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Chapter 4: Team Seven

"What? What problem?" Naruto asked still looking up at the large kitsune.

"Your chakra, there was too much of it when we returned. As it was nearly depleted when we got here it wasn't a problem but since it's recovered I've been trying to balance it." Kurama stated.

"What happens if you can't? And what about your chakra?" Naruto asked feeling a lump grow in his stomach. The Kyuubi's tails waved in irritation behind him.

"I am a chakra being, my chakra, both of me and my other self fused together within the seal. Your chakra that came back with you tried to do the same but since you were so young your body couldn't contain that much. Lucky at the time your chakra was severely drained, and since it wasn't completely fused to you it took a while to recover." Kurama explained impatiently as Naruto was giving him a dumb look.

"So… what now?" Naruto asked as he started to understand he was most likely in a bad position. The fox's eyes narrowed in annoyance.

"There was too much of your chakra flowing through you, and I haven't done anything, but as your own chakra has grown… if something isn't done you will overload, and die." Kurama said the last part in a flat voice thinking if the brat understood anything it would be that. "You can either store your chakra in a seal like you've been doing to save extra chakra for later, though it will return quicker each time you do that, or I can focus the chakra into you and enhance your body so you will be able to contain it." The large kitsune drawled bored.

"Enhance me? How?" Naruto asked scrunching up his face in confusion.

"I would be channeling the chakra into your body and blood it would flow through every part of you. You would hear, see and smell better than you already do, you would heal faster on your own without my chakra, and other things may come but that is as far as I know." Kurama said looking thoughtful, it should just super charge the kid's body but you never knew; Naruto was known to be unpredictable.

Naruto was about the answer when he was abruptly pulled out his mindscape by Sasuke shaking him. The blond gasped as his eyes shot open wide and he almost fell out of his chair. He hated being pulled out of his mind like that. Once his chair was on all four legs again Naruto turned to glare at the smirking Uchiha.

"Kakashi-sensei showed up, said that he didn't like us and to meet him on the roof." Sasuke answered the unspoken question of why he'd woken Naruto up while still smirking unashamed at his friend's reaction. Naruto huffed and got up pushing pass Sasuke and his irritating smirk as Sakura stood by the door watching, and waiting for her precious Sasuke-kun. Sasuke followed trying to stay as far from the pink hair girl as he could while they went up the stairs; soon they were on the roof and sitting down in front of their new sensei.

"Let's see, why don't you introduce yourselves?" Kakashi broke the silence of the three kids staring blankly at him, since none of the kids seemed to be even thinking about it.

"Introduce ourselves? What should we say?" Sakura asked before one of the boys tried to answer.

"Hmm, what you like, hate, your dreams, and hobbies. Something like that." Kakashi answered with a shrug.

"Hey, why don't you introduce yourself first, Sensei." Naruto cut in with a grin, wanting to see if Kakashi would give the same lame speech as in his first timeline. He wasn't disappointed.

"Me? I'm Hatake Kakashi. I have no intention of telling you my likes and dislikes." Kakashi paused for dramatic effect. Naruto' smirk widened, Sasuke just stared, while Sakura blinked making a quite 'huh?'

"As for my dream... I have a few hobbies." Kakashi finished. Naruto snorted, turning his head away, Sasuke rolled his eyes, and Sakura turned to both of them.

"So all we found out was his name." Sakura mumbled to them and Naruto nodded.

"Now it's your turn." Kakashi chirped cheerfully knowing that they had noticed he had just given them a bunch of words that didn't actually tell them anything. "You first." He stated nodding to Naruto.

Naruto paused for a moment wondering if he should give the same round about answer like Kakashi. However it just wasn't in his nature, he loved telling people about himself, even if they already knew him.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki. I like cup ramen. But I like ramen at Ichiraku's even more. I hate the three minutes that I have to wait after I put in the hot water to cook, people who think they're better than others, and snakes. My hobbies are to eat and compare cup ramens, learning new jutsu, and… I like seals. My dream is-" Naruto cut himself off mid-sentence and frowned thoughtfully. What was his dream? Of course he had wanted to be Hokage but was that really his dream now? What he wanted most?

