Bad Boy


Mulder turns abruptly when the familiar voice filters into his mind. It wasn't hte woman who'd once stolen a kiss from him, was it?

Deep, soulful eyes collided instantly with his and the dark cascades of her hair are just as he remembers, falling down her shoulders.

"You!" he says sharply.

It is her.

He quickly darts his eyes around them for the man she'd left with on their previous meeting. He's not there. No one is there but the two of them.

"I missed you," she purrs seductively. "Did you miss me?"

Swallowing, he takes a step back. "Vala, isn't it?"

Her eyes widen slightly. "You know my name." It's almost a question, but not quite.



He frowns: she looks put off. "Is something wrong?"

"I rather liked you not knowing my name. It made things.. more fun."

"Oh. I'm sorry."

She studies him for a moment.

He stares back.

"Do you have any handcuffs?" she asks suddenly. "You are an FBI agent, are you not?"

He nods, mutely.

"That might make up for you learning my name," she hints, reaching for the handcuffs where they hang by his hip.

"Oh yeah? How will they do that?"

She smirks and his heart leaps to his throat. "Oh, wouldn't you like to know," she smirks. She runs the nail of her index finger along his neck and up the line of his jaw.

He hsivers. "Yes. God yes."

Taking his hands, she locks one in the handcuffs - and she locks the other handcuff around a metal pole with a parking metre sign attached to it. He allows her to do so without so much as a concerned smile.

There's a clink as the cuffs scrape across the metal and he looks at her eagerly.

"Bored now," she says brightly. "But this was fun for a few minutes. We'll have to do it again some other time." She twirls a strand of hair around her finger and leaves him there, walking backwards.

He groans.

"By the way," she says, and he frowns when she waves his wallet in the air so he can see it. "You've been a very bad boy, Mr FBI Agent."