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His body ached as he struggled to open an eye as the sounds of shouting from his crew alerted him to another presence. After having fought the Shichibukai Jimbei to a stalemate after five gruelling days, he had little strength remaining. "Which one of you boys want to take my head?" boomed a voice filled with power. "If you want it so badly, here's your chance."

"Captain, its Whitebeard," shouted the first mate, the statement forcing Ace's eyes open. Portgaz D. Ace forced himself to his hands and knees as the intimidating form of Whitebeard leapt from the top of his ship and landed in front of the pirates, the shockwave sending several of the crewmates scattering in all directions. Whitebeard stood protectively next to Jimbei, protecting his friend as Ace got to his feet, using whatever little strength he had left to remain stable. He looked Whitebeard in the eye, a man whose strength was known across the world. He had figured that one of the strongest men in the world would look at him with a happy face, looking upon a fool who would challenge against his great name. The look of surprise however was not one that he had expected.

"Enjoumou!" shouted Ace, a wall of fire separating his crew from Whitebeard, his crew who had recovered still looking at their captain in shock as a golden glow began to surround the teenager.

"This is interesting," said Whitebeard as he studied the youth before him.

"Run you guys," shouted Ace through the flames behind him, unaware of what was occurring to him.

"Are you backing away after all?" questioned Whitebeard, putting the glowing to the back of his mind momentarily.

Ace turned to face Whitebeard determination written across his face. "Let my nakama go, and in their stead I'll stay right here," he proclaimed boldly.

"You snot nosed brat," chuckled Whitebeard. "Do you even know what's going on with your body at the moment?"

Ace blinked a few times before looking at his hand and for the first time seeing the faint glow as pieces of him began to break off and float towards the sky, terrifying the boy. "What's happening to me!" he shouted in fear as his hand began to vanish. His eyes then turned back to Whitebeard with scorn. "You did this to me!"

"I can tell you I did nothing of the sort boy, this is beyond anything I've ever seen on this vast sea," said Whitebeard, his voice carrying wisdom within his words.

"What's happening captain!" shouted the Spade Pirates from beyond the other side of the flames.

"I told you guys to run!" he shouted as he forced his wrist to become flames in an attempt to regenerate his hand but to no avail as more of his body began to break away and fly towards the sky. With his teeth clenched he turned to Whitebeard. "If I'm dying by some disease, I tell you now," he said before he lunged forward, his fist arched back. "I'm going to go down fighting the best there is!"

Whitebeard couldn't help but smile as a ball of fire was sent towards his face, but as he knocked it aside as if it was nothing, he found that Ace had vanished, not a single trace for him left bar from the destruction he and Jimbei had caused. Just like that, as his crew cried for him in sorrow and towards Whitebeard in anger, the captain of the Spade Pirates, Portgaz D. Ace, vanished from the world, never to be seen again.


'This feeling, I remember this feeling. This is what it felt like before I ate the Mera Mera no Mi and became a fire man. I feel cold.'


Gajeel looked towards the sky smoke rising from the other side of the plaza, a commotion which he had planned only an hour ago using the barest materials he could find. "There's a commotion to the north of the plaza! Somebody must be after the lacrima!" he shouted loud enough so that the guards surrounding the lacrima could hear him. It had taken him a long time to find the giant crystal which contained the guild he called home but now he had managed to get close enough to the lacrima which held his guild members trapped within. Mystogan had explained to him that only the power of a dragon slayer could shatter the lacrima and return his friends back to normal.

"North, damn it that's where our formation is at its weakness," said one of the guards in disgust before he turned to his comrades. "Send two thirds of the guards around to the back of the lacrima, the rest move the spectators back."

"Move back please," said several of the soldiers as they started crowd control, only for a single member of the crowd to remain alone, the cloak hiding Gajeel's features.

A vicious smile crossed Gajeel's lips as he saw the crowd disappear from around him. "Okay, now I can really cut loose," he proclaimed before turning around, tossing his cloak to the side as he did so, the black insignia of Fairy Tail proudly worn on his shoulder. As the guards tried to recover from their shock, Gajeel charged forward his fist pulled back as a magic glow surrounded it. "That Mystogan guy seemed pretty fishy to be but I'll trust him for now. Pillar of the Iron Dragon!" he shouted as his fist transformed into a giant metal rod that struck several guards who had been unprepared for such an attack.