"My dream is to make a better future, and… to bring peace to the elemental nations." Naruto had to pause to find the right words but he was sure of the words he said and he looked up with determination in his eyes. To say the least everyone was staring at him though Kakashi was the most surprised. From what he'd heard his sensei's son was a hyperactive prankster that could give the ANBU a run for their money.

While the ramen thing was almost expected from how much he heard the kid liked it, and the hobby with seals was interesting, it was the boy's dream that caught his attention. It wasn't the normal dream of a kid his age. Usually kids that age wanted to be 'a badass ninja' or something like that. To wish for peace mostly came from older people who knew what it was like to not have peace, to see war. Mentally filing it away for later Kakashi decided to move onto his next new student.

"Okay, next." Kakashi stated looking pointedly at Sakura. Catching his eye she hurried to comply.

"I'm Haruno Sakura! I like... well, the person I like is..." Sakura looked over at Sasuke who was doing his best to pretend she wasn't there. Naruto grinned widely trying not to laugh as the girl went on. "And my hobby is... well, my dream is to..." Sakura giggle and then made a squeal into her hands, while still glancing suggestively at Sasuke…

"And? What do you hate?" Kakashi asked hoping for something better than more fangirl-ism. Honestly it was hard for him not to cringe. He had fangirls at Sasuke's age… luckily for him there was a war so they died off pretty quickly.

"Naruto. And Ino-pig." Sakura stated bluntly. Naruto flinched, and frowned at her to cover up it had hurt. He still remembered her when they were friends, but that was another time, and hopefully they'd be friends again.

'Girls at her age must be more interested in love than ninja training.' Kakashi hummed in thought before moving on. "Last guy." The Jounin turned slightly towards Sasuke.

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke. I hate the girls who stalk and chase me around town, and there aren't a lot of things that I like, other than learning new jutsu. My dream is my goal, I will restore my clan, and... kill a certain man." Sasuke said refusing to look at the girl with hearts in her eyes even as he talked about hating fangirls. Naruto was sure his friend had moved behind him more, trying to hide subtly from her.

It sounded almost the same as the first time Naruto remembered Sasuke introducing himself to the team, but Naruto could notice the differences. Mostly it was the fact he knew the 'man' Sasuke wanted to kill wasn't his brother anymore, it was the guy in the orange mask. Plus he had actually given a few details about himself, not many but still.

"Alright, you three all have unique personalities. I like that. We're going to begin a mission starting tomorrow." Kakashi said eye smiling.

"What kind of mission?" Naruto asked though he already could guess.

"Survival training." The Jounin chirped too happily.

"Why are we going to train when it's a mission? We had plenty of training at the academy." Sakura asked confused and disappointed. Kakashi went on to explain about the 'training' and looked especially gleeful telling them the test had a fail rate of sixty-six percent and that they'd probably go back to the academy. Naruto looked surprised, though he wasn't, Sakura looked scared, and Sasuke looked determined not to fail.

Before he left Kakashi told them when and where to meet him tomorrow and that they shouldn't eat breakfast or they'd just be puking it back up later. The three teammates stared blankly at where he'd disappeared in a swirl of leafs before getting up and leaving themselves. They all had many thoughts about what they were going to do tomorrow. On the way out of the academy though Naruto got Sasuke's attention and they took off in the same direction before Sakura noticed or could follow.

Later that day Naruto walked through the village with a smirk most of the villagers knew to be wary of. Naruto paid them no mind though as he walked towards the Hokage mountain, Hinata wasn't supposed to meet him there until tomorrow, after training or in his case after the bell test… come to think of it he didn't know what kind of test Hinata would have. The blond mentally shrugged, he was sure she'd pass.

