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It's safe to say that so far, this day sucked. James had come to school earlier to talk to Mr. Collins about forgetting the detention slip on his way out the day before; instead of one day of detention, he wound up with the entire week for two hours each day. He concluded that his dreams of getting into Harvard, or any other Ivy League, had been single-handedly kicked to the dirt and stepped on ruthlessly by his damn math teacher.

When they were finished talking (or maybe more like loud lecturing on Mr. Collins' part), the other students have already started to file in. James scooted his frames higher up and sighed in defeat as he retreated to his desk, right behind Logan… and some stupid cheerleader sitting on the jock's desk. He warily glanced at the brunette giggling at something Logan said, a lock of her chocolate brown hair wound around her slim fingers, as he cautiously took a seat in his chair.

"So you still haven't answered my question, silly!" she scoffed, playfully pushing Logan on the shoulder.

James made a gagging face and decided to try to stop eavesdropping by taking out his binders and notebooks.

"Right, and what was your question again?" Logan chuckled, raising an eyebrow. That earned a painfully high-pitched squeal from the girl.

"Would you mind going to prom with me?"

James snapped his head to the two talking in front of him, eyes wide and mouth slightly parted in shock. You better say no, Logan.

"Oh right," he smiled, shifting in his chair with unease. "But Natalie, a guy like me with a gorgeous girl like you? I don't know…"

James' hands curled into a fist and he was nearly shaking. What the hell was his boyfriend doing flirting with this slut?

"Yeah right, Logan. You're, like, so much hotter than me." She rolled her eyes and snapped the gum in her mouth.

And I'm, like, about to kick you in the vagina.

It was so difficult for James to not just explode and slap the girl back to wherever she came from. He quirked an eyebrow, waiting for Logan to respond, as he stared at his calculator and pretended to do a math problem.

"I'll think about it, how about that?" he smirked, touching her leg gently.

That did it. James pushed back his chair, an ear-shattering screech echoing in the small room. Everyone turned to face him, even Logan who was giving him a confused look, and suddenly, James didn't have the nerve to confront his "boyfriend" anymore. Not when everyone was watching. He silently stood up and approached the teacher, who grumbled at the sight of the nerd.

"What now?" he hissed.

James ignored the annoyance in Mr. Collins' voice and simply requested for the bathroom pass.

"Class is almost starting, Mr. Diamond. Please return to your seat."

The room was still unbearably silent now, and James could feel a rush of heat to his face. Now he felt the embarrassment. Everyone was gawking at him throwing a weird silent tantrum, only to return back to his seat because he was unable to storm out like he had hoped to.

When the upset boy passed Logan, they exchanged looks. James shot him a "you're fucking dead to me later" look and Logan just appeared to be extremely lost and confused.

For the rest of the period, James managed to hide himself behind the math textbook, which in turn minimized the crumpled up notes with insults scribbled messily on them thrown at his head. Or maybe he just didn't really take notice because he was too busy wishing to die in a hole at the moment. The date yesterday night had went so well. They talked about their interests and whatnot, and learned about each other. For example, James learned that Logan loved sushi and old classic rock music, which he thought was so hot. Not loving sushi, but his taste for classic rock music. James had told him his dream of studying at Harvard for either law or biology, or maybe even physics. Either way, an Ivy League was a part of his dream. A smile played on James' lips as he remembered the pause after they were pretty much done talking about their personal selves; Logan had leaned in for a kiss slowly, as if testing James' reaction, and gently pressed his lips to James'. It was short and sweet, his lips tasted like vanilla, and it was perfect. It was James' first kiss, and it couldn't have gone any better.

"Mr. Diamond."

He was pulled out of his memory of last night and back into the present. He lowered his math book and saw Mr. Collins smiling at him, almost deviously.

"Since you weren't paying attention, why don't you tell the whole class what this limit app-"

"One," James responded immediately, adding a tiny yawn to irk the teacher. It was a successful endeavor; Mr. Collins made a low noise in his throat, irate apparent on his face, and turned back to the class.

Logan twisted around and sent him a congratulatory smile, but James coldly refused to acknowledge him. From James' peripherals, he could see his grin fading into a small frown and he turned back to face the front of the room.

The bell soon rang and James was one of the first students to leave for lunch. The air was just getting a bit thin in Mr. Collins' room, and hopefully the cafeteria would be better. When he arrived, Carlos was already waiting for him. Well, er, sort of. The Latino was leaning forward on his elbows on the table with his face in his hands, sending loving looks at the blonde exchange student. Kendall's eyebrows were high on his forehead, hands waving violently as he was telling Carlos a story probably, too oblivious to note Carlos' stare.

