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The event of today's competition portion of the Grand Magic Games was Chariot; a game where the competitors make their way across moving platforms in a race to the finish. If one were to ignore the pitiful forms of the three Dragon Slayers who had struggled to make it past the first platform and focus on the rest of the mages they would find a very competitive race. Over half the distance had been covered by the five remaining contestants with Kurohebi of Raven Tail leading the way, his slender form seemingly allowing him to maintain a fast pace throughout the course of the race without the need for him to rely on his magical abilities.

Seemingly content in second place, Yuuka of Lamia Scale decided to ensure that with the solid possibility that he would not drop below fifth place as a result of the three Dragon Slayers, he decided to play his trump card early on.

"Wave boost!" he shouted as he used his magic from his hands to push himself forward.

"I feel funny," commented Risley of Mermaid Heel as she sat behind in the afterglow of Yuuka's technique.

"My magic negates the effect of your magic when you're in my shockwave," explained Yuuka confidently as he looked over his shoulder at the three competitors that he could see. While he knew that the he was closing on the member of Raven Tail he had to be cautious of whatever could come from behind him. Risley he wasn't so worried about but rather it were the other two competitors. Bacchus of Quatro Cereberus was well known as a powerful mage and as a result he had to be cautious of what could potentially come. At the same time however, the final opponent could be even more dangerous and undoubtedly the only reason that he wasn't leading at the moment was because Sanji had been flirting with Risley for a good portion of the race.

"Never underestimate a chubby girl," warned Ridley as she started running to the side of the narrow passage to the edge of the platform where her magic could once again be utilised. In spectacular fashion she began to run across the side of the platform, the gravity around her seemingly becoming perpendicular to the normal effects of gravity.

"Risley-chan's so cool," admired Sanji, Yuuka's wave seemingly having no effect on him.

"Seems like everybody's trying their best," said Bacchus from his position at the back of the pack. The member of Quatro Cerberus hadn't been able to put in a great effort up to this point due to the effects of the previous night still hanging over his head. Despite having traces of alcohol in his system he had been surprisingly clear headed as he focused on the form of Sanji that sat in front of him. The blonde man simply ran through the magic negating wave with seemingly no problems at all, taking all of it in stride as if he wasn't bothered by it at all. A vicious smirk crossed Bacchus' face as he decided to spice up the game a bit. Lifting his foot high into the air, he slammed it down onto the platform he was standing on and the effect was almost instantaneous.

The carriage Bacchus had been standing on had split clean in two, the wooden planks unable to withstand the wrath of the man from Quatro Cerberus. All of the platforms in front were also affected by the assault, shaking left, right, up and down, tossing both Risley and Yuuka to all fours, thankfully still managing to hold on to their platforms without falling down to the street below them.

In the stands everone stared in awe at the pure strength the man had before the drunken guild member charged forward, his mind set on the task ahead. While he knew that to finish the race in first place would not be a problem now that all of the platforms had been destroyed, he had another task to do before he got there. As he ran forward he spotted the blonde haired form of Sanji helping Risley to her feet, even in this moment the member of the Straw Hat guild seemingly cared about the wellbeing of the opposing team player more than anything else. This of course provided the perfect opportunity for Bacchus as he struck Sanji viciously across the side of the head with enough force to knock him into the air and away from the carriage.

"Sanji, the member of the Straw Hats has been knocked off of the platform!" shouted Chapati from the stand as both Yajima and the guest judge of the day, Jason of the weekly sorcerer, watched to see if Sanji had any way to ensure his team did not fall into last place again. While it didn't seem likely, both of them knew not to underestimate the abilities of the members of the Straw Hats.

"Later suckers!" he shouted out as he closed the gap on Kurohebi, the member of Raven Tail seemingly having managed to avoid a good deal of the destruction to maintain a solid lead. With Bacchus' speed however the mage quickly caught up and claimed first place, the other members of the competition still finding their way back into the contest.

Reaching the end of the platforms, Bacchus turned as he made his way towards the finish line. With the goal line in sight, he could almost smell the ten points that would be added to his team, either that or it was the Sake he would devour later that night. What he never smelt coming however was a foot colliding with the side of his head and knocking him out of bounds, dropping Quatro Cerberus from first place in the race to dead last with no hope of climbing further.

Lifting his head out of the dirt, Bacchus looked towards the finish line to see Sanji standing there casually lighting a cigarette. Bacchus wasn't really angry at what had happened, but more confused than anything, wondering how Sanji had not been eliminated from the race when he had been knocked off of the platform. Undoubtedly the crowd knew but he hadn't been bothered to listen to the commentator's outbursts and rather simply focused on the task at hand.

Despite the standoff that seemed to be underway, Kurohebi was still charging home having reached the final platform. Even though the finish line was in sight he could see the one vicious obstacle that stood in front of him and while he had confidence in his magic he didn't really want to show anything off at this stage that would hinder him when it eventually came for him to fight in the tournament. Running forward, he knew that he would have to outwit the competitor in front of him without slowing down for a second, any slipping in speed would undoubtedly cost him ten points which would undoubtedly impress Master Ivan.