However even though he knew Hinata wasn't supposed to meet him there today he had nothing to do and felt pulled there. He didn't know exactly why but he always felt better up there where he could see the whole village, and while he always had lot of energy, on top of the mountain he felt calm enough to think deeper.

Finally arriving at the top of the long trail up the mountain Naruto walked straight to the edge completely unconcerned of falling off and sat down with his legs dangling high above the ground. He breathed deeply and smiled as he leaned back on his hands. His eyes went over the village stopping a few times on the places he went to more often, like the Hokage tower, the academy, the direction of his home that he couldn't see behind the other buildings, and of course Ichiraku's.

The colors in the sky were beautiful as the sun began to set and Naruto hoped tomorrow's would be just as nice so he could share it with Hinata. Naruto's eyes that had closed in the calming atmosphere opened at hearing a noise from behind him, he didn't move as he sensed the natural energy around him but didn't take it in like he would to go into sage mode. The boy smiled as he sensed who was behind him.

"You can come out." Naruto called calmly as he looked right to where he knew she was. He heard a small 'eep' and his smile turned into a grin. She came out from behind a tree slowly looking down. The blond boy watched taking in everything. The way she tapped her two index fingers together gently, how she looked down, the way her hair swayed slightly in the breeze. He felt his heart thump in his chest, she really was beautiful.

"You know we weren't really supposed to meet here till tomorrow." Naruto stated, not knowing really what else to say.

"Gomen." Hinata said ducking her head a little. "I just haven't come up here before and I wanted to make sure I could find it." She explained shifting her feet nervously. Naruto's smile never left his face.

"Don't be sorry, I'm glad you're here. You came just in time to see the sunset over the village. Sit with me?" Naruto asked holding out his hand towards her and hoping he wasn't asking too much, too soon of the shy Hyuuga.

Hinata smiled softly and took his hand timidly but sat down beside him without fainting, which Naruto took as encouragement and scooted a little closer to her. Though it was mostly to be closer to her it was also to be in a better spot to catch her if she did faint… they were pretty high up. They didn't say much as they watched the sunset, Hinata was content with the moment, and the only thing Naruto wanted more was to be holding her in his arms, but he was sure she would faint then.

Since she was holding his hand though and wasn't blushing too badly he figured it wouldn't be too much longer before she would let him hold her and stay conscious. Naruto smiled at the thought and squeezed Hinata's hand gently but didn't turn to see her reaction, after a moment though she squeezed his hand back and he relaxed. They stayed there liked that until the sun dipped below the horizon and it became dusk.

Naruto nudged Hinata gently as the sun finished dropping out of sight. She had slowly relaxed in his presence and was almost asleep, resting her head on his shoulder. He hated to wake her but he was sure her father would be sending someone out to look for her if she wasn't home soon. Hinata hummed and slowly lifted her head when he pushed his shoulder slightly against her.

"Time to wake up Hime." Naruto spoke so softly it was almost a whisper as he shifted to get a better look at her. His eyes softened at her sleepy face. Of course when she finally opened her eyes Hinata's cheeks swiftly turned pink. She was still a little confused though, on whether she was in a dream or not, and stayed quiet waiting for her brain to catch up.

"I'll walk you home okay?" Naruto asked trying not to smirk at her blush. He reach over her grabbing her opposite hand and stood up helping her do the same. Hinata nodded with a shy smile, still blushing though a little more than pink now.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun." She spoke softly and didn't look at him in fear of fainting.

"You're welcome Hime." Naruto smirked and began to walk slowly not letting go of her hand. Hinata's heart sped up and her blush darkened at the endearing name he'd just given her, to her knowledge, since she never remembered hearing it before, she thought she was still in a dream when she heard him trying to wake her but now she knew it was real, he called her princess. The happy smile on her face lasted long after Naruto dropped her off at her home.

Later that night Naruto lay awake in his bed staring up at the ceiling. He sighed know he had already made his choice and closed his eyes pushing himself into his mind. When he opened his eyes again he stood in front of the most powerful tailed beast in existence, and then he grinned up at him.