As James approached the two, Kendall flicked his eyes over and waved, interrupting his story. Carlos blinked and turned around to greet me, patting me on the back, as if he wasn't just lost in his daydreams about Kendall.

"Hey, so how was math? Did Mr. Collins slaughter you?" Carlos laughed.

"He might as well should've. My detention got extended," James glumly recalled, grimacing as he dropped his head onto the table. "Kill me now."

"Okay, drama queen, seriously, detention doesn't mark the end of the fucking world." Carlos forcefully lifted his friend's head up, a concerned look donned on his face. "What's wrong with you today?"

"Do you know how hard it is to watch your own boyfriend flirt with some whore right in front of you?"

"Can't say I do. But I feel like there's always more to the story than the little glimpse you give me. So I'm going to ask you to tell me the context of the story too. Who was this girl, why was he flirting, and how he was flirting?"

"So Natalie, the cheerleader, asked him to prom, and he said maybe. And he made some stupid remark about how she's too pretty for him, and touched her leg, and made my esophagus burn with rising acid," James explained through gritted teeth.

"And did you talk to him about this?" Carlos suggested, but then let out a small noise, disgruntled. "Wait, oh right, you're dating in secret."

"Don't be so mean, Carlos," Kendall piped up, lightly hitting Carlos on the arm. "He's already feeling bad."

"Yeah, listen to your boyfriend." James smirked at the two of them turning beet red at his words.

"We're not dating," Carlos muttered, staring at anywhere but his two friends beside him.

Before James could respond, he heard the unmistakable squeak of giggle coming from behind him. Sure enough, Logan and Natalie were approaching with the brunette attached to his arm. Logan didn't seem to have much of a problem, and continued to laugh with her.

James darted his eyes toward Kendall and Carlos who were shocked to see Logan act like that blatantly in front of his boyfriend.

"Follow my lead," Kendall whispered. He got up from his seat and squeezed in between Carlos and James. He set his hand on James' knee, earning a "what the hell are you doing?" look from both James and Carlos. He threw his head back and started laughing obnoxiously, drawing attention from basically everyone in a 10 feet radius. "That's so funny, Jamie."

The German scooted closer, making sure Logan noticed their shoulders touching. "So, um, I'm new here, and I need a tour guide. Do you think you can show me around, maybe take me to a good restaurant." He blinked flirtatiously at James and his lips curled into a bashful smile.

James awkwardly grinned back and reluctantly placed his hand onto Kendall's knee as well. "I think I know a few places…" He winked, emitting a fake titter from the blonde.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw the discomfort in Logan's composure as he casually brushed the girl off of his arm and glared daggers at James. James turned to look at him, raising an eyebrow smugly, then turned back to pretend flirt with Kendall. In that moment, Logan reached for Natalie's hand and announced loudly, "You know what, Natalie, I'd love to take you to prom."

James snapped his head towards the couple walking away now, gaping in utter astonishment. He couldn't believe what he had just heard. He subconsciously balled his hand into a fist and slammed it down on the table.

"Calm down, Hulk, don't let him get to you." Carlos had switched seats with Kendall again, and pinned James' fist down onto the table.

"He just agreed to take her to prom!" James spluttered, almost forgetting every single word in the English language out of pure anger. "I am allowed to go Hulk!"

"Don't. He's just trying to get on your nerves. See, this is why dating in secret is not good, especially with a player like Logan. I hate to be blunt, but it doesn't seem like you mean much to him if he's going to be ashamed of you and hide your relationship while he flirts it up with dumb whores like Natalie," Carlos sighed.

"Well, then what should I do?"

"Deal with this after school. No need to humiliate him and yourself by Hulk smashing his and poor Natalie's face. In the meantime, let's go get food and actually eat because I'm starving!"

James grimly nodded and followed the two to the lunch line, absolutely deprived of an appetite. He felt slightly nauseous, and Carlos' whole spiel about how he probably meant nothing to the jock just made everything a bit worse. His heart felt empty and truthfully, he wanted to just break down and cry. But he knew he couldn't. He had gotten himself into this by agreeing to date in secrecy. That was the plan. What he didn't know a day ago was that it sure was a hell of a lot harder than he had anticipated.

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