The Right Partner

By rockofmarduk

Author's Note: With the great reviews I'm getting from my story "Like a Phantom Limb" I've been inspired to write a longer story about this interesting couple. The story takes place between the end of the video game "Captain America Super Soldier" and before Bucky's death in the movie. Their will be other couples showing up as the story continues.

Prologe: Cube Your Desires

Johann Schmidt had a problem.

Yes that's right, Johann Schmidt a.k.a the Red Skull, leader of Hydra and future ruler of the world had a problem. And it was getting more problematic each day.

The form of his problem was a man dressed in red, white and blue, the color's of his nation's flag, wings on his helmet and carried a shield made of unknown properties. His name was Captain America, and he was the main scorce of Schmidt's headache today.

Once again the Captain and his crony's, now known as the Howling Commandos had destroyed another of his bases this one being the former castle home of Baron Heinrich Zemo, containing weapons, amution, and prototypes, as well as the legendary creature the Sleeper whose power and origins were still unknown. But what really pissed him off was that there were pieces of his up and coming project, the Valkaryie were being stored at the base, and with those gone he'd have to wait another six months for them to be rebuilt and his project to get off the ground.

"Damm that Man!" Schmidt shouted slaming his fist into the arm of his chair and as he did so break the chair's arm into piece's. "He has the power of a god and yet he use's it to help the weak and spinless instead of overthrowing them and taking what is rightfully his."

The Red Skull got up out of his chair and began pacing back and forth across the room, muttering to himself about the stupidness of the American. He began cursing the day he didn't listen to Dr. Zola's advice about killing Dr. Erksine after he himself had been changed. He had been to shocked by the changes his body had been through and had only thought about himself and torturing Dr. Erksine for his faliure. He didn't realize that the American's had found out about the doctor's research and had sent in a team to rescue him. And now because he had waited to long there was another super soldier running around giving him nothing but grief these past few years.

It also didn't help matters that he was starting to have feelings towards his American pain-in-the-ass. It had all started when a couple of his soldiers had captured an American vehicle getting a little to close to his base. It turns out to be a couple of privates who had gotten separated from their unite and had been trying to track them down. After taking the soldiers prisoner his own men had looted the truck and found two of the Captain America's movies. One was called 'Captain America Sands of War', and the other one was Captain America Victory over Berlin'. Schmidt himself had actually sat down with his men and had watched both movies. At first Schmidt laughed along with his men at how rediculous the american was in his costume and character. Even Dr. Zola laughed at Dr. Erksine's failed project.

But no one was laughing when the America himself broke into their secret base and freed all their pow's from their cages. Schmidt had watched him from the security tower and was amazed at the speed and grace that, that man carried. Then there was their confrontation on the gangwalk when Schmidt first showed his true face. That was the first time Schmidt had met the Captain in person and found himself tantalized with those blue eyes of his. He had first noticed them on the film screen but didn't know what their color was, but they were so bright and full of strength and hope that Schmidt found himself watching those movies in the privacy of his own room. Only Zola knew about it, and although Schmidt told him he watched them to learned more about the American's fight style, he scenced that Zola didn't fully believe him.

And he'd be right. He knew Zola would keep his strange obsession with the Captain a secret for fear of his own life, but the rest of his men. He doubted it. Men having feelings for other men was considered an abomination, an act against god and law, and he knew what happened to those who were found out.

Schmidt sighed and stopped his pacing and looked towards his most prized possession. The Tesseract. The cube was shinning an electric blue light around the room as it sat in it's protective casing.

Schmidt walked up to the case and lifted the lid and sat it gently on the table. Reaching down with his gloved hand he picked up the Tesseract and gentle lifted it up towards his face. The eerie blue light cast shadows across the Red Skulls face making him look more dark and devilish then he appeared. Examining his treasure the Skull sighed again. "Too bad you couldn't tell me what to do about my little problem hmm?"

The Skull was about to put the cube back, when sparks of electricity began shooting out of the cube and running up and down and all around the room. The Skull watched in shock and awe as a beam of light went straight up towards the celing and created a distorted looking image above the Skull's head. Like watching a film on the big screen it showed a man all dressed in black leather bowing towards the Red Skull sitting on a throne, before taking his place beside the Skull. He had the blood red symbol of Hydra on both the front of his uniform as well as on a black shield he carried on his right arm. Reaching up, the man in black removed his helmet from his head and shock out his blond hair, before reaching down to place a passionate kiss on the Red Skull's lips. As the figure lifted his head back up, the real Red Skull was shocked to see who it was behind the mask.

Captain Steven Rogers, Captain America!

As the image faded and the light returned to the cube the Skull just stared in shock at what he had seen. "It.. It seems that you have answered my question." Schmidt managed to stammer out as he placed the cube back into it's proper case and closed the lid. He stood there for what seemed like an eternity staring at the blank wall in front of him, just staring as his mind came to decision.

"If I can't beat him," The Red Skull muttered. "Perhapes I can break him. After all every future King needs a consort to rule with and he is possibly the only one worthy enough to stand by my side." The Red Skull licked his lips as a plan started forming in his head. "He and I are like gods to these mere mortals but he still believes in protecting these fools from themselves. That mean's I'll have to teach him the proper way... my way. To hell what everybody else thinks if this be my destiny. If what the Tesseract has showen me to be true then the Captain will join us and the future will be ours!"

Just then there was a knock at Schmidt's office door. "Enter!" Schmidt snapped, angry that his thoughts had been interupted. A young man in his early or late twenty's with blond hair and blue eyes stepped into the office. His name was Seargent Eric Koenig a rising member in the Hydra organization even though he had only been with them six months.

"Herr Schmidt, Doctor Zola told me to keep you updated on Project Master Man." The young man said softly.

"Well, what the hell is it!" Schmidt shouted makeing the young man cringe.

"Uh.. yes sir, Doctor Zola said that they have finished the serum sir but they still need a comparable blood sample to stabilize it. He was hoping you could help them with that." Seargent Koenig said as he looked nervously at the man towering above him.

A sneer spread across the Skull's face. "So Zola needs a stable blood sample does he?" Koenig nodded his head as the Skull chuckled. "Tell Herr Zola I'll be down in a minute," Koenig nodded as he turned and ratherly quickly dashed out the door. As the Skull looked back towards the cube glowing quietly in it's case, his sneer turned into a nasty smile.

"Yes my good Doctor, you'll get all the blood that you require and I'll get what I desire. And all from the same person." The Skull chuckled as he headed out the door. "Beware my Captain, I am coming for you."