A/N: I'm not gonna lie, when poetry comes to me, it tends to be rather depressing. I just need a way to vent all my negative feelings and this is how I do it! Thanks for reading and I hope this doesn't put you in too bad of a mood. Reviews are greatly appreciated, even if you just want to say "hi"!

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A feeling of invisible forces pushing in on every side.

A pressure in my very soul, building, mounting, boiling; threatening to explode.

Raw fear that rips and tears its way through me.

I need to go somewhere, to leave, but I can't.

Curled into a ball, I run my fingers through my thinning hair.

Trembling now, I try and reassure myself.

"Everything will be ok." I mutter.

The notion is as crazy as I am.

I need to hear the words, not say them.

It needs to be a fact, a truth, not the false hope that it is now.

I need someone to tell me that everything will be alright.

I don't want to be alone.



Please tell me that everything will be alright.