A/N: This takes place after Dallas, right after the end of the story.

Title: Paradox

(Main) Characters: 0.04, OC

Summary: The Umbrella Academy comes back to the present after failing to save JFK to find everything the way it is since they left. But every little move made in the past changes the future. These heroes meet a new member of Temps Aternalis and they soon find out that his mission was to correct a mistake they have caused; to 'correct' 0.04.

November 22

Very carefully, Dac Kien climbed down the metal bars that led to the Umbrella Academy's underground headquarters. He tried his best not to slip or make a sound, although it didn't matter because of what he was about to do. Dac Kien's superiors taught him better than to just barge in and attack, that way his enemies would get him before he acted. He was a sneaky man, and having managed to locate the Umbrella Academy's current location and flawlessly enter proves that. However, his unnoticed entry was just a routine, he did it everytime he was on a mission, even if it was unnecessary. Once he had his feet touch the ground, Dac Kien tiptoed into a cramped hallway then he stopped at his destination.

"Levitation saves time, but that's no fun," he said out loud to himself, smirking.

He pushed his sunglasses up and chuckled before he started banging on the door before him. There was a sign on it that read "0.04."

"Number Four! Get over here!" He yelled as he repeatedly pounded on the steel door.

"Who the hell is that?"

Dac Kien turned around and realized that the voice came from an intimidating man with an eyepatch and looked like he needed a shave.

"The Kraken, right? Wow, it's the first time I ever met you in person. But I did my research before going on this mission, so don't assume that I don't know anything about you. I know every little detail about you and your crazy little family," Dac Kien leaned closer to the man and took his sunglasses off to scrutinize him as his Asian eyes squinted even more that they looked like lines.

The man that he instantly identified as The Kraken quickly pointed a knife at his throat.

"Listen, I don't know who the hell you are, or how the hell you got in, but if you don't get out of here now, I'm going to slit your throat. Then I'll slowly move down to the rest of your body so I can rip out every organ in your system and make sure that you die a slow, bloody, miserable death," Kraken threatened.

"Is that so?" Dac Kien asked with a smile, followed by ridiculous laughter.

A nearby door creaked open as a blue haired woman walked out.

"Who's your visitor, Diego?" she asked irritably.

"Visitor? He's an intruder!" Kraken blurted out with the knife still pointed at the unwelcome guest.

Dac Kien laughed until it sounded like he was forcing himself to, so he stopped and finally said "Go ahead and kill me! It wouldn't make a difference! I'm not even supposed to exist. Pretty ironic, since I'm part of the Temps Aternalis."

"Temps Aternalis? As in Number Five's organization?" the woman, called Rumor, said without sounding like a question.

"Yes. The Legendary Number Five. I look up to that guy. Best freaking assassin out there!" Dac Kien exclaimed.

Right on cue, Number Five, the senior who physically appeared to be a young boy, walked in and stared at the intruder.

"Guess he looks up to me, then. Ha! It's a pun," the intruder joked.

Almost immediately, Kraken put away his knife in a flash, then he punched Dac Kien in the face so hard that he left a dent in the end of the hallway.

"I'll ask you one last time," Kraken hissed, "Who...the hell...are you?"

Dac Kien shakily stood up and took his sunglasses off to examine the small crack that was left from the hit.

"My grandmother gave me these sunglasses," he growled.

"I heard you say that you weren't supposed to exist. Explain," Number Five demanded.

"I'm the result of forbidden love," Dac Kien stated.

"Be specific,"

"My parents broke the laws of time. I'm a result of a paradox, yet I was accepted into the organization dedicated to maintaining the space-time continuum!"

"Space-time continuum," Kraken broke in, "You're Klaus's fucking son, aren't you?"

"Bingo," Dac Kien smirked as he put his damaged eyewear back on.

"Wait," Rumor broke in, "But I thought- It always seemed that Klaus is-"

"Gay? Yeah Number Four gets that a lot. Apparently, so do I." Dac Kien said while he rubbed his fingernails on his jacket and stared at them in a girly manner.

"Then what are you doing here? Séance isn't even home!" Kraken roared.

"Looks like I've dishonored my superiors once again. Can't even find the exact location of my target. Well, it was nice meeting the family. See ya!" He rose a few inches off the ground and floated his way to the exit.

"Target? So you are going to 'correct' Number Four?" Number Five interrupted.

"What else does the Temps Aternalis do? Of course I'll correct him!"

"He's going to kill Klaus," Rumor said in monotone.

"The idiot can protect himself. If he's drunk, then I don't really give a damn," Kraken muttered.

"Aren't you guys gonna wish me luck?" Dac Kien called out before levitating his way out of the vault.

Number Five and Rumor just gawked at him and walked away. Kraken threw a knife at him before following his siblings' action.

"Hey! You still don't know who the hell I am! The name's Dac Kien, by the way. It means 'acquired wisdom or knowledge.' Perfect name for a T.A. agent, but my superiors always called me a moron."