The Moat

"For crying out loud!" Donna exclaimed.

"What? What did I do?"

"Not you, you... space man! That!" She glared at him and then turned a little to one side and pointed. What had been a small river just hours ago was now huge. Water had filled it and was beginning to creep up over the bridge. It had become like a moat around the island the Doctor had parked the TARDIS on.

"How are we supposed to get back now?" she asked. "And don't even suggest we go through that!"

"It's the only way, Donna. We're going to have to swim."


He gave a short laugh. "I'm joking. You wait here where those monsters might come and eat your face, and I'll go and get the TARDIS. I'll be right back."

Donna watched him as he headed toward the bridge. She considered his words. She knew he was messing around with her, but it could be that the monsters would come after her anyway. It wasn't hte most friendly planet they visited.

"Fine!" She reached down and pulled the length of her dress up a little so it wouldn't go in the water, and then she followed the Doctor. He was halfway over the bridge already, knee deep in water though he seemed not to notice it. A grin on his face, he trudged toward the TARDIS.

Donna growled and stepped onto the bridge. "For crying out loud," she said again. "Another pair of shoes ruined."