Sanji turned his head to see the member of Raven Tail sprinting forward. While he had nothing against the black haired individual he couldn't forgive the team in general for what had happened to Lucy-chan.

Spotting his opening, Kurohebi pushed towards the left before quickly sidestepping widely left to try and fake Sanji out before jumping into the air hoping to simply outmanoeuvre the blonde. Sanji seemed to have been able to see through his entire strategy in an instance as he jumped up but for some reason the distance he had jumped was well beyond what was necessary. Before Kurohebi could even contemplate what was going on, he felt the vicious strike from Sanji strike him fiercely in the back of the head. That was the last thing Kurohebi felt in the game, the strike having knocked him out cold before he even hit the ground.

"Impressive," commented Bacchus, the member of Quatro Cerberus having been able to pick up the technique Sanji had performed.

"You managed to see it then," said Sanji as he took the cigarette from his lips and exhaled a small puff of smoke.

"You pushed yourself off the ground and above him, then somehow kicked the air above you with enough force to actually propel yourself downwards where you struck out at that guy," analysed Bacchus. "I take it when I knocked you off the platform you simply kicked across the air and made your way here?" Bacchus received no answer for his question which he quickly figured out was a simple 'yes.' "I see, after that performance I can undoubtedly call you...'Wild.'"

A smile crossed Sanji's lips, the blonde having figured out that having called him 'Wild' seemingly meant that Bacchus was bestowing his best compliments upon the chef.

"And Risley of Mermaid Heel wins it!" shouted Chapati as the formerly chubby girl that had somehow managed to rid herself of her pudgy form crossed the finish line in first place. "Quickly following behind her is Yuuka of Lamia Scale claiming eight points for his team."

"Shit," cursed Sanji as he realised that the race was still going and crossed the line, claiming third place despite having stood at the finish line for a solid minute.

"Sanji puts in a good performance for the Straw Hats and claims third place alongside having taken out two members of the contest," announced Chapati as Bacchus got to his feet, the member of Quatro Cerberus walking around the finish line. Lifting his head, the member of the wildest guild looked up at the lacrima vision to see the three dragon slayers marching forward despite their weakness clearly showing. Even though Natsu was in a spiel about how he would push through the pain for his guild because they were more than a family, Bacchus hardly paid it any attention as he looked at Sanji. Even though the blonde had proved that he was 'Wild' in this encounter, the next time they crossed paths in the tournament he couldn't help but wonder who would be the wilder one between them. Just the thought of the battle was enough to get his blood pumping, undoubtedly he would need a drink later to calm his senses.

Meanwhile Natsu and Gajeel had managed to push forward as far as they could, determined to make it to the line to prove their worth to Fairy Tail, the rest of the guild crying from up in the stands as the crowds cheered for Fairy Tail to push themselves forward and do their best. "Natsu Dragneel has managed to claw himself into fourth place earning Fairy Tail A four points while Gajeel Redfox follows closely behind to give Fairy Tail B three points for his effort to come in fifth. Sting of Sabretooth has given up, putting himself in seventh position earning Sabretooth one point while Kurohebi who is still unconscious mere feet from the finish line claims sixth place," announce Chapati.

"That shakes up the leader board a bit," commented Yajima.

"These games are so coooool!" shouted Jason as he pumped his fists several times.

"With the second competition coming to a close, the leader board stands as such," said Chapati as he began reading out the scores. "In first place is Lamia Scale with twenty four points leading the pack, closely followed by Raven Tail with twenty two points but at what cost? Third is the dominant Sabretooth with twenty one points while Mermaid Heel jumps to fourth with that win, securing themself ten points to give them a total of nineteen. The Straw Hats have eleven points which secures them fifth place while Fairy Tail A and B are tied for sixth, both teams having while Quatro Cerberus is on the bottom of the ladder with three points."

"With it only being the second day it is still any guild's game," said Yajima.

"Well it seems that Lamia Scale is going to be extending its lead," said Chapati. "Tobi of Lamia Scale was meant to be fighting Kurohebi of Raven Tail but I have been notified from the doctors that Kurohebi is unable to battle. Since Raven Tail haven't announced who their substitute is we have no choice but to..."

"Wait," shouted out a new voice. "There will still be a match."

"Here I was thinking I wouldn't get a chance to fight," said Tobi as he looked down the tunnel where his opponent was walking in from. The dog man's eyes focused as he tried to get a good look at his opponent.

"We have received notification from the tournament advisor that this man is the substitute for Raven Tail and only made it in to town as of recently hence why he was not here prior," explained Chapati as he read the latest notification that had been put in front of him. "I would announce his name but the form he has filled in has been done so in a different language, does this mean this new competitor is a foreigner of some kind?"

"In a way," chuckled the big man as he entered the open, the sun shining down on his form. For most of the audience they tried to take in the appearance of this man but for the members of the Straw Hats many of them looked on in a mix of anger, fear and confusion. Ace managed to notice the looks that his fellow companions from the Grand Line gave this new challenger and couldn't quite figure out what to make of it as he turned his head to focus on this man and the black beard that was undoubtedly his most prominent feature. "If it helps, call me Teach, zehahahahaha!"


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