Authors Notes: This story is originally from Rhi's account Rhi(dot)Destiny(dot)Fighter but has been moved here and is currently being re-written in a writing style which is more up-to-date. This story will not be updateed often at all this year because I am completeing my final year of schooling in year 12 and unfortunatly have no spare time to write for pleasure. Please hang on with me while I go through this rugh patch in my life for it shall only last one year. Thank you. ^^

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Eric Robbins has been living with the Saito family for just over a month, since he entered the student exchange program. Originally from America, Eric still has yet to get used to the area. But, being the genius that he is, he has made it into To-Oh University where he befriends Yagami, Light. Normally Saito, Yukio, the second son of the Saito family, would walk Eric home, but Yukio comes down with a fever and has to go home early, leaving Eric to find his way back alone.

He is an innocent, friendly, 18 year old boy with an above average IQ and a strong sweet tooth. Despite all that, Eric still hardly ever makes friends due to the fact that he is ridiculously hyper most of the time. This includes, but is not limited to, random fan-boy moments, his very physical nature and is tendency to stare longingly at anything containing sugar for exceedingly long moments in time, or until he obtains the item. The sugar dependency is a result of his low tolerance to any and all natural sugars. All in all, Eric is a very smart and crazy person that many people tend to try to avoid if they know what is good for them.