Leaping high into the air, his hand transformed again into a serrated blade, as he descended towards the blue crystal. "Sword of the Iron Dragon!" he shouted as the blade crashed into the lacrima, sending several chunks scattering across the floor. "I'm not done yet." With that battle cry he slammed his sword-arm into the lacrima, causing the crystal to light up in a brilliant display of colours, which caused those still watching to gape in awe. Gajeel landed in front of the civilians, smiling at the light in front of him until it began to shrink into the forms of three people.

All around both civilians and soldiers were shocked at the development as the bare-chested blue haired man and the woman who looked similar to one of the army generals got to their knees slowly. "What the...only three?" said Gajeel having thought that the lacrima contained the strength of the entire Fairy Tail guild. Then his eyes shifted to the man whom had yet to get up, his body covered with battle wounds, the twitching of his fingers the only indication that he was alive. From his lips he muttered the name "Luffy" over and over as if reliving bad memories only for it to not be heard over the commotion. Shaking his head, he looked towards the two familiar faces, "Oi wake up. Pay Attention!"

Getting to their feet, Erza Scarlett and Gray Fullbuster opened their eyes to find themselves in a strange world surrounded by men in uniform brandishing their weapons threateningly. "You're awake," said Gajeel in a light hearted tone, the fact the guards were starting to mobilize not fazing him in the slightest.

"Gajeel?" said Erza in confusion as she and Gray looked around trying to figure something out.

"You fiend!" shouted one the guards rushing forward with his spear, his courage enlisting the strength of the rest of the soldiers as they charged forward ready to deal swift justice to the man whom had robbed them of magical power.

"You won't get away with this!" shouted another.

Gray sneered as he placed his hands together, his right fist landing in his left palm as he channelled his magical energy to find that he couldn't feel anything. "I can't use magic!" he said in shock which caused Erza's jaw to drop as she tried to channel her magic to find that she couldn't summon a weapon.

"I'll explain later," said Gajeel as he took a bite out of a chunk of metal, preparing to deal with the guards when his eyes fell on the third man who had miraculously gotten to his feet.

"Are you alright?" asked Erza noticing the damaged condition the man was in.

"What happened to him?" asked Gray as the man lifted his head.

"Don't lay a finger on Luffy!" he shouted, his words carrying a fierce power that forced Gray, Erza and Gajeel to be blown back a couple of feet, the Fairy Tail wizards struggling to hold their feet.

"What was that?" asked Erza before the sound of crashing was heard all around them only to find that everybody who had been around the three people who had been locked in the lacrima and the one who had freed them unconscious on the ground. Erza, Gray and Gajeel just looked on in shock as the civilians began to run for their lives in fear of what may happen to them. A final crash was heard causing the wizards' heads to turn to find that the man had fallen unconscious.

"Grab him and let's go before more guards rock up," shouted Gajeel recovering first. Gray responded by opening and closing his mouth several times before shaking his head and grabbing the limp body and chucking it over his shoulder, subconsciously feeling the heat radiate off the body not like that of a normal human.

The three wizards ran through the streets before they came to an isolated alleyway, Erza looking around the nearby streets to ensure that they hadn't been followed. Getting the signal that they were safe, Gray laid the body of the mysterious man on the ground, leaning his torso against the wall of a nearby building. "Alright Gajeel explain where we are?" asked Erza looking at the former member of Phantom Lord.

"We're not in our world anymore, the world here is called Edolas," explained the iron dragon slayer. "Their world is run by magic and they were able to target Fairy Tail as a suitable source of magic to fill their needs, in short they turned everyone into a lacrima to try and harness our magic power."

"That's insane," said Gray as Gajeel pulled a small container out of his pocket. "What's those?"

"These will allow you to use magic in Edolas," explained Gajeel as he opened the container, plucking three of the balls out. "Mystogan gave them to me."

"Mystogan?" said Erza confused, knowing the face behind the mysterious man's mask.

"Yea, he gave me these pills and explained the situation to me before sending me here," he said as he handed a ball to both Erza and Gray. "I thought when I smashed that lacrima it would have had everyone inside, but since only you guys were in there that means there is a lacrima even bigger lying around somewhere with the guild inside."

"So we've got to free everyone," stated Gray as he swallowed the ball, allowing himself to feel the familiar sense of magic running through him once again.

"Then that raises the question," said Erza as she swallowed her ball before looking at the man against the wall. "Who is this?"

"Ace..." said the man, his voice barely louder than a whisper.

"What was that?" asked Erza as she knelt beside the man, brushing the bloodied hair out of his face.

"My name," he said raising his face, looking Erza directly in the eye, "Is Portgaz D. Ace."


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