Title:Bastard!! High
Author:Lady Phoenix
Disclaimer:Bastard!! is copyright of Kazushi Hagiwara, as are Kall Su and Dark Schneider.

The disclaimer
I don't own Bastard!! or any of the characters. They belong to Kazushi Hagiwara. None of the places mentioned in this fic belong to me either.

The warnings
Right now only that there's shonen ai. Swearing also, but right now no heavy swearing.

The title
Yes, I know, it's unoriginal, but it's staying.

The school
It's a school here in Montreal, I don't know anything about it though. I'm just using it's name because I would like to keep this as accurate as possible.

The curriculum
It's actually based on what I had to study in high school, unfortunately I went to a school that mixed two systems, so it's not too accurate. Most students in Quebec don't have this type of schedule. I just replaced my French classes with the English ones.

It's going to be mentioned quite a few times, so I better explain this now. In Quebec we do five years of high school, two years of CEGEP and three years of university, unless you end up in a program where you go to uni longer.

The thank yous
A big thank you to all those who reviewed "Tomorrow…"!

The Names
I'm using the French version of the names. Also, Dark Schneider is called Lucié Len Len, because, well, I doubt anyone would name their child D.S., and that's Lushe? Rushe?'s name in the French manga.

More information will be posted here as it becomes necessary. Enjoy the fic and please review!

Lady Phoenix.