't read 'Toy' yet, it's okay, you don't have to read it first. It does come later so I guess it's acceptable.

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'That Incident' Part 1



Her protests were muffled by a set of perfect lips, soft locks of blond hair brushing against her pink cheeks as unscarred princess-like hands caressed them ever so gently as if she was made of glass.

Rin shuddered, a shiver sent up her spine when a long leg was pushed in between hers and rose till it was a mere centimeter away from her underwear, brushing against her thighs.

Large blue eyes fluttered shut, framed by long lashes while several beads of tears wetted them and slipped passed, trailing down to her chin only to be wiped off by a thumb.

"Rin…" The older girl above her muttered as they separated, a trail of saliva connecting them together. The almost adoring tone of her voice in that one word makes her look up at Miku through teary eyes, only to flinch at the love that was in the turquoise haired girl's lustful dazed eyes.

"Rin, Rin…" She continued, hands clutching tightly on the blonde's face. "My Rin."

Horror filled the smaller girl's eyes as the twin ponytailed girl leaned forward to kiss her again, forcing their lips to connect together. Her small hands formed a death grip around the library books in her hands, turning white with all the force put in.

She was helpless to do anything but shiver when long arms around her shoulders and hugged her, pressing their chests breasts together, and a tongue slipped pass her lips. She didn't respond to the kiss, all too shocked and scared to do so.

Sandal clad legs tremble unsteadily as she was pushed back into the library shelf, Miku's leg closing its distance from her underwear to rub alluringly on her clit, her panties being the only object that was still obstructing Miku.

Why…? Rin asked herself as she once again closed her eyes tightly as if to refuse reality. Why would Miku do this? This…This was wrong! But then again, so was her relationship with her own twin. It scared her how similar this kiss was to Len's, how similar they are. Was Miku more important? Was Len more important? Miku was her best friend and Len was her own twin…who was more important? No…It doesn't matter right now who is, but that she was betraying Len.

The smaller girl let lose her grip on the books and they fell to the ground with a clatter. Small hands rose to push against Miku's shoulders, trying to reject her. Yet again and again the turquoise haired girl continued to kiss her furiously and madly, never really accepting her rejection.

"Rin…so aroused easily, huh." Miku smirked as their lips parted for the second time that day.

The blonde froze as she realized how right Miku was. Her bodily liquids were flowing through the thin fabric that shielded her lower body part, pronouncing her body's needy wants.

"No!" Suddenly, Miku's advancement on her didn't matter so much and all that matters was hiding her body. She pressed her legs closer to one another, trying to push Miku's slender leg away from hers while hugging her chest, knowing how her nipples would surely be perked under her dress.

"Rin…don't worry, I'll help you." Miku chided, smiling almost innocently as she once again hugged the embarrassed blonde, her leg leaving only to be replaced by her hand.

Rin's mind was blank, unable to process any events as the fabric was tugged off easily, pulled down to her hips.

Cooling fingers gusted over her pussy, brushing against her clit. All the blonde wanted right now was for something to be in there, she wanted Len to enter her, yet there was no Len in sight.

Her eyes turned dazed with relief, not noticing that the one above her was not the one she loves, as a slickened finger, lubed by her spilling juices, entered her. Her body accepted it all too readily, having become used to Len's much bigger and warmer intrusion already.

Miku made a 'come here' motion within the blonde, earning herself an adorable whine from Rin which she would never give to anyone other than Len willingly other.

The more famous Vocaloid smirked. She knew about how Len loves Rin, having seen how the boy looks at her best friend every day, and it angers her to know that someone was stealing her beloved. No one could look at Rin's body other than her. No one at all.

She slipped another finger into the girl, scissoring her gently, knowing that though she may already be used to a boy's size, she would still needed preparation.

Already the smaller girl was bent over, eyes glazed over and saliva dripping from the corner of her pouty lips. Breaths came in heavy pants, her lungs desperately trying to take in air while lust and shock rendered her useless.

Another finger and she was thrusting in madly. Her own juices were spilling from her own pussy, aroused at the sight of her adorable Rin, but she ignored it, concentrating more on the blonde who she loved more than a friend.

Rin panted, moan, and whined every time the fingers were taken out of her, only to sigh in relief as they entered her even deeper.

Blue eyes were glazed with lust as she let out breathy moans. She was close to cumming and she knew it, but before that happened, a familiar shout broke her out of her trance.