Covert Mission

Faster, Harder she remembered thinking as her lover thrust himself inside of her over and over gain. She clawed at his back urging him on. This was passion, this was satisfaction. Max didn't know of any one else that could make her feel this way. She just wished she had stopped trying to fight this sooner. This was what she needed, this is what she wanted. Completion, and that was what Alec was giving her, satisfaction is what she felt. Max cried out, not in pain, but in pleasure when Alec sunk his teeth into her naked shoulder. He grabbed her thighs as he continually pushed himself deeper inside of her.


The previous 2 hours….


9:30 pm

Max, Alec, Sketchy, and Original Cindy were sitting around their usual table as usual.

"So what's there to talk about?" asked Sketchy, "oh I know! How come you and Alec didn't tell me you were mutants?"

"Because not only is it dangerous for you to know but I didn't want everyone to know," said Max.

"Yeah and instead of 'mutants' do you think you could either call us…um, genetically engineered, genetically superior, or just your regular X5?" asked Alec.

"I just think it's cool though, freaky, but cool, my two best friends."

"Shut up Sketchy," said OC

* ring * * ring *

"Hold on," said Alec answering his phone, "what? Yeah hold we'll be there."

"What's up?" asked Max.

"We gotta go," he said, "Pregnant X-series and fascist mobs don't mix."

"Dammit! Where?"

"Couple blocks from here."

"Both of you get going!" said Original Cindy waving them off.

Alec and Max were out of Crash and down the street in an instant. They had to get to the transgenic before the mob did. Attacking a pregnant woman, human or non, how low could they get?


Max and Alec were down where the Terminal City crowd said she'd be. It was quite quiet. They rounded a couple corners and found the mob.

"Where'd it go?"

"How should I know."

"We have to kill it before it breeds."

"That's sick," said Max as she and Alec peered around the corner, "let'skeep going she has to be around here somewhere."

"Right," said Alec.

They headed down a couple of alleyways before finding a lone figure hunched over breathing heavily.

"Is that her?" asked Max.

"I don't know," he said, "HEY! Are you okay?"

"Real subtle."


The transgenic turned her head, eyes wide with fear and ready to take off.

"Hey wait it's okay," said Max, "we're X5."

"We'll take you some place safe," said Alec as Max showed the frightened transgenic her barcode.

"Come on," said Max approaching her and taking her arm gently, "are you in labour?"

"No, I'm not due for another month, it just takes more energy to run."

"Let's go then." Said Alec helping her along with Max. Next stop Terminal City.


A/N: I think I'm going to put this into 2-3 chapters. It will be NC-17 as with the first paragraph suggests. This is my first lemon attempt so yeah.

Hope you like it so far.

Disc.: Dark Angel belongs to Cameron/Eglee etc.