The next day Naruto got up and looked at himself in the mirror, seeing nothing different he shrugged and went to get ready for Kakashi's test. Though he did so at a leisurely pace knowing he wouldn't be later than his sensei. He didn't feel like starving himself again this time so he also took the time to eat breakfast even though it was already past the time the team was supposed to meet.

When he got to the training grounds he was an hour late and notice Sasuke was really not pleased. Sakura looked a little tired but still had the energy to sit close and talk a mile a minute to him, even though he wasn't even 'Hn-ing' back. When Sasuke spotted him the Uchiha glared. Sakura did too but for interrupting her 'Sasuke-kun' time, rather than for being late.

"Why are you so late Usuratonkachi?" Sasuke asked with an annoyed scowl, normally he wouldn't care if his friends was late, but he'd been left alone with that- that- fangirl for a whole hour, and she had never shut up. Naruto shrugged off his best friend's hostile tone knowing exactly why he was upset.

"Aa, I got a little lost on the road of life." Naruto said with a smile. Sasuke's eye twitched, but what could he really say to an answer like that? Though Naruto was sure he heard the Uchiha mumble 'idiot' as he sat down. The blond just smirked knowing he'd gotten under Sasuke's skin which he loved to do. Another hour and a half passed before Kakashi showed up.

"Yo." Kakashi appeared in front of the Genin with his classic eye smile, acting like he didn't even know he was extremely late. Sasuke frowned at the Jounin, while Naruto continued reading the book on seals he brought to pass the time, Sakura however grew a tick mark.

"YOU'RE LATE!" she yelled, stating the obvious. Naruto turned a page in his book never looking up but his lips twitching into a smirk as he remembered himself always yelling that along with his timeline's Sakura. Sasuke kept his face completely blank in his Uchiha stare, and Kakashi's smile never faltered. Yep, this was starting off nicely.

"Alright kiddies, all you have to do to pass my test and become ninja is get these bells from me." Kakashi stated happily holding up two bells. "If you don't get a bell from me by noon you will be sent back to the academy for another year." Kakashi said still far too happy in all three of his student's opinions. Sakura looked closer at the bells and blinked before half raising her hand like she was still in class.

"Um, Sensei?" Sakura called Kakashi's attention to her.

"Yes?" the Jounin replied wondering how she could have not understood what he'd said so far.

"There're only two bells," She stated pointing at them, "and there's three of us?" She finished in a questioning tone dropping the hand she was using to point at the bells.

"Oh, that's right; there are only two, so at least one of you is going back to the academy." Kakashi kept smiling happily throughout his whole reply.

Sakura's eyes widened in fear and looked over at her competition. Naruto while an idiot in her opinion was still the Hokage's son and better at the practical exercises than most, and then there was Sasuke Uchiha who not only was rookie of the year but she didn't want to take his place on the team because that meant she wouldn't be on the same team as her precious Sasuke-kun… not to mention stuck with Naruto. No this could only go one way, she had to beat Naruto and make sure she got a bell instead of him.

Sasuke was thinking something similar though he was thinking of cutting Sakura out and making sure only he and Naruto passed. Then he'd be rid of the annoying fangirl and only have to dodge his stalkers around the village. Naruto, while having an extra eighteen years of memories completely missed any clues that pointed to his teammate's competitive intentions. As he already believed he knew how things would go, and knew about the test he wasn't really paying attention… he would regret it later.

"Alright, to get these bells you'll have to come at me with the everything you have, with the intent to kill," Kakashi began as he saw his students had no more questionse, and before Sakura could protest his last instruct he gave them the go ahead. "Begin!"

Sasuke and Sakura disappeared into the nearby brush, but Naruto still stood where he was grinning. He knew it'd be a better tactic to run and hide against a more powerful opponent, well he was more powerful but Kakashi was still more skilled, so it would still be a good idea to get some cover but he wasn't known to always take the logical path.

"You're a little odd compared with the others." Kakashi said after staring at him for a moment. Naruto couldn't hold back a short laugh at that, thinking 'if he only knew'.

"You bet I am!" Naruto called out grinning and putting his hands on his hips. He held his head high; he didn't usually look away and feel bad about being different anymore. At times, like now he felt proud to be different, it meant he was unpredictable, special, and completely himself. Of course there were times he felt down, like when one of the villagers who still didn't like him said something harsh but most the time he held his head high.

Kakashi smirked under his mask, probably not thinking Naruto would notice, though he did. It was unusually for a Genin to except himself so fully like that. Not that he was going to let it show that the kid's resolve impressed him. With that thought he pulled out his favorite book and began reading, thinking it would annoy the boy into being reckless.

To his unease Naruto's grin stayed but it turned… devious. Kakashi felt a shiver go down his spine though he made no outward sign of discomfort. The blond boy knew he needed his teammates to pass the test but… there wasn't any harm in having some fun first right?

"Sensei, you know how sometimes kids trade there lunches… well as long as they're not clan technics, shinobi kids tend to trade jutsu." Naruto's grin grew, and the silver haired man tensed readying himself for whatever the boy threw at him. Though he kept looking down at his book showing no concern as he made a humming noise to show he'd heard what the boy said.

Naruto made a cross shape hand sign quickly and easily making fifty clones, which confused Kakashi because he knew Naruto hadn't gotten that from another kid. His confusion didn't last long though as all the Naruto clones that were surrounding him started making hand signs. Hand signs he recognized as he finally looked up from his book. Kakashi tried to jump out of the way as a few clones attempted to grab and hold him in place.

The Jounin swatted the clones away easily and jumped out of the way as the other clones did the last seal, of the Great Fireball Jutsu (Goukakyuu no Jutsu). The clones shouted out the jutsu's name as they fired at him. Except for one who was just finishing a different set of hand seals, a set he didn't recognize, which was more than a little unsettling since he had copied over a thousand jutsu. Of course he didn't have his Sharringan out so it was just his own memory he was working with, but still.

"Renkuudan (Drilling Air Bullet)!" The Naruto Kakashi assumed was the original called out the name of the previously unknown jutsu. Kakashi filed the name away for later and jumped away from the attack that he realized mid-jump wasn't aimed for him, but his precious book. The air bullet went straight through the clone's fire balls catching on fire itself and headed right at the book the Jounin held in his hand.

Kakashi's eye widened but even with the surprise direction the Jounin managed to switch his book to under his arm and quickly made seals for a water jutsu releasing it midair at the flaming air bullet. Despite his advanced maneuver though the now not flaming and weaker air bullet pushed through his water attack and hit him in the chest. The Jounin grunted but landed on his feet, only to see Naruto and all the clones were gone from the clearing.

The silver haired Jounin looked around with a narrowed eye holding his book protectively for about a minute before he grunted, mumbling about stupid Genin thinking they could burn his precious book… even if he did taunt them with it. Sasuke watched the whole fight from his hiding place in the trees and watched Kakashi until he was sure the Jounin wasn't following Naruto and then left the clearing quietly following the path the blond had gone. After that display he knew he'd need Naruto's help to get the bells.

Away from the clearing Naruto laughed as he jumped tree to tree deeper into the forest, and wondered how long it would take his sensei to realize the book he had wasn't the same. Once he believed he was far enough away the blond boy stopped to catch his breath. That's when it happened. He felt his heartbeat, but not like normal, it was like his heart pulsed once and hard knocking the breath out of him. Not a moment later he felt really hot, but from the inside like he had a fever but he didn't get fevers… he didn't even get sick.

Naruto breathed heavily even more than from when he had just sprinted through the trees for ten minutes. He walked wobbly to the base of one of the many trees around him and sat down to rest, just for a moment. He felt horrible, achy and burning up from the inside out. He knew what it was though the transformation was starting; his body was reacting to the extreme amount of strong chakra Kurama had fused into his body the night before. The burning feeling must be from the chakra flowing through and fusing into his very blood